Sales And Marketing Funnel

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Rely On

Strategically Built Sales Funnels
For Predictable, Reliable, Increased
Revenue Growth
On Autopilot

Written by: Jeremy Reeves, worlds #1 most trusted sales funnel authority

It was early fall, 2012.

Aaron had just gotten in touch with me after wasting $8,000 on a copywriter who was “just” a copywriter (more on this in a moment). The copywriter had helped him put together a website with fairly good copy, but it just wasn’t cutting it.

How to plan a successful marketing campaign

Below: Why automated sales funnels are THE key to predictable, reliable revenue growth

The problem was, there was no specific, reliable sales funnel in place.

Prospects would hit the site and be pulled in 10 different directions. They didn’t know what to click first. There was no way to capture their information and follow up with them in case they weren’t ready to buy just yet. Worse, even if someone bought, they were neglected and never followed up with to be sold higher priced products!

So he asked me to help him put together a sales funnel.

After putting together a plan for him, I got to work.

We strategized the overall marketing strategy. We mapped out the copy and how the website would seamlessly pull prospects from one page to the next. We created several strategic email sequences for his prospects, and customers, to be put through depending on which actions they took on the site.

This was all 100% automated.

After the marketing funnel was created and setup, we tested it.

The result?

I helped grow his business to a VERY healthy 6-figure business… from scratch.

His story is one of MANY.

(Of course, as you know results vary Go here for a full results disclosure).

And on this page, I’ll show you how ANY online, offline or “hybrid” business owner can implement a strategic, automated sales and marketing funnel to increase your revenue growth and build more consistent cash flow, all while decreasing your workload.

You’ll also have the option of requesting a free 30 minute strategy session if you’d like to discuss how a funnel can help grow your business in a multitude of different ways. In fact, if we chat and you think I’ve wasted your time, I’ll send you a $100 check along with my apologies.

(This has never been requested)

Either way, you win.

First, let’s talk about a question you’ve likely never heard before…

How Much Money Are YOU Losing
Every Time A Prospect Visits Your Business?

Here’s an irritating thought…

Every single time you get a new visitor to your website… or a new customer that walks through your doors…

… you are LOSING money.

This may be something you’ve never considered before so let me explain.

If you were to create a map of the path your prospects take while doing business with you, you’d notice that map looked like it got blasted with a shotgun.

In other words, your current marketing funnel is littered with profit-sucking black holesthat viciously drain money from your bottom-line, every minute of every day, without you realizing it.

[bullet_block large_icon=”24.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]
  • One prospect may be willing to receive more information about your business, but you’ve given them the wrong offer
  • Another might be ready to buy, but your pricing is wrong and you don’t have any other options to help them with
  • One existing customer might be a hyper buyer who is willing to open up their wallet to ANY new offer you give them, but they don’t even know about your other products and services!

These, and many other holes in your marketing funnel, directly suck money from your bottom-line and stunt your potential growth.

Worse, they give your competitors a wide open gap to swoop in and steal the market share YOU deserve.

Before that happens, let’s turn the tables.

Let me show you how person I’m working with plugged ONE single hole in his marketing funnel and…

Increased His Net Profits By 18.94%
With One Simple Tweak!

One client I’m currently working with was selling an information product. He was profitable (after all, I wrote his salesletter) but wanted to increase his ROI.

I suggested he add something called a “one-click upsell”.

(NOTE: This particular example is for an online-only business but can easily be replicated in an offline business)

In this case, customers would purchase his initial product and then be given a choice, immediately, to purchase something else.

His original product cost $19.95.

The new upsell, which took him 6 days to create, cost $9.95, so roughly 1/2 the price.

The result?

38% of folks who purchase his initial product, took his upsell!

Here’s a quick breakdown of his metrics.

ORIGINAL: $19.95 x 100 customers = $1,995

NEW: ($19.95 x 100 customers) + (9.95 x 38) = $2,373

That’s an 18.94% increase in his NET profit (his upsell was digital, so cost of goods sold was zero).

That’s an increase many people are proud to achieve in a YEAR, let alone 6 short days.

Obviously, results differ with each product, business, industry, etc. (Go here for a full disclosure)

But I can tell you from experience, I’ve seen similar results over… and over.. and over again when you begin filling in your funnel.

The fact is, this is just one tiny example of what can be added to a marketing sales funnel to increase your profits.

There are dozens of ways to accomplish the same goal.

And not just the typical sales funnels you see most marketers put in place.

They’re good, but very amateur.

To be clear, this is NOT about being overly aggressive and pounding your customers with offer after offer.

The goal is create value while giving your customers every possible chance to do business with you.

Because the fact is…

Your Prospects Are Pissed At You For Not
Showing Them How You Can Help Them!

Many entrepreneurs are shy at telling their prospects and customers about the various products and services they offer.

They think it’s being “pushy” or “aggressive”.




Do you truly believe your product/service can help your target audience?

If the answer is yes, why would you shy away from telling them about how you can help them?

If a lady is trapped under a car and you can help her – you do it.

If your spouse needs help and you can help – you do it.

If a friend asks your advice and you can help – you do it.

You don’t even think about helping in these situations. You just do it. Why is it different when it comes to selling your product/service?

By telling your existing customers about the various products and services you offer, it instills trust. It does not make them angry at you (unless you blatantly pitch them without adding value).

If you’ve ever been to McDonald’s or other fast food restaurants, you know that the employee asking you if you’d like to super size your meal does not get you angry. And if you have a big appetite… you probably gladly accept their offer!

It’s the same with every business.

  Accountants should be offering clients additional services…

  Information marketers should be offering upgraded packages and even coaching…

  Software owners should have additional packages, training and enhanced support…

  Financial service providers should have various “upgraded” packages for different problems…

  Hairdressers should offer “elite” products such as high-end shampoos, facial cleansers, etc…

These all add value to your customers lives.

But here’s the important part.

These should be all systematically built into a strategic funnel which is reliable, consistent and repeatable with every new customer that enters your business!

The fact is…

Every Business Needs A Strategically Built Marketing Funnel
To Maximize Bottom-Line Profit

During my career I’ve looked at hundreds of different businesses.

The #1 problem I’ve found?

A lack of a clearly defined sales funnel that consistently increases the value of each customer.

Customers are scattered. They don’t know about 1/2 the products you carry. They aren’t aware of services you offer that might help them. They aren’t upsold on higher-end packages that would benefit them more than a lower end package.

These mistakes are crushing your profits.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. ANY type of service provider… ANY type of software provider… ANY type of information marketer… needs a clearly defined, automated marketing funnel for both getting new customers/clients and moving them higher up the profit ladder.

They allow you to…

  Increase your conversions on the front-end so you get more customers through the door…

  Engage customers to cross-sell and upsell other products, for higher back-end sales…

  Leverage trust to encourage referrals, social media sharing and other forms of referral-based marketing…

  Bring existing customers back into your business for higher-end, repeat sales…

  Automate your marketing so you get consistent, reliable, BETTER results on autopilot…

  Give you more time freedom so you can spend your time doing things you love…

  Skyrocket KPI’s (key performance indicators) so you can outspend your competitors…

  Add stability and reliability for more consistent, positive cash flow…

  Add more value to your customers throughout your entire sales process…

And so much more!

Best, you can set them up to accomplish whatever goal is most important to you.

Here’s an example.

You’re part of my sales funnel right now. You probably found me in one of the various ways I get the word out about my business… either PPC, SEO, a guest article, my email list, one of my products, a referral, or some other automated method.

By the time you schedule a free strategy session, we will both have a good understanding of each others businesses and a good idea of whether or not I can help you. And based on my statistics, there’s a very good chance I’ll have profited from you by the time we even chat.

(The average person I talk to buys at least 1 of my products before or after speaking with me)

All of this will have been 100% automated, requiring none of my time.

Great results take time and money… and is one of the single best investments you can make in your business!

Wouldn’t THAT be nice to have implemented in your business?

I can tell you from experience… it is!

This type of automation is crucial for any business, whether you sell a service, information products, software, or anything else.

You can sell customers over… and over… and over again… without ever spending a MINUTE doing it yourself.

The automated systems take care of it all.

They increase your NET revenues while decreasing your workload.

It’s a beautiful thing.

That’s why I suggest that, IF you’re serious about this, take advantage of my FREE strategy session so I can get to know your business a little better. That way we can figure out whether or not I can help you.

So Let Me Explain Why
I’m Qualified To Tell You This…

Hi, my name is Jeremy Reeves and I’m the world’s #1 most trusted sales funnel authority.

I specialize in creating automated, high-converting sales and marketing funnels.

As a direct response copywriter I have a unique advantage in integrating conversion-increasing copy… with strategic sales and marketing strategy… with automation… plus a little touch of ingenuity… to create marketing funnels that bring in more revenue automatically so you can finally achieve more stability and reliability in your numbers as you grow your business.

I’ve been privileged to speak on stage with some of the best… write several books, audio programs and marketing courses… be interviewed by some of the worlds leading marketing minds… be featured on various media outlets… but most importantly, I’ve helped add tens of millions of dollars to my clients bottom-line.

And continue to add millions more each year.

Plus, unlike the vast majority of service providers…

I Actually Walk The Walk!

I can’t stand people who sell/teach ideas and concepts that they don’t personally do themselves.

  • Like the “fat” personal trainer…
  • Or the “broke” financial advisor…
  • Or the person selling a sales funnel service who doesn’t have their own sales funnel…

I don’t know how long you’ve known me. I don’t know what you know about me or what I’ve done in the past.

What I know is that you should never… ever… trust someone who doesn’t practice what they preach.

I have MANY different types of sales funnels. I have my own sales funnels for paid traffic… for SEO traffic… for each of my various free special reports… for each of my various services… and more.

Many of my customers/clients start their relationship with me with something as simple as hearing me be interviewed, which led them to a page giving them a valuable free report or video, and then they become both a customer and a client.

Maybe you’re one of them.

In fact, one of the main reasons most of my clients became clients is because they saw that I really do practice what I preach.

And that’s just for beginners.

Not only do I have my own (multiple) sales funnels, I also…

  Run my own side businesses (outside of providing services)… just like you do.

  Test my own money in the marketplace… just like you do.

  Deal with others service providers… just like you do.

  Outsource the work which isn’t my unique ability (like the design of this page, for example)

My clients LOVE this about me. Because I’m constantly “in the trenches”, testing my own stuff with my own money to see what’s working and what’s not.


The Only Thing I Care About Is Results

It’s no secret that you want to grow your profits.

After all, that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. If your cash flow stops, you go bust.

It’s pretty simple, really.

I work with my clients to make sure that doesn’t happen.

I help them…

  Increase conversions to boost front-end revenues…

  Add new life to tired sales funnels and increase your average customer value…

  Add new income streams to provide more financial security and stability in the business…

  Discover new profit centers which they never knew existed…

  Think bigger to expand their reality, and their wallets…

… just for starters.

My job… my sole purpose… is to get you more money.

(Always in an ethical and honest way, of course)

Take it from Rusty…

“Tripled My Conversion Rate To Leads!”

Rusty-Luhring I first engaged Jeremy Reeves last fall for some copywriting services, and have been incredibly impressed with his work product and the results.

He created a landing page for our website that tripled the visitor to lead conversion rate.

Then just last week, he created a series of 4 emails and a landing page to conduct a special sale to our prospect list.

The result came out to be high margin revenue of $1.30 per prospect, or $27 per click, which is pretty incredible. 

I highly recommend Jeremy!

Rusty Luhring
Luhring SurvivalWare, Inc.
Alexandria, Va.

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.

My Background

Sales copywriter Jeremy Reeves understands human psychology

I have a degree in human psychology.

In college, I learned how humans think. How we make decisions and how our minds affect the way we think and act.

That’s why I create marketing campaigns based off human psychology,  not “theories” of what work.

Because each market is different.

Each product is different.

And each visitor, depending on traffic source, is different.

I combine my knowledge of human psychology… with the tens of millions of dollars in real-world split-testing research I have under my belt… along with advanced marketing strategies to create marketing campaigns that skyrocket your bottom-line profits.

My Unique Methodology

I follow a rigorous process for creating marketing funnels.

In fact, as far as I know, I’m the only sales funnel strategist who employs proven systems and processes which get my clients the best results, every single time.

Nearly everything I do is systematized… previously tested… and proven.

The research I do? Comes from a specific system I follow each time.

The copy I write? Based on systems I’ve tested and tweaked over the years. And based on tens of millions of dollars worth of researching and testing I’ve done in over 50 different markets. I even have my own proprietary 77-point checklist I mull through before handing in your copy, just to be 100% certain it has every possible selling point in it.

The marketing strategy I implement? Again, comes from a specific system I’ve developed over many years.

These systems are the reason my clients see such consistent results.

It’s the reason there is so much “proof” on this page (bel0w).

In fact, let me show you just a handful of results I’ve gotten for clients.

“Done-For-You” Marketing Funnels

As I mentioned, I specialize in building strategic sales and marketing funnels for my clients.

More, I have systems so they’re fully “done for you”… if you want.

If you’re thinking about working on a marketing funnel, you probably fall into one of two camps.

#1: Redoing An Existing Funnel

If this is you, I’ll go through your entire funnel and map it out visually. I’ll then come up with a systematic plan for improving the results of that sales funnel. Once we agree on what changes will be made and tested, the fun part begins.

I’ll then tweak, test and implement new proven strategies with the main goal of increasing overall revenue. If you have other goals you’re trying to achieve, those can be added in as well (for example, some clients have sales teams that need more automation to improve productivity).

We can discuss this in more detail if you decide to schedule a free strategy session.

#2: Creating A Brand New Funnel

Most new clients come to me asking to create a brand new funnel for a new product launch… or to add into their existing business in which they don’t have a sales funnel yet.

Again, every client is different. Some have their own team that can “implement” my strategies… others need my team to setup the entire funnel for them, hands-free. Either way is fine with me.

If you’re looking to get a brand new funnel created, here’s a quick glimpse of how that will happen.

Step #1: Research – I’ll dig deep into the psyche of your market, to better understand what makes them buy.

Step #2: Planning – I’ll create a strategic plan (via mindmap) and a video showing you my proposed plan. We will discuss and finalize.

Step #3: Creation – I do all strategic planning and copy. My team creates the design, implements my copy, sets up your shopping cart, integrates any tracking tools you want (Analytics, split-testing software, etc.) and everything in between.

Step #4: Testing – Once everything is setup, we’ll test the entire funnel to make sure everything works properly.

Step #5: Tracking – We’ll make sure everything is tracking properly. I’ll show you how to track your most important metrics for long-term growth and sustainability.

Step #6: Tweaking – After we launch, then we can work together for ongoing tweaking to ratchet up the results even further! I offer ongoing coaching and conversion optimization for those interested.

Again… EVERYTHING is done for you. You can sit back and relax… or work on other projects… while I take care of it for you.

And then you sit back and relax as the results roll in.

Speaking of which… let’s take a look at…

Results I’ve Achieved For Past Clients

(Video updated February 2012)

And more results…

[bullet_block large_icon=”21.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]
  • One landing page I created currently has a 75.73% conversion rate
  • A sales letter I wrote is currently converting at 8.3%… with an upsell of roughly 30% on a $197 product
  • Another one I wrote (one of my side projects)…is converting at about 4-6%, depending on the traffic source
  • Another landing page I wrote converted at 60%… for a money-making product!
  • One client hired me to re-do his salesletter in a niche who hated to part with money… and I doubled his conversions…
  • A salesletter I re-wrote for 1 client ended up giving him a whopping $10.25 earnings-per-visitor…
  • A dry cleaner client had me rewrite his magazine ad – my new version DOUBLED his previous results…
  • Another client asked for my help to lower his cost per lead, and I cut it in half with one simple tweak…
  • A recent product launch of mine pulled in $36.24 earnings-per-visitor…
Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.

Here’s What Some Other Clients Of Mine
Have Recently Said…

Below are results I’ve achieved for past clients, as well as success stories from clients as well. These are all 100% true, verified via split-testing tools and/or Analytics tools, and are not inflated or hyped in any way. As a smart entrepreneur I’m trusting that you understand that results vary with each new person I work with. For a full disclosure, go here.

5.92% Conversion…

“I’ve been trying to find the right copywriter for business for the past 2 years. I’ve worked with at least a 1/2 dozen of them… many of them being copywriters who charge $15,000 + royalties for a single job.

… and not 1 of them has given me the results Jeremy Reeves has.

So far since hiring him he’s already given me a 40% boost on 1 salesletter he re-wrote and a 60% increase on another.

We recently did a very soft launch with a new product and Jeremy somehow managed to get a 5.92% conversion on a $77 product!

In fact, I made a 600% ROI on the money I invested to hire Jeremy… with a SMALL promotion which went out to a TINY FRACTION of my list!

I’ve since stopped my look for copywriters, because Jeremy is easy to work with… produces fantastic results… and even sets up multiple split-tests and creates the in-page design for maximum results.

What else can you ask for in a copywriter?

Jesse Cannone

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.


Jeremy Reeves Skyrocketed My Email Campaign
By A Whopping 270%!

I started working with Jeremy about 3 years ago and have gone back to him ANY time I need anything done to increase my profits.

Just a few of the projects we’ve done together include re-writing a salesletter of mine, creating a 55-email marketing campaign, ongoing split-testing, and creating an automated webinar for my franchise business.

“Jeremy Reeves email marketing service has been a real difference maker for us. Our revenue from our follow up sequences has improved over 270% since we hired Jeremy to map out and create a more effective set of emails for two of our businesses.

If you’re looking for writing that produces results, look no further than Jeremy!”

Pat Rigsby
Co-Owner of Fitness Consulting Group IYCA

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.


“Jeremy Built Me A 6-Figure+ Business
From Scratch!”

I was developing a new website and knew I needed fantastic copy and marketing strategy. At first, I hired one of the mos aaron-samsonoff t expensive copywriters in the world. I didn’t like his copy. I then found Jeremy.

Jeremy literally built my entire business from the ground up, including my entire website, various email sequences, and literally everything else to get the website live. He worked with a recommended designer and took all the work off my shoulders.

We went live and I loved the copy, but had no idea the impact it would have!

Jeremy took my business from nothing to an extremely healthy 6-figure business.

I’ve already recommend Jeremy to two of my other business partners, who are also astonished by his work.

They’re both using him again, and referring him to their business partners as well.

Aaron Samsonoff

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.


“Jeremy’s Direct Mail Campaign
Pulled In So Much Business…
I Couldn’t Handle Anymore!”

IM000046.JPG “I hired Jeremy to write me a 3-step direct mail campaign for my business. I’d used other copywriters in the past with “ok” experiences so I was a little hesitant moving forward.

Until I saw the copy.

A few days after we sent out the first piece, I realized I had to pull the plug on the rest of the campaign. Not because it wasn’t working, but because it worked so good I couldn’t take on anymore business!

Trust me, he’s worth whatever he charges.

Nav Thakur

Financial advisor

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.


Jeremy Saved My Family Business!


“I Trust Jeremy So Much…
I Referred Him To My Own Sister!”

JonParks “I’ve worked with Jeremy Reeves on many different projects for several different clients.

Originally, I hired Jeremy to assist with ad copy related to my own marketing company.  Soon after, I referred him to a close friend for assistance with his business, and finally, I paid Jeremy the ultimate compliment.

I hired him to help my sister’s real estate business!

When you introduce a consultant to your own family, you really must believe in the service he provides.

And that’s how I feel about Jeremy and his work.

Quite simply, the guy is first rate. His marketing sense is of a high order, and this is coming from a person that just sold a 50 person advertising agency in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

On top of being extremely capable, Jeremy knows how to get the job done with a smile!  He’s extremely task oriented, and he’s super competitive about exceeding the goals of his client.

If you’re looking for a remote marketing partner who can help you achieve goals of better systems, better writing, more conversions, and more clients, you’re lucky to have found Jeremy Reeves.  I know I am!”

Jon Parks
CEO, Metric Advertising


“Went The Extra Mile…”

“I can attest to the fact that Jeremy went the “extra mile” for me, as he claims to.  He’s for real and I am so grateful to have connected with him.  Delightful, punctual, and his copywriting works.”

Alexandra Delis-Abrams
Ph.D.,The Attitude Doc
December 2012


“39% Increase In Conversions!”

We thought we had the best copy until we met Jeremy. Jeremy did an outstanding job, which had an immediate impact on our campaigns.

We saw an instant 39% increase in conversions after he worked his magic on our landing page.

This will add tens of thousands of dollars to our bottom line this year”.

– Ramel Levin
Panaya Inc.

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.




“You Are A Machine!”

Great stuff man, I’m definitely hiring you again!

Brian Cannone


“The Moment The Campaign
Went Live – Our Sales Shot Up….”

“Jeremy Reeves wrote a highly effective 8 day email campaign that resulted in higher sales for our company.

I’m not exactly sure how much… but the moment the campaign went live – our sales shot up.

He’s trustworthy and hard working. I am truly glad that I decided to do business with him.”

Steve Davis

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.


“55% Conversion Rate”

“55% conversion rate on a last-minute landing page you wrote for us…need I say more?

You RULE!”

Leo DeLeon
Motion graphics & video production specialist

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.


“Produced Cold Traffic Straight To A Salesletter
That Is Converting At 4%…”

“Jeremy has produced cold traffic (targeted) straight to a salesletter that is converting at 4%.

I have never seen that before.

Hire Jeremy if you can, it will be the best investment you will make.”

Manny Singh
Seattle, WA
Hotel investor/owner

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.


“Trust him with filling the seats
of every seminar I produce…”

“Since meeting Jeremy a few years ago and seeing his copy work in action… I’ve literally stopped my search for great copywriters.


Because I found the best for my money!

I now trust him with filling the seats of every seminar I produce… which is saying a lot about his skills!”

John Halpin

Results vary. For a full disclosure, go here.


Here Are A Few Of The Clients
I’ve Had The Pleasure Of Working With…

I’ve worked with people from ALL over the world. From the United States where I live, to New Zealand, to Australia and many other countries. From local “brick and mortar” businesses… to underground 6-figure earners… to multi-million dollar businesses… to celebrities.

Instead of specializing in a particular area, I believe it’s much… much more powerful to draw upon dozens of different industries and bring a new, fresh approach to yours.

Here are a few of the amazing clients I’ve recently worked with.

Robert G. Allen – Author of one of the best-selling business books in history, “No Money Down”

Mark Victor Hansen – Co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series

Brad Fallon – Internet marketer & founder of several multimillion dollar online businesses

The Natural Health Sherpa – Leading alternative newsletter publisher Jeremy Reeves clients

Loral Langamaier (“The Millionaire Maker”)

Tim Sales – Millionaire network marketer

Than Merrill – TV show host

Dave Seymour – Real estate investor turned TV show host of “Flipping Boston”

Tom Venuto – Fitness legend

David Lindahl – Real estate mogul

Biscayne Labs – A leading alternative health direct mailer

The guys who used to manage the well-known band “Guns n Roses”

Jesse Cannone – Back pain expert

Mike Lovitch – Brilliant internet market

Several Inc. 500 companies……

Mike Litman – Co-creator of 4 different multi-million dollar companies jtfoxx

JT Foxx – Internationally known as the worlds #1 wealth coach… owner of 41 different companies including several which are multi-million dollar businesses themselves

  Kim Flynn – Business coach for women

  Bel Marra Nutritionals A leading alternative health direct mailer and online publisher crazyegg

CrazyEgg – The industry leader of online eye-tracking and heatmapping technology

clicktale Clicktale - #1 Internet leader of website usability and web analytics, Clicktale

A wide array of brick & mortar businesses such as accountants, dentists, dry cleaners, electricians, realtors, martial arts studios, personal trainers and more…

… and MANY more 6-7-8 figure online and offline business owners!

In fact Robert G. Allen, one of the most famous authors in history, was so impressed with my work that he made a special video just for YOU!

Interested? Click here to schedule a free strategy session
or request more information)

This Works For EVERY Industry…
Online or Offline

Many people ask me whether or not they can build a sales and marketing funnel in their industry.

After all, they say, I’ve never seen one!

That’s the beauty of it. Building a marketing funnel the right way makes you BULLETPROOF TO COMPETITORS because they will never realize they’re part of a properly built funnel.

It’s a frictionless and “under the radar” way of increasing your dominance in your marketplace.

And I’ve never come across ANY industry that wouldn’t benefit.

With that said… here are just a partial list of the industries I’ve had the pleasure of working in…

   Natural/alternative health

   Real estate

   Online marketing

   Financial services

   Various types of services (designers, financial advisers, etc.)

   Beauty products

   Pain relief

   Debt relief

   Various types of software

   Information products

   Personal development

   Healing and wellness


   Offline businesses (dry cleaners, real estate agents, hairdressers, etc.)

   … and dozens more!

A Simple Invitation To Chat With Me
Or Get A Little More Information

You’re here because you’re looking for someone to help increase your revenues (and potentially decrease your expenses in the process) by developing a strategic, automated sales and marketing funnel.

If that sounds like you, and you’re willing to invest a good amount of capital into your business to do so, I’d love to chat with you about it and see if it’s a good fit.

But first, I do have a few quick qualifying criteria, just so neither of us wastes our time.

[step_graphics style=”2″ color=”#2e4974″][step style=”1″ text=”1″ headline=”You Must Have Money To Invest” information=”

Fees vary dramatically depending on how comprehensive you want to build your funnel. MOST project fees range between $8,000 – $20,000. Some people want to build a funnel in steps, rather than all at once. This is understandable. In this case the minimum project fee is $5,000.

“][/step][step style=”1″ text=”2″ headline=”You Must Understand That This Takes Time” information=”

Creating an entire marketing funnel cannot be done quickly. For a start-from-scratch funnel, it typically takes around 6-8 weeks depending on how comprehensive. Redoing existing funnels can be done quicker, typically ranging from 3-5 weeks depending on what’s being redone.

“][/step][step style=”1″ text=”3″ headline=”You Must Be A Cool Person” information=”

I don’t enjoy working with people I don’t personally like. It stresses me out, and I prefer living stress-free. If you have a habit of ending on bad terms with service professionals like myself, please do not get in touch.

“][/step][step style=”1″ text=”4″ headline=”You Must Be Open Minded To New Ideas” information=”

Many times I will think up new, radical ideas. I’ll push you to the boundaries of your comfort zone. We’ll talk about various ideas and I always customize the funnel to fit the specific lifestyle you’re trying to achieve… but please keep an open mind. It helps you grow as a person and business owner.


If you meet those criteria, fantastic. I’d love to chat with you.

Below you’ll find two options. Please choose the one that fits you best at this time, and I look forward to helping you.

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Get A Free Strategy Session

During this 30 minute chat, we’ll discuss your business, what problems you’re facing and how a sales funnel might drastically improve your results in all areas.


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Get More Information

If you aren’t quite ready to chat, no biggie! Just click the button below and fill out the form on the next page and I’ll send you more information, via email.


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Either of these options are perfectly fine. And remember, if you choose the free strategy session and feel I’ve wasted your time, I’ll send you a $100 check along with my apologies.

(Note: This has never been requested.)

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this page, and I will talk to you soon!


Jeremy Reeves
World’s #1 most trusted sales funnel authority

Questions You Might Be Thinking…

Question: Which Shopping Cart Platforms Do You Work With?

My team and I are most familiar with Infusionsoft and Office Autopilot. However it’s also pretty easy to set it up with other solutions such as 1ShoppingCart or Paypal. If you have something besides those, please get in touch. Most shopping carts are easy to navigate so it’s typically not a problem.

Question: I Can’t Afford Your Fees. Can We Still Work Together?

I have a weakness for helping people. So, yes. In many cases I can work with you to develop the funnel strategy, and the basic structure for all of the copy. Then I work with my copywriting protege to create the copy. While I don’t personally write it, I do personally oversee the entire process. This is a fantastic solution for those who can’t quite afford my fees.

Question: What Happens After The Funnel Is Setup?

This is up to you. However, I do have ongoing coaching and conversion optimization services to split-test each part of your new funnel and maximize the conversions on an ongoing basis. This is key to maintaining your progress and constantly being ahead of your competitors.

Question: How Do You Take Payments?

50% of the fee is required upfront to schedule you into my calendar. Then I will ask for another 25% roughly mid-way through the project, and the final payment will be sent once we’ve created and tested your funnel. I prefer a check. If paying via Paypal I ask for 4% to cover fees.

Question: What If You Just Take My Money And Run?

Because that would be the stupidest business decision I could ever possibly make. And because I’m probably the most honest person you’ll ever meet. Sometimes TOO honest. Ask my wife 😉