Is Internet Marketing A Dirty Plague For Marketers?

For over a decade now, thousands of marketers around the world have been switching their businesses over to an “Internet” business…

Thousands of other people finally made their dream come true by creating themselves a nice home-based business where they could finally “work in their underwear” and never have to deal with a boss again…

… and yet…

in my opinion, I think for some people Internet Marketing is a dirty plague!

Here’s why.

Before the Internet, you actually had to put WORK into creating a successful business.

  • You saved up for years so you could afford the rent.
  • You spent weeks, months, sometimes even years developing and planning out a business strategy.
  • And when you finally launched your business…
  • … it took YEARS to build it up to the point where you were actually making real money.

That is – if you were one of the 3-5% of “lucky” ones who actually succeeded.

Compare that to many of the Internet businesses you see today.

  • They’re setup on a wing and a prayer, without any pre-planning.
  • It takes anywhere from $0 – $1,000 to setup a real business.
  • It’s “sold” on the fact that it’s EASY!

In other words… these days… starting up a business online is too easy.

And I don’t know about you… but this scares me.

The problem is – 95% of people who start businesses on the Internet have absolutely NO idea what real marketing consists of. They don’t care about the customer, they don’t understand what it’s like to spent weeks, even months at a time developing a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and researching their target customer… and they create low-life businesses that nobody cares about!

Here’s How To Be Different

Listen, I know that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking Internet Marketing is so easy.

Fortunately the cure for it is pretty simple.

All you have to do… is keep your customer in mind.

I realize this sounds ridiculously simplistic, but it’s true. If every thought, every action, every step you take is taken to benefit the customer you’re about to sell to – you simply can’t fail.


Because over time, people flock to those who help them and have their interests in their minds… instead of only thinking about the money.

People have way too many options these days, and the marketing game is changing fast.

So fast… in fact… that if you don’t change the way you’re doing business NOW – you’ll be out of the game in the next 5 years.

So what are YOU going to do differently?

How are you going to become one of the “clean” marketers instead of one of those who fall victim to the dirty Internet plague?

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