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You will see various testimonials and other client project outcomes on this website. These testimonials highlight some of my best outcomes with clients. As with any training program, information product or service, all results are atypical and vary with each individual person I work with. Predicting “typical results” is impossible, as there are literally hundreds of variables with each market, business, motive and client.

Both my products and services are not meant for everyone. I teach a wide variety of systems and strategies with my typical client and customer being someone with at least minimal experience with an already profitable business. Of course, there are exceptions.

Again, it’s impossible to predict how (or even “if”) you will use the information and/or services I provide in your specific business model. Although I take every precaution to ensure a positive ROI for each and every one of my clients and customers, you still must use your own discretion when making any type of purchasing decision.

All testimonials, case studies and other results shown on this website are collected from customers and clients who have had personal experience with our products and/or services, and each has submitted their results willingly and in their own words.

In rare cases, some customers and/or clients have received small discounts and/or credits towards future products or services in exchange for their honest review. Some results from clients may spill over into talking about various information products, and vice versa.

As with any type of business investment, you are responsibility for how you spend your money. It is your own thoughts and choices which determine whether or not you want to do business with me.