How To Overcome Business Challenges

A few weeks ago, I was flipping through the TV channels and came across a man wrestling an alligator.

Due to my intense curiosity, I couldn’t help but leave it on and see how it ended.

After a few minutes of battling, the alligator lurched forward and clamped his powerful jaws around the man’s head.


After watching it to make sure the guy was OK (this dude was one tough SOB), I started thinking…

The Entrepreneurial Life Is Similar To Wrestling An Alligator

We struggle. We fight. We claw and scrape our way to hit our goals and make things happen.

Then, sometimes, the alligator clamps down on our head and we can either give up and die… or fight even harder to free ourselves and come away victorious.

Take 2 weeks ago, for example.

I invested in a website with a great system in place and great financials. Everything looked legit, so I paid the seller 5-figures.

A few days later, I realized I’d fallen victim to an amazingly well-thought out scam.

That’s 5-figures of hard-earned cash. Gone.

(I can’t believe how much success this guy would see if he put his evil-genius mind to good use)

But here’s the thing.

I didn’t whine about it. I didn’t complain and feel the need to tell everybody about it to gain sympathy. And excluding the first 1/2 of the day I found out, I sure as hell didn’t allow it to make me lose focus of my goals and objectives for the year.

Here’s How I Overcame It

I took out my whiteboard, broke it up into 7 different business growth sections, and came up with 37 new ways I could grow and expand my existing business this year.

I’ve already implemented 16 of them in the past 2 weeks.

Just ONE of which should add 25% to my net profits this year. My goal is 50% growth for the year (which, as of right now, I’m just slightly ahead of).

Those ideas came straight from The Sales Stacker System.

I literally took my own work, and put it into action.

Sometimes it’s just that simple.

Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Action is the key to progress. No matter how bad things are right now, you need to stand up and FIGHT for yourself. Don’t became a slave to your own negative thoughts.

The next time something happens that makes you think your business is done for, stop thinking about it and start doing whatever steps are necessary to move your business forward.

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