Can A 350 Pound All-Muscle Human Lie Detector Can Help You Write Better Sales Copy?

You’re about to sit down and bang out some copy to skeptical prospects that would literally like to take a club to your head for wasting their time.

Would you write copy different if this "human lie detector" was standing over your shoulder?

As you ponder what you’re about to write about and how you’re going to say it, a 350 pound former NFL lineman turned human lie detector with an evil grin sits down next to you, demanding that he’s the first person to look at the copy.

Worse yet, he says that you have to sit right beside him as he reads it, and if he feels even a hint of BS in the copy – you’re getting the beating of your life. He’s going to put every ounce of energy he has into beating you like a pulp and making sure you never write again.

Do you think the voice of your copy would change if this actually happened?

Of course it would!

You would go from this:

“Product ‘X’ helps you burn fat, build more muscle and attract the opposite sex like a moth to a flame – without requiring any extra effort on your part!”‘

To something like this:

“You’ve probably tried many different fat burners in the past with no success. They claim to help you burn more fat, build more muscle and attract the opposite sex like moth to a flame – but have that ever truly happened for you? And if so, what was that product doing for your body?

Product “X” combines not only the most powerful ingredients for burning fat and losing muscle, but the safest ingredients. Because although you want to look lean and sexy now, it’s not worth having your health ruined 5 or 10 years down the road – is it?”‘

^^Then I’d get even deeper into the emotions, depending on the product and the market.^^

Do you see the difference in the tone of copy I just used? In the first example, it was all hype. Although it spoke to the benefits, it was just like every other ad out there.

In the second example – I was acting like a friend, like a trusted advisor. Like somebody who honestly cares about the person reading that message.

Because you need to remember, the people who are on the other end of that copy aren’t logical reasoners, they’re emotional beings with families, social lives, friends, dreams and aspirations just like you. And if you can’t connect with that side of them – you’re copy is going to plain out suck.

Back To The 350 Pound Human Lie Detector

Which version do you think he would like better? Do you think he’d pound your head in if you were speaking to his emotions, showing him why he’s literally hurting himself AND the people he cares for (because obviously they’d be upset if he was sick or died early from taking supplements that were bad for him)?

I think he might just turn around and give you a hug (but hopefully not too hard or he might squish you!).

Have you ever come across an ad speaking to your emotions? Have you ever written something that you think spoke to the emotions of the people you were trying to sell to? If so, leave a comment and share it with us!

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