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Jeremy Reeves
Sales Funnel Specialist

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What You'll Discover During This Training Workshop:

  1. The 3 key metrics you must hit to have a $1k per day webinar, plus the "glicken" most people completely forget about... 
  2. The 3 key criteria for solving a problem that multiplies your sales without high pressure sales tactics...
  3. How to build an offer that's irresistible to your audience (one of my clients did $30k on his first webinar going through this process)
  4. 5 unique ways to maximize your results and take your business growth to the next level...
  5. Why creating webinars USED to suck, and a NEW way to build them without having to write all the copy yourself, in 7 days or less, without the typical overwhelm & stress!
  6. The exact conversion rates you'll need to hit $1k/day in sales (it's easier than you think)...
  7. About about a bazillion (give or take) other key insights that will help you grow your business in a faster, more reliable way...