How Your Very Own Bathroom Can Make You Rich

We live in the world of (supposedly) having no free time, rushing around all the time trying to meet deadlines and catch up on work, and not really putting the most important things first.

Because of this, reading and getting motivated is often neglected as something we should only do “if we get some free time”.

But think about this…when do you usually get the most done?

When do you go on working streaks where you accomplish more in a few hours than you usually do in a few days?

It’s those times when you’re ultra-motivated to take action and get things done.

But without reading, that’s very hard to do. I know that’s the case for me. A good motivational book will indirectly do more for your business than almost anything I can think of – because it gets you to take action!

A Simple Trick To Get Motivated Everyday

There’s one thing I’ve been doing for awhile that has kept me motivated pretty much everyday to get work done.

And that is…

Keeping a motivational book right next to my toilet!

That may sound a bit gross, but it’s the truth. If you don’t have much time to read throughout the day to keep yourself motivated, simply keep a motivational book right next to your toilet.

And when you gotta go, you gotta read. I usually try to read 5 pages or so.

Just think about it. 5 pages per day and we’ll see 300 days per year, since there are days when you wouldn’t go at your house.

That’s 1,500 pages per year!

That means you could read about 5 books, just by doing this simple little thing.

So What’s Motivational To You?

Just because I say “motivational” doesn’t mean it necessarily needs to be a motivational book. That word can mean whatever makes you work.

For me personally, a motivational book is reading about other people and how they overcame obstacles to create success for themselves or reading how I can better myself.

For you, it might simply be studying up on copywriting, marketing, advertising, direct response, etc.

So that’s your homework assignment for today. Grab a book that you think would inspire you to get motivated and do work.

Then simply put it next to your toilet and whenever you gotta go, take an extra minute or 2 to read up to 5 pages.

You’ll be amazed at how much extra work you accomplish that day because of your extra motivation!

Try this very strange technique out and leave a comment letting me know how it works for you.

To the life you’ve always dreamed,


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