How to PROPERLY display proof

Proof is one of the single most important factors you can do right when it comes to making a sale.

Think about the last time you bought something.

Would you EVER buy it from someone you didn’t trust? Someone who didn’t show the results they’ve had?

Probably not.

The problem is, most people display their proof COMPLETELY wrong.

And if you’re doing it wrong, you’re losing sales. A lot of sales.

With that said, here are 5 quick tips on doing it properly…

1) Show as many forms of media as possible (text, audio, video, etc.)

2) Show proof after EVERY claim you make.

3) If you don’t have specific proof after your claim, give an example showing your expertise. For example, in when you read about The Conversion Cheat Sheet there’s a section talking about some results I’ve gotten and how I have the “ultimate playground” when it comes to knowing what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to increasing conversions and profits.

I then immediately follow that up with 2 specific strategies. These are strategies you can literally use TODAY. That way people get results before even buying the course. Or, they realize how good the strategies are and buy right then.

4) Use different types of proof. A few of them would include testimonials, case studies, credentials, who’s talked about you, interviews, press releases, simply showing your expertise, people you’ve worked with and many more.

5) Make it FUN. When selling my services as a freelance copywriter and conversion rate optimization specialist, I use a video showing screenshots of results I’ve gotten for clients.

(Those results make up just a tiny fraction of everything I’ve done. If I put them all in there the video would take way too long to watch 🙂

This combines a few of the strategies above, while also making it visually appealing and interactive. The Internet is all about interactivity these days with attention spans dropping like flies. Take advantage of that.

Put those strategies into practice today. It’s a guaranteed way to increase your conversions and profits.

If you want more like this, but in much more specific detail, just check out this video revealing several strategies you can put into practice TODAY.

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