Mindset Training For The Successful Copywriter – Part 1

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These next 2 posts are something hardly any talks about and yet are EXTREMELY important if you want to be successful as a copywriter.

You see, most copywriters simply get an assignment and just start writing. They don’t do any research on the target market, they don’t take time to brainstorm what’s going on in the prospects head, and they don’t get results.

So in part 1 of this series “Mindset Training For The Successful Copywriter” I’m going to show you why you need to figure out what mindset your prospect is in – BEFORE they read your piece of copy.

This applies to all areas, it doesn’t only apply to the areas I’ll talk about.

So let’s dive right in.

Figuring Out The Mindset Of Your Prospect Before They Read Your Copy

Since online copywriting is so big nowadays, let’s start with that example.

You’re writing a sales letter for an Ebook on how to market your product effectively. The information in the book is stuff that most people have never heard before and is selling for a lot of money (let’s say $497).

2 people come to your salesletter at the same time.

Prospect #1 comes to your sales letter after reading an information article in an article directory and wants to find out more information about this book and the author.

Prospect #2 comes to the sales letter after a teleseminar. They’ve just listened to the author speak for an hour and realizes he’s full of incredible information they’ve never heard before.

Do you think both of these prospects should be going to the same sales page?

Absolutely not!

Prospect #1 is simply looking for more information. They found a good article and want to learn a little more from the author. They’re not “looking” to buy anything. They might be a freebie seeker, they might be a new business owner, they might be an older retired person looking to start up a new home based business. You really don’t know.

Prospect #2 on the other hand has already gotten some great information and is pretty much ready to buy (I’m not sure if you’ve ever been on a teleseminar call but usually they pitch you to sign up for something or buy an Ebook at the end – so if the person is now on the landing page, they were told to buy).

So How Do You Set Up These Landing Pages Differently Then?

Side Note: I realize this can’t be done in most cases because most clients wouldn’t be willing to pay you double the price to do 2 separate sales pages. However you might offer them the choice or simply keep this secret for yourself when you have your own product.

For Prospect #1 – the one who just heard about the author and is looking for information – you’re going to want to set up the sales letter similar to a magalog style. This means you’ll be giving them great information, even if they don’t buy. Start off the sales letter in an “article-like” style.

And if you’re good, they might not even know it’s a sales letter until they’re about 2/3 down the page and you finally introduce the product.

For Prospect #2 – the one who’s at the sales letter after being pitched and already hearing great information – I would recommend writing in a more direct fashion. Maybe something that agitated the problem more than giving them great information to prove that you’re smart enough to be selling a $497 product.

For example you could agitate the problem that with an economy like this, if you don’t have the most up-to-date and effective marketing skills working for you, you’re a certain percentage likely to fail.

Do you see the difference? If the prospect is already sold, sometimes you can OVER sell them and actually turn them off.

If you walk into a Best Buy with your mind already made up that you want to buy a certain type of computer, but you go in there and start bothering you to take a look at 10 other computers – wouldn’t that turn you off?

It’s the same thing with copy!

And if you start thinking about where your prospect is coming from BEFORE reaching your sales letter, your conversions are going to skyrocket without doing much extra work.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series coming tomorrow… Mindset Training For The Successful Copywriter – Part 2

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