Why Multiple Products Are A MUST When Split Testing

There are literally dozens of reasons why you should have multiple products or services in your business (I’m “mostly” talking about information products in this post, by the way)… but it can apply to others as well.

However… I’m going to talk about the main reasons you absolutely need to be doing split testing if you have multiple products… and why you should be creating multiple products if you’re already split testing!

Anyway, let’s get right into it.

Split Testing Transferability

Let’s say you have 10 products. Obviously some will be getting more or less traffic than others, but all your products talk about a related topic and we’ll assume that the majority of your customers would be interested in any number of the products you carry.

The main point is… they’re the same “type” of person.

For example if you’re selling “knitting patterns”… you may sell 10 different packages of knitting patterns, but the customer is still going to be the same type of person. Most likely a woman, on the older side, isn’t very web-savvy, etc. etc.

Now what you do is this.

Normally, a split-testing testing font sizes, font styles ,etc. wouldn’t yield a huge boost in conversions. You might get a 5% increase or so. Maybe 10% if your current font is simply horrid.

Now you might not think 5% is very much… but what about the fact that by doing 1 single test – you can then use those results and transfer them to every other page on your website?

If you have 10 products and you transfer that 5% increase across those 10 products… that’s a 50% increase in conversions!

Plus… if it’s helping people read better and therefore order your product… it’ll also help them be more engaged on your blog and other pages on your site.

Before You Do This Exact Split Test… Slow Down A Sec

There are going to be 2 types of people who read this.

Type 1 is going to take me on my word, get a result and automatically assume it was right.

Type 2 is going to call me out saying “well it might not transfer over through several products, etc.”

And they’re right.

It MIGHT not… and that’s why I’d recommend doing a second test (the same test) with a different product on your site. If you get the same result, it’s most likely easy to assume that it’s a done deal. It’s still not 100% but you can be fairly sure that it is.

Now… I’ve just given you what could possibly be a million-dollar tip. I only used the font example, but take a few minutes and write down everything else you think might be able to transfer over just as easily. I bet if you think hard enough… you can come up with 5 or more.

Now get out there and do it!

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