The Key To Improving Your Conversions

When thinking about how and why your customers buy from you, it’s important to never think of it as a single event. Clicking that “Add To Cart” button doesn’t happen spontaneously.

Instead, the customer was led up to that specific point by a series of micro-yes’s.

Let me explain…Pretend you’re out shopping for a car. Before deciding on a specific car at a specific dealer, you’re going to go through a logical buying sequence.

This buying sequence will be different depending on how you shop, but in general it’s going to look something like this.

Decide to buy a new car > pick type of car you want > decide which brand and model of car you want > look for deals > go to dealership > find specific car you like > talk to salesman > negotiate price…. etc. etc.

There are actually dozens (probably hundreds) of other “micro-yes’s within that process, but that’s a very simplistic view of how it works.

The point is…

… This is the exact same thought sequence your customer goes through before they buy YOUR product!

They aren’t just saying yes to buying your product. They’re saying yes to your company, your price, your terms, and everything else.

In copywriting, an offshoot of this idea is called the greasy slide. The idea is that the goal of your headline isn’t to get people to say yes, it’s to get a “micro-yes” from them to simply read the first paragraph of text.

The first sentence isn’t to sell them, it’s to get them to read the second sentence.

The more you get people involved, the farther they go down the “greasy slide”, the easier it becomes to make the sale. But you must first understand that you have to overcome each micro-yes in order to get the final buying decision.

It’s like dating. You don’t walk up to a girl and ask to kiss her. You first ask to talk (or buy them a drink, etc.). Then they mentally process the risk-assessment and see if it’s worth talking to you. Then you ask her out on a date. After a night of romancing, you “might” get a kiss.

And then it progresses to, well, other things… and finally after thousands of micro-yes’s… you get married.

Think about this as you’re trying to improve your conversions and overall marketing funnel. It’s incredibly important. Remove ALL the possible no’s a person could have, and add more “yes factors”.

You’ll be glad you did.

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