How To Increase Profits With Clarity

My wife Katie and I have a fantastic relationship. We’re high-school sweethearts and still have the same spark as when we were teenagers. She still gets hugs, kisses and “I love you’s” every single day. But like any relationship, we sometimes clash.

What I’ve noticed lately is that in the vast majority of the cases, the reason we get into a disagreement is because one of us wasn’t clear with the other person. In other words, we didn’t fully understand what the other person wanted or needed.

In business, it’s no different.

People will not buy from your website until…

They’re 100% Clear About Who You Are, What You Do And What You Can Do For Them

When I work with new clients, one of the very first things I look for when starting to rework their business is where they’re unclear and how I can write copy that tells the prospect exactly who they are, what they do, and how they can help them.

Don’t get me wrong. This takes A LOT of work. To be quite honest, this is something I need to work more on in my own business. But like most service providers, sometimes I get so caught up helping my clients that I forget to work on my own business 🙂

Anyway, here’s something I want you to consider.

These days, people are in a hurry. If you look at your Google Analytics stats, you’ll see that a pretty large number of people will come on your website and leave within 3-5 seconds.

There are TWO main reasons for this.

  1. They perceive that what you have isn’t right for them.
  2. Your website isn’t clear enough about how you can help them.

Both of these can be improved by increasing your clarity.

Now of course for #1, sometimes they randomly found your site accidentally and shouldn’t even be on there. You can’t help that.

But if you increase the immediate perceived value of your site by making it crystal-clear how you can help people… you’ll get people more engaged.

And when they’re more engaged, they buy more.

This is the same for #2.

By Increasing Clarity, It Removes Them From The Thinking Process

Trust me, you do NOT want people THINKING on your website.

Instead, the flow should go like this…

Visit website > self-select > see relevant product/service > buy

The more people think, the less sales you make. That’s why you need to dig through every sentence… every headline… every paragraph and every slogan on your website. Put yourself in your prospect shoes.

The question to ask is…

“If I were seeing this website for the first time, would I immediately see value in continuing to read and browse through it?”

If not, it’s back to the drawing board for you.

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