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Let’s Add An Extra Income Stream
To Your Business…


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_color=”%231c1c1c”]Hi, my name is Jeremy Reeves.

If you’re seeing this page, it’s because we’ve already connected about forming a strategic alliance.

This is pretty simple.

I’d like to add a new income stream to your business by having you refer your prospects/clients to a trusted source to help them increase their own revenue by creating or upgrading their sales funnel.

It’s a win for your client because they work with me to increase their revenue. It’s a win for you because you get paid (very nicely) for doing almost nothing. And it’s a win for me because I get a new client!

I’ve outlined the details for you below.

Once you’ve read everything, please sign up at the bottom of the page and I’ll be in touch personally.[/text_block]

I’ve Made Over $40 MILLION Dollars For My Clients…
And Now I’d Love To Help Yours

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Since 2008, I’ve made well over 40 million dollars for my clients.

Now, I’d like to help yours.

We have 70+ processes and systems in place to make sure that every project we take on goes smoothly and produces a positive ROI for the client. That way you look like a hero… and get paid for it!

And of course if things don’t go smoothly (Every once in awhile, it happens, as I’m sure you know)… one of our core values of the company is “always do the right thing”. We stand by that principle and will ALWAYS do the right thing.

That in mind, it’s rare for anything like that to happen.

If you’d like to see some of the results I’ve achieved, clients I’ve worked with, who we target, what we do and why we’re different…

Click here to download my “Introduction To Jeremy Reeves”.


How My Fees For Clients Work

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When I speak with clients I first figure out exactly what THEY need, then determine which approach would be best-suited for them. However most fall into one of three categories…

Flat Fee – If the project is small/simple and they don’t require optimization long-term, a simple flat-fee arrangement typically works best. After we talk I’ll send them a proposal along with a flat-fee. If the project moves forward, you get 15% of the fee. Pretty simple!

Most projects range from $10,000 – $30,000 so your commissions “typically” range anywhere from $1,500 – $4,500 per client.

Retainer – Some clients have ongoing copywriting requirements. For example, they might need daily emails, or new products launching frequently, or have a project that isn’t easy to determine from the start. In this case we’d talk about doing a retainer-based arrangement. You would receive 15% of the first months retainer fee, and 5% of ongoing retainer fees.

Most retainer projects end up around $10,000 sent every 4-6 weeks, so your commission would be $1,500 for the first retainer and $500 each time they renewed.

Flat Fee + Revenue Share – If they fit certain criteria, I may also be interested in doing a flat-fee + revenue share. In this type of arrangement they would pay a reasonable flat fee upfront for the initial project setup (and sometimes a guaranteed result, depending on the situation), then a revenue share to continue optimizing and managing the entire campaign for them.

This offer is exclusively for higher ticket offers, and is also our preferred option because we would much rather focus our energy on a small, select group of clients (as compared to a one-off project).

If a project like this moves forward you will receive 10% of the initial flat fee plus 10% of all revenue derived from the revenue-share agreement.

Most projects in this category have a $5,000 – $10,000 upfront fee, followed by 25% – 33% of new revenue generated. As you can imagine, the revenue share part varies tremendously.


Here Are The Types Of Clients We’re Looking For…

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I’ve done all sorts of projects in every industry you can imagine. I’ve worked with all sorts of entrepreneurs and have built dozens of different types of funnels.

However, my clients MAINLY fall into one of two groups…

Doing Well And Want To Go To The Next Level – They’re already doing well and probably have some sort of funnel in place, but they’re looking to scale and grow to the next level by finding untapped opportunities, implementing high-end offers, and optimizing each step of their existing funnel with more advanced strategies and split-testing.

Doing Well Even Without An Automated Marketing Funnel – Many clients of mine were already doing well even without a funnel, but realized how much money they’re leaving on the table by not having one.

I also have a few clients who have done well in other businesses and came to me to build a brand-new one for them.

I typically do not work with “newbies”, simply due to fees. If they’re new, and/or have a very limited budget, they probably aren’t a great fit for me.


The Best Part Is…
I’ll Do All Your Selling For You!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]There are typically two ways my strategic alliance partners like to tell their audience about me.

  1. Personal Emails (to existing clients who might be a fit)
  2. My Webinar (to your entire database of prospects)

Let’s cover each separately…


If you’re already working personally with clients, you can probably think of a few off the top of your head that would be a great fit for my services. In that case, I have a “warm email” swipe file you can use which introduces and pre-sells me to your clients.


I’ve built an automated webinar which does a fantastic job of pre-selling my services to anyone even remotely interested in building a sales funnel. Plus, I’ve made it so that your prospects get tagged under your name, which means once they register for the webinar, you’ll get credit as the referee for LIFE.

No cookies involved!

That means if anybody you refer becomes a client of mine at ANY time, you get the credit. This is a high-end service so sometimes people take 2… 3… 6+ months to make a decision.

I’ve set it up so that the second someone joins the webinar they get tagged as your referral. NOT through an affiliate cookie, but through an actual tag in Ontraport, which never goes away. That means you don’t have to worry about cookies being deleted or any of that nonsense.

You can check out the webinar here… 


Fill Out The Form Now
And I’ll Be In Touch Personally…

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If all this sounds interesting, please fill out the form below.

That’s going to give you your affiliate link to send prospects/clients to my automated webinar which sells them on my services and allows me to add your unique “tag” to them so you get credit for life.

After you fill out the form, I’ll be in touch via email to see if you want to chat via phone and answer any other questions you have.[/text_block]

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