Learn About Direct Marketing Without Ever Reading A Book

If you want to learn about direct marketing and copywriting…you literally don’t even have to read any books to get started.

In fact, there’s a method of learning about direct marketing that’s sometimes even MORE effective than reading books on the subject.

It’s the secret technique that the world’s most famous copywriters and direct marketers use…a technique that the majority of copywriters know about…but almost nobody does.

So how do you learn about direct marketing without reading books?

You find sales copy that’s been proven to work – and you copy it with a pen or pencil onto a sheet of paper!

You may have heard this before…but I urge you to keep reading and ingrain the idea into your mind because it’s incredibly important.

Virtually every A-list copywriter I’ve ever known…Clayton Makepeace, Frank Kern, John Carlton, David Deutsch, etc. etc. has mentioned at one point or another that it’s absolutely essential that you copy some of the best ads ever written.

So why is it so important?

Because the secret to great copywriting isn’t the words you put on paper…it’s both the ideas you put on the paper as well as the sequence in which you display those ideas.

As Joe Sugarman puts it..you need to guide the reader down a “slippery slope” until they finally reach the bottom and buy your product or service.

When you copy from A-list copywriters and write it on paper…long-hand not typing it out…this sequence of events will literally be installed into your mind and you’ll “magically” start producing better content.

To be honest, it’s kind of weird how it works…but it does!

It’s become known as one of the best ways to learn about direct marketing on a subconscious level and will catapult your copywriting skills to a new level.

If you’ve ever wondered how you could learn about direct marketing and what it takes to write copy that hypnotizes your prospects into buying…this is the way to do it.

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