Increase Sales In ANY Business Using This Rarely Implemented Technique

Here’s a lesson I already knew yet recently experienced first-hand in a niche business I own.

Actually it’s really more of a hobby than a business – I review cigars on a blog ( It’s just a little something I have on the side that makes a few bucks per month and let’s me write in a different subject than business 😉

Anyway… in that niche there are 2 affiliate programs I normally use. One of them has higher commissions – the other is a little better of a business overall (in terms of sales, reputation, etc.)

So… normally I split up the links to give both the companies a little extra love.

However, I just noticed something the other day… and felt compelled to write about it.

Here’s the secret.

If You Make It Easier For Your Customer – They WILL Choose You Over Their Competitors!

What I noticed a few days ago is that when creating the affiliate links, I could actually use a URL re-direct instead of only have 1 or 2 options to choose from.

So instead of “having” to link to a page where they are selling 1 specific cigar in a box of 50 for maybe $200… I could link it to ANY page on their website.

(And the way they have it setup… it’s REALLY easy to do).

This allows me to give my followers better choices when they click on the link. For example if I’m reviewing a cigar that’s a bit more on the expensive side simply because in the affiliate section they only have links going to a $300 product… I can hop on their website to find a page where they sell it in lower quantities – and link to that.

It makes ME happier because it’s much less time consuming, plus I’m giving my followers better choices.

And… because of that 1 little thing – I’m going to be using that particular company for probably 90% of my affiliate links on that website, adding THOUSANDS of extra dollars per month to their bottom-line.

Here’s The Take-Away

The easier you make it for your prospect or current customer to either buy from you the first time… or continue investing in your products or services – the more sales you make.

In today’s society – convenience often trumps price, reputation or many of the other factors that go into making a buying decision.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a few ways you can make your business more convenient for your prospects and customers which will not only increase your conversions, but is also a kick-ass strategy for long-term growth.

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