How We Made Marc $75k In 7 Days With Almost No Work

Happy New Year! In this first episode of the year, I take you behind-the-scenes of a super quick promotional launch we did for a client that brought in roughly $75k in 7 days, to a small list, with almost no work on his

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Hey, what’s going on there, guys and girls this is Jeremy here with another episode of the Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast and this one is our first of the year! I’m excited about 2016 I think this year’s going to be pretty badass.

We did all of our are planning for the year, we figured out kind of the 2016 yearly goals, we figured out our vision for the year — which is awesome — I actually might do a podcast talking about that, we figured out our first quarter goals — I don’t even worry about 2, 3, 4 yet because things happen in a little bit too fast — especially with the kind of rapidly growing business to worry about more than the next 90 days. I always do my planning for the next 12 weeks, 90 days.

So we got that figured out, we got our first month figured out. We added a new employee so Penny, if you’re listening to this welcome to the team, if you’re a client you’ll be meeting Penny soon, she’s our project manager. So she’s going to help on just make all the projects go way more smoothly and that kind of thing. Just making a basically better overall experience for the client which is really awesome and then the rest of the team is going to get the results for the client.

So basically, our big vision for the year is becoming the only logical choice. If you’re going to get a sales funnel done, then we are the only logical choice and we’re well on our way to doing that and it’s only five days into the year. So yeah, I’m really excited about that. Now, speaking of clients and being the only logical choice, today, I would like to talk about some results that we got a client, his name is Mark and we basically just did a really quick promotion to his list and he had a small list and I made him something like $72,000 or something like that or 76,000 or something like that, give or take — it was in the 70’s and it only took a week and it was awesome, it was a really quick promotion — we’re both really happy, all of his customers are happy because of the way we did it.

So I’m going to take you through that promotion and so let’s just get right into it.

So essentially, what we did we didn’t do any huge launch or anything like that, it was essentially — he has essentially a software, he has training videos for his customers and he has most of them on a monthly subscription, I think they pay 37 bucks a month. The promotion that we came up with was to essentially get all of them to upgrade to a yearly plan.

So that’s all it was. Taking people from a monthly plan to a yearly plan, there was nothing else, you know, for a good discount. So I’m going to take you to some of the things that we did so that if you want to do a promotion,you can kind of just follow this step-by-step and do really, really well. The results that we got for, in regards to the list that he had, was pretty amazing.

So first of all, you know, we had a great offer. Again, it was something like — in fact, let me go to the page really quick and I’m actually gonna pull it up so I can see the discounts… So basically, we’re helping them save 38% off the original price — it was normally $39 a month which is $468 a year — so we were saying, ‘hey, you’re paying 39 bucks a month, you’re paying 468 bucks a year, we are going to upgrade you to a yearly plan for $290 a year plus you get 2 months for free’.

So that comes out — basically, saves them 178 bucks a year and that’s not even including the two months free, by the way. So it’s actually whatever 178 plus 39 times 2 is, I’m not even going to attempt to do the map of my head. So that was the offer and then we also had a team plan where are you can give it to 10 team members and that was 195 bucks a month which is $2,340 a year and we offered them 1,495 for the full year — it actually also came out to 38% discount. So that was basically the offer, no extra bonuses except for the two months free for the individuals that got it and that was it.

So what we did was we sent out — basically, it was either 4 or 5 emails, I’m pretty sure it was 4, so the first one it was just an announcement of the offer that we’re having and essentially, the subject line was ‘Exciting News 🙂 (smiley face)’, and then we went through — and I won’t read the entire email to you but basically, we went through, first paragraph it was a super quick story — actually, you know what? I’ll read it to you. So the email goes like this — and I’ll try to give you a bridged version of this so…

“When I first started (his company) — and I’m not sure — I’m going to keep it confidential for now — so when I first started X company, I had one simple mission… to create the world’s largest, most high-quality resource for helping xxx (this certain market), become better at their craft. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the past 12 months has been nothing short of explosive for us. We’ve quickly become one of the most trusted influential companies in the industry because we think of the customer first. For example…”

And then I went into some bullet points of some of the things that they did for their customers over the last 12 months — and then it says… ‘but I have exciting news for you. The next 12 months who will make the next 12 months look like child’s play” and then there’s a link going to the offer page. “And here’s why I’m telling you all of this, right now, are offering a small discount to anyone who wants to save some money by investing in a full year membership” and in parenthesis “gives you access to 300+ hours of video. But starting today,until Thursday, October 15th, we’re giving you 38% discount.” And then there’s another link going to the page and then in parenthesis under that because we also how to a thing that for free trial takers, so then it says “you can’t even take a 14-day test drive if you’re not a customer yet.” So anybody was in a customer, for giving them a free trial.

“I realize that’s an enormous discount, so let me explain why we’re doing this”, again, I talk about the reason why, when you’re writing copy, you always want to have a reason why, “first, I simply want to say thank you for all the incredible support we’ve received since starting this company, it’s truly humbling to know how much my efforts have been appreciated and how much value our customers have been receiving.

Second, as you can probably tell, we invest nearly every dime we make right back into finding the best experts on the planet then giving you their workshops with the most high-quality production possible. Having a small production like this allows us to help you by helping you save money well giving us a nice little burst of revenue so we can plow it straight back into even better product development. Here’s what I ask from you, go to your boss/employer/HR department, whoever makes decisions like this, and ask them to invest in a yearly plan.” On this page and then link to page, “I’ll lay out exactly what we have in store for the next few months along with details on how everything works. Talk soon”, and then his name and then, “if you’re a current member, you can upgrade inside your members area in about 5 seconds.” because then people that were already members, all they had to do was walk in their membership area and they just clicked a link to upgrade.

So that’s it that was the first email, that was the announcement email. as you can see, it’s pretty simple, there’s nothing complex in there, it was basically just a quick little story up front, telling them about what’s happened for the past 12 months, telling them why they’re telling them that by announcing exactly what the offer is and then saying — and I’ll get into this more in a sec — getting to saying what’s going to happen over the next 12 months and then in a second I’ll explain why why you want to do that, and then it was kind of just like a “hey, thanks I really appreciate that you’ve been doing business with us” — it was more of just like a grateful kind of thing. And that was pretty much it and we gave him a reason why we’re doing the discount.

So that was pretty much the first email.

Then in the second email — basically, the rest of the emails for reminders of the deadline maybe also added in some more stories, we added in a whole bunch of Proof. So like for example, people talking about him on Twitter, customers who gave him testimonials, case studies, that kind of thing. So there was proof in every single email for the rest of the sequence.

Another thing that we did was in the second email, we overcame a bunch of the questions that the people were asking and basically, when you’re answering questions, I like to do FAQ’s on our sales pages because I’ve seen upticks in conversion rates on the pages and the reason why that happens is because when you do it correctly, your FAQ should be overcoming objections. They shouldn’t be just answering questions like, “Oh, what address do you ship it from?”, like, that doesn’t matter how fast is shipping — sometimes — depending on what you’re selling, that might matter — it’s things like that. You’re overcoming the objections that they’re having.

So that’s what we did in the second email.

And then the third and forth emails were basically just adding more and more proof and re-explaining the offer, reminding them that the deadline was about to expire because it went from — I forget — it was basically a week, went from Thursday, August 20th, until actually the, let’s see, oh, actually, we changed the dates on the — it was… I think it ended October 15th — the dates don’t matter but — so those were the emails.

So again, pretty simple, you’re pretty much just starting off by explaining what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, with some stories, that kind of thing, adding some proof.

The rest of the emails, your overcoming objections, showing them proof that they should join and they should upgrade and then just reminding them of why they should upgrade.

Now, in the sales letter, a couple of things I want to go over on the sales letter, we started off by the headline says “help us celebrate with a 38% discount until…” I have September 7th, but again we change the dates, so until, whatever, until October 15th or whatever you change it to. And then it was again a quick little story of what we were doing and then basically the reason why we were doing this so we started off telling them a really quick story which led into the offer that we have and then it was his why we’re doing it. And for that, it was basically kind of an influx of cash so that they could improve the product for the customers so it was a very customer-centric reason that they were doing it.

Then what we did — and also it was specific deadlines — we had a timer on the page — this is very specific, like, the timer followed them all, that kind of stuff. You want to have the scarcity if you actually have scarcity, I hate fake scarcity, but this actually was, it was only going on for a week, so we have scarcity, and all that kind of stuff.

Then we went into it says “over the past 12 months, we had a hundred plus hours of the best xx training in the world — and again, ‘xx’, I’m just trying to keep it confidential.

So we went into that, we went over everything they did for the existing subscribers over the past 12 months and to really the point of this was to remind them why they were still customers. Then, and this part’s important because we had to get into their kind of like psychological nature because if you were saying “ok, you should upgrade to a yearly plan” it’s not only about saving money, if you say you’re saving 38%, okay that’s a good deal but in a lot of people’s heads as they’re thinking “well, am I going to be here in 12 months? Is this really worth it? Like, what’s even going to happen that I’m going to stick around for the next 12 months?”

Okay, so that’s why we added the section about what the next 12 months was going to bring. So deadline for that is “The next 12 months will be a complete game changer and I don’t want you to get left behind” so I add just about a little bit of a dig in there, almost a little bit of a… tiny little guilt trip, a little bit of a dig to the pride, you know, that kind of thing. So I told them about what was coming up and they have some awesome stuff that they were doing so that made it really exciting and then we just basically went into the offers so “save 38% off the original price when you joined today but only until Thursday, September 3rd” again, you know change the date so it was whatever — October 15th or whatever it was.

And then we had — we gave another reason why again and the reason why we repeated the reason why in the offer and all that stuff is because people skim the page, they don’t read it word by word so you want to make sure that when you’re writing your copy, when you’re kind of laying all this out, you have it in there a few times, all the major important points. So we had a quick little paragraph and then we had kind of a two column box which it said ‘Individual Plan’ and then it said in print ‘Save up to $178’ and then the right one said ‘Team Plan save up to $45’ and then it showed exactly what they’re going to get and then it said, just for the Individual Plan, for example, “normally, $39 a month then parenthesis $468 a year, today $298 per year plus 2 months free and then add to cart and then it said “existing member, he may last year and let us know you want it upgrade” and then under that, kind of the two column boxes, it said, “new customer, test this out before committing for the 14-day $5 trial” right under that was some testimonials.

That was pretty much it and then on the order of pages, it just explain the offer it said “you’re getting access for $298 today and then after the first 12 months, you lock in the regular price of $390 per year” which is still a $70 discount per year from the monthly plan. So that’s pretty much what it was. We did it to — we sent these emails, by the way, to his existing list, his prospect and buyers list and we had slightly different emails based on which list it was going to. We also did follow-up reminders because there were new customers who took the free trial and we wanted to keep in touch with them and we kind of had a snafu with just the way people were auto-billed, so the kind of messed up in the beginning when they were setting it up and instead of having them be auto-billed after 14 days, we actually had to email them and get them to re-subscribe for the yearly thing so it was like they paid five bucks and then we had to actually email them and say “hey, if you wanna keep getting this you have to pay us 290 bucks”.

So that sucked our retention rate went way down because of that but even with that enormous colossal disaster, which by the way, I had no involvement in, he told me about that a little bit after so we just kind of how to play save the day, we still made over 70 — it was whatever, 75 grand for that in a week and he did nothing, that’s the important part here, he did absolutely nothing. I did all of this for him, all he did was take my copy and have his designer create a page and then just sent out the emails. But yeah, so that’s pretty much it.

If some of the important points if some of the important points this when you’re doing this promotion is number one, you have to have a great offer. Number two, you have to have a specific deadline. And number three, you have to show them the reason why. Like, why are you doing this? Is it like, in your mind, you just want an extra income source, kind of cash influx, you want to have a good reason why you’re doing it so in this case, he was actually saying “we want a cash influx because we’re going to then put that right back into the business to give you a better product”, so we’re kind of setting them up for the future, setting them up to want to stay for that yearly program.

That’s a really important point there, a lot of people wouldn’t do is because — for this promotion, I mean there’s going to be all kinds of promotions to do, but for this one, going from monthly to yearly, you really need to tell them why they’re going to want to stick around for a year and that’s something a lot of people are going to miss when they’re doing that so I hope that helps. So that’s pretty much it. I hope that kind of gives you a sense of my thinking that goes into these promotions.

Another thing is, if you want me to do one of these promotions for you — super example, with him, I only took a percentage of the profit that we made and I had a good relationship with him, I don’t do it all that often, but if you want to do one of these promotions — and again, there’s all different types of promotions like for ecommerce stores, there’s a whole bunch of different things you can do, you could go from monthly to yearly, you could give people bonus, you could do like a version 2.0 have a product, I mean there’s a whole bunch of different things that you can do.

But if you want to talk about getting a quick cash influx into your business, then just shoot me an email, it’s [email protected] and just tell me a little bit about your business, you could also go — I think it’s… I forgot the URL off the top of my head, honestly, but let’s see… I’m going to see you really quick if this is the URL… Okay, so I don’t know the URL off the top of my head so if you want to talk about doing this and basically just instead of me charging you some big upfront fee, I’ll just take whatever the profits are — we’ll figure that out, I will just take a percentage of that.

So if its 25% then you keep 75% of the profit, I only take 25% just for an example. Basically, either way, you’re going to keep the lion’s share, the percentage is going to differ based on how many people you have on your list, what kind of promotion were doing, what niche you’re in, what the price point is, all that kind of stuff but just to give you a quick example.

Yeah, so that’s it.

If you wanna talk about doing that, shoot me an email at [email protected] and just give me some details about your business — what size your list is, what you sell, how many buyers that you have, like, if your list is whatever you say — say it’s 10,000 people on your list, are they prospects or are they buyers? Tthat kind of thing. I’ll probably have a couple other questions for you, and yeah, we’ll see if we can make something happen.

So anyway, I hope this kind of gives you an insight into a little bit of my thinking as I’m setting up a strategy for some of these campaigns, in particular, promotions, doing kind of one-time promotions — which by the way, you can do this one-time and then you can automate it into your business and we can talk about that if you want to talk a little bit further.

Obviously, I’m only going to be doing this with people with existing, like, you’re actually doing good — so if you have, like, 100 people in your list, there’s really no point in emailing because it wouldn’t make sense. I would say if you have a minimum of 10,000 people on your list, then shoot me an email and we’ll talk about it.

Alright! So that’s it. I hope this serve you well and again, if you want to get in touch, [email protected]. I hope you have a fantastic 2016. I will certainly be in touch with more strategies and insights into building your business faster and I will talk to you soon.

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