Is Your Copy “Working” For You?

A few minutes ago I was talking to a buddy of mine who had a fellow copywriter sitting next to him (I didn’t know the copywriter was sitting next to him).

Somehow – I managed to say that the copy on a certain website “sucks”.

… little did I know that the copywriter sitting next to my buddy was the copywriter who wrote the copy for the website I just bashed!

Whoops… sorry dude!

(Note: It didn’t “suck”… I’m simply really critical with copy. It was good, but could be better)

Anyway… after apologizing to him we started talking about numbers and he told me how great it was doing and how it converted at “X” percent… yadda yadda yadda.

And it got me to thinking.

Are you not trying to constantly test, tweak and improve your copy because it’s “working” for you?

If so – straighten up young whipper snapper!

Listen, I don’t care if your optin page is converting at 50% and your salesletter is converting at 10%. If there are room for improvements, you might be missing out on a BOATLOAD of money that’s waiting to be picked up.

Lesson – always assume that you’re leaving money on the table somewhere in your business. It might be in the copy… the marketing strategy… how much you’re paying for traffic… what products/services you’re offering… and a number of other things.

Find the holes in the bucket – and plug them.

Even if they’re only pin-sized holes!

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