It's NOT All About The Copy

A few hours ago I got a call from a client who had a friend that needs some copywriting done.

(Gotta love referrals eh?)

Turns out, the reason he needs a copywriter is because he already hired a guy to do a job for him but it’s taking WAY too long. At first when he told me the  time frame I thought “well, that’s really not a big deal”.

But then he told me the job he was supposed to do…and I understood why he was so upset 🙂

My point is this:

There are many more things that your clients are looking for besides great copy.

You can write top-notch copy but if you’re an A-hole to your clients, if you’re missing deadlines, or simply take way too long to get projects done – you’re clients are going to go elsewhere.

Remember, ALWAYS pretend YOU are the client.

Think about how YOU would want to be treated if you were hiring a copywriter. Think about the things you’d want them to say and do and you’ll go very far with the clients you get.

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