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Today we discuss one of my FAVORITE new tools to design and build all your pages throughout your website and funnel. PLUS… how to get my copy templates (normally $197) for FREE when you decide to invest in it! We’ll talk about the ease of use, how fast it is to get new pages up, plus the test I conducted on page speed which was insane. Enjoy!

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Hey guys, Jeremy here with another episode of the sales funnel mastery podcast and today this is going to be a nice, quick, short episode. What I am actually doing is I want to talk to about actually, an affiliate product.

I know that might sound kind of weird because I never really promote affiliate stuff. That is why that should, kind of show you that this is actually really important and kind of big deal for me.

So I just found a new tool that I think everybody listening to this is going to be really excited to hear about if you are not using it yet.

It is called Thrive Themes, right. So Thrive Themes is basically a page builder. They have a whole bunch of different stuff for like — they have — there is Thrive Themes which (inaudible 0:59.6) pages. There is Thrive Leads which helps you know, to help you generate leads like popups, things like that. There is a content builder, that is kind of part of the page builder and then you know, you can build landing pages on there. Actually, it seems that you can put on your website like stuff for your blog and all that kind of stuff.

So the reason that I want to highly recommend this is number 1 because I just did some tests, testing it out, and the test came back ridiculously awesome.

Number 2 I am actually going to give you guys one of my products if you sign up through my link which is kind of cool and what is kind of cool is I am actually giving you — when you look to through my link, I am going to give you my copy templates which we sell for $200, $197 technically, and the cost for Thrive Themes as of the time that I am recording this at least is $19 a month and (inaudible 2:02.2) so it is like whatever that is like $240 or whatever that is or I can say $228 technically.

I just did some good (inaudible 2:12.0) 6 o’clock in the morning without my coffee. I am only like a quarter of the way through my cup of coffee and I did that math that fast. See that.

So anyway, let me tell you a little about Thrive Themes and why I am recommending it so highly, right.

So all of us need to build pages for our funnels. We all need to build pages. It is a pretty you know, it is a pretty important kind of thing.

So I have used all kinds of — I am typically not the one actually designing the pages. I have designers to do that. A lot of my own stuff I design because I have a pretty good eye for design and a lot of times it is kind of faster just getting it done myself than hiring out. So I will spend a night or whatever and (inaudible 2:53.6) pages together.

So I have used pretty much all of them. I have used clickfunnels. I have used you know, optinpress. I have used leadpages. I have used ontraport thing. I think it is called ontrapages you know. I have used pretty much all of them. I mean you know probably 2 or 3 more beyond that and this is by far, head and shoulders above anything else that I have used before.

For me, you know, there are a lot of different reasons that I really love this, but for me, the 2 biggest things that I kind of notice was, number 1, the speed of actually building the page. You know, I am building pages way, way faster than I did. I have used optimizepress up until this point. So I am now officially not using optimizepress. I am officially not recommending it in a big, big way, right.

So again, number 1 is speed of actually building the page. The really big thing with this is speed of the page load. So I actually — I have had a you know, optimizepress is, it is good for building pages. Lately, I think they have gone way down hill. There is all kinds of bugs that I am finding, I do not know if anybody else is, but I am finding just tremendous amounts of bugs with them.

I actually — I kind of have a theory that it is because it is one time price and not a yearly price because when you — when you have a SAS business that is you know, a one time price, it does not allow you to pay developers to continually you know, add bug improvements and you know, things like that, right. So it is kind of just a theory.

Anyway, so I actually did a test. I built 2 of the exact same page every single part of it was the exact same page. I tested the page load in optimizepress and it was 11 point — I am forgetting, it was you know, give or take a couple of milliseconds here, it was 11.5, right. So 11.5 seconds took to load that page which is really slow.

I did the exact same page in Thrive Themes I mean exact same backgrounds, exact same text, exact same literally everything, same server, same website, everything. 3.3 seconds. So let that sink in for a second. Thrive Themes was 3.3 seconds. optimizepress was 11.5. Huge difference and I have even notice the difference even when I just load the page myself, look at it or whatever, I have noticed a giant, giant, giant difference in it.

So that was my kind of big thing. So if you are using optimizepress or using any of these other things and you have been kind of thinking about switching or if you are — if you do not have one yet, and you — you know want to check it out, go to and that will take you to my affiliate link and if you end up buying it, just let me know. Send me your receipt and just email your receipt and I will send you my copy templates.

So that is a $200 product. For disclosure, you know, obviously, you know getting an affiliate commission if you buy Thrive Themes that is why I am giving you a $200 product, but yeah, I will send you all of those and it is actually funny because my templates in there — I did 1 version of like a you know, document.doc and another version in optimizepress and I am going to be switching all of those over into Thrive Themes. I am also going to be switching my entire website in the Thrive Themes.

I have actually — for Kinowear, you guys know about Kinowear, by side business. The sales page for that I switched over. I am already seeing an increase in conversions on our main product just by you know, adding the you know, putting the design into Thrive Themes I am guessing because of the speed boost you know.

So a couple of another things about Thrive Themes that I like. If you want to go and do that now, you can. You do not really have to even listen to the rest of this. You can just hop off and go check out Thrive Themes you know by yourself and go see what they have to offer, but there is a lot of different things that comes with it, and that is why it is a little bit more expensive than other page builders and it is because it comes with a bunch of different things, right.

It is not a theme, you are getting — it is Thrive Themes which is like the actual theme of your website, Thrive leads which is a list building plug in, so it is like you know, you guys know that I recommend optinmonster.

So I have not yet officially unrecommend optinmonster. I still love optinmonster, it is awesome. I have been talking to a client who uses Thrive Leads, they do not use optinmonster and I said like, oh well you know, does it do this, does it do this, does it do this, does it do this and she said yes to all of them. So I pretty sure it does pretty much the same things as optinmonster but it comes with it, so you do not have to buy another thing, right.

And then there is a content builder, build your pages, even you can do landing pages, optin pages, sales pages, video pages, webinars, thank you page, you know, basically all the pages that you are going to need. They have it. They have a really good selection of examples you know, templates that you can start with you know, which is bad ass. I hope they get a market place soon that should be really cool. Maybe they do, I should ask them. I do not think they do that. Yes, so it is pretty awesome and they just came out with the thing called Thrive Ultimatum which is really cool. It is basically a scarcity plugin which I am actually going to be testing out. I will be testing that out actually next week because we are doing a launch for Kinowear. I am actually going to be starting to set that up probably Thursday or Friday.

So anyway, that is you know, about Thrive Themes. A couple kind of things you know, the main thing here is the page builder which I really, really love and a couple of things about it, I am just reading this right from the sales page. Put it this way, I actually like this — I actually like this product so much that I am thinking about building an affiliate site just for this. That is how excited I am about this product because I absolutely love it if you cannot tell and that is also why I am kind of talking about this on a podcast episode because I normally do not do that for affiliate products, but you know, I am doing this because the product is just totally bad ass.

So the number 1 thing, it is built for speed. So there is automatic image compression you know, really lean, lightweight code that kind of thing, smart conversion elements. I have not really dug into that yet. So they talk about this thing called target focus area and it shows the authors most relevant to the visitor. I have not figure that out yet, I have not dug into that yet, so I do not really know what that is, but I am going to check that out.

They — let’s see, there is countdown timers, click to call phone numbers, I like that one by the way. The click to call, that is pretty call. Creating the pages are super, super, easy, it is just basically just go in and you have new page, you edit over Thrive Themes and you are done, you know. Super, super customizable. That is one of the things that I really like about it. There is in fact actually while I am talking, I am going to pull up one of my other pages here and I can actually kind of walk through it you know.

A whole bunch of templates you know, you can (inaudible 10:40.5) like add all the various things that you are going to need in it you know, header or navigation side bars, footer or widgets, all that kind of stuff. You can have that under or not. Fully mobile responsive which is awesome, so that is cool.

One of the really good things that I like about this is that the owner I am forgetting his name out at the top of my head. I was just talking to him to — the owner is extremely proactive with updates and improvements and new releases and things like that.

So in the past 6 months, after opening, they released 20 major new features updates and 29 releases that have like improvements and fixes and tweaks and stuff like that and just having it, I know — I mean the thing is being constantly updated and they are coming out with all kinds of new stuff all the time. It is really cool. You can also add things on your pages like social sharing, extra — a lot of replaces, a couple of plugins so like social sharing like I just mentioned. You can get rid of your kind of social sharing plugins which also increases page feed. You can put in related post, optimize image galleries, fun managers. You can actually upload custom fonts into it when you build your pages which is really cool. So I am actually going to go into my thing here.

So like when you are in here, I do not know if you guys are familiar with the whole like kind of you know, click and edit type of thing, but — so there is, you can add in paragraph text, word press context so like from your blog, image button, icons, credit card icons, custom HTML, custom CSS, a content container and that is where like you, what you can do that is really cool is you can make this content (inaudible 12:32.1) put something in it and then save it as a template, so like if you have I do not know, a call to action section, like an order form section on your page, you can save that part of the page and then reuse it in the rest of your website.

After you build your first page, you can build a bunch of these templates and then reuse them throughout your website which is awesome.

Content reveal so like if they click something it will kind of reveal the content. I have used that a lot over the years. Star rating so you know, you can just add stars like if you are coming out, if you are doing a book launch something like that.

Let us see, content templates that is the one that you save. So like I have call to action section, FAQ, headline section, the footer, bullet section, the product introduction, testimonials, and who it is for so far. Column layouts so you can add you know, all types of different columns like half and half, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 1/3 and then 2/3 on the other side you know, vice versa, all that kind of stuff. So that is cool.

Let us see, content box. So like you are at a content box, they have launch different kind of styles that you can use. Symbol boxes, same thing like icons and numbers, things like that, also share buttons, quote share. So for like, you know, Twitter if you are doing like a blog post or whatever, you can add that in there.

Dividers, testimonials, call to action, you can put them in there. Guarantee box, widgets like a custom menu you know header or something like that you put it there like 2 seconds. Pricing table which I just used. Tab content, you can do that either horizontal or vertical. Feature grid, right. So you can figure them like 2 columns and 2 rows. You can do it like feature kind of grid if you have various features in the products that you are selling.

I am going to get a quick sip of coffee here.

Content (inaudible 14:25.3) I am not even 100% sure what that is. I have not used it yet. Tables, data elements, so like a progress bar, fill counter and number counters, things like that. Google map and (inaudible 14:36.9) so if you have a local like an offline business, you can put a Google map in there which is kind of cool. Countdown timer, responsive video which I am also going to be using next week. Table of contents, I am not really sure what that would be used for, but it sounds cool. Lead generation so like if you know, if you are doing lead generation on your page, post grid, comments, and that is you know, that is pretty much. Then there is a whole bunch of other stuff you can do that I won’t really get into right now, but you know, you can really easily change the settings on your landing page, at the background image. You can make it so that it is one of those things where you scroll down and the background stays and then the like text scrolls over it. It is kind of hard to explain if you do not see it, but you can put in you know, custom scripts on your pages. Let us see, all kind of stuff with CSS. You can do change (inaudible 15:33.4) in your fonts on the page. You can upload custom fonts which I talked about before.

So basically, there is a million different things you can do and it is awesome. It is really, really easy to use which I really love because like I said, a lot of times you know, even though I write a copy I still have kind of a design sense actually from several years ago with one of my clients, this is way, way back really early in my career, but I kind of actually learned HTML and CSS a little bit and design things like that and just add someone who improves conversion you should understand design which all comes down to readability essentially you know.

So I throw together some of my own pages and then also like when I get feedback or design back from designers, I can actually edit it from my clients which is kind of cool.

Anyway, so I am not going to rumble on about this. If you want to check it out, go to and that is going to take you to my affiliate link and to their page and if you end up buying it, just shoot me an email and I will send you my copy templates and they sell on the website for $200 so they you know, they are awesome. There are all kinds of — there is prospect email, like there is email templates, there is webinar templates, there is landing page templates, there is sales page templates, there is you know, thank you page, I mean there is all kinds of different stuff. You can go check out what you get you know, in my products link on the website and I will give them to you for free you know.

I am actually not even making that much. I think the affiliate commission is like I do not know, maybe $100 or something like that. So I am actually losing money, but I wanted to think of something that I can give people, right, you know, for now. I am actually going to probably create some just like a couple templates and not give away the full thing, but for now, until I do that, you guys are going to get the full templates. So you are actually, oh my God, even if you just want the templates just buy Thrive Themes and you get the templates for free.

So it is an easy way to save $100 on something from me. So that is it for this week, I hope you enjoy this. Next week, we have a good episode coming up and yeah everybody you know, keep sharing this with your friends. I have noticed the podcast has essentially about doubled in the last I think about 2 months or so.

So keep sharing it with your friends the uptrend is going way, way up and that is because you know, you guys are obviously telling people about it. So make sure you keep doing that, make sure you keep putting in those reviews, remember if you do a review and you let me know that you did, I will send you my 101 Conversion Tips and yeah, there is, you know, it will take 2 seconds if you are listening to it, you obviously like it, so do me a favor please. I spend a lot of time with this podcast.

So that is it. I hope you have a good week. I hope you go check out Thrive Themes again, and yeah, I will talk to you soon.


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