Overcoming Writer's Block Easily And Quickly…By Not Writing?

This may go against what you’ve been taught about overcoming writer’s block, but bare with me because I think you’ll see that it actually works.

In all my studying I’ve done for writing persuasive headlines and copy, I’ve always heard “if you want to overcome writer’s block, you simply need to start writing”.

And while that advice is completely sound…I’ve recently discovered that there’s a completely different method of overcoming writer’s block that you’ve probably never heard.

There’s just one little wrinkle though.

This won’t work for most of the “body” copy in your sales letter. It’s only going to work for places like the headline, the lead, guarantee, the offer, the P.S., etc.

So here’s what you do.

If you feel yourself starting to become stagnant from writer’s block, simply start reading about the piece of the copy you’re writing!

For example, last night I was watching the Eagles came while reading “Tested Advertising Methods” during the commercials.

In the first few chapters of that book, he specifically talks about headlines. And guess what?

That’s exactly what I’m trying to write today!

So while I was reading about headlines, not even thinking about one of today’s goal of writing out 50 headlines for a project I’m working on, all these ideas for my project started bursting out of this mind of mine.

And I wasn’t even TRYING to come up with them!

See, I told you it was something you’ve probably never heard before.

Overcoming writer’s block doesn’t necessarily have to be a hard process to go through. Although many writers will complain about it, all you need to do is have an action plan you’ll take every time you see that cursed blinking line on your computer and you’ll be a much faster and more efficient writer.

If you can’t think of a lead, simply read a few blog posts on how to create great leads.

If you can’t think of a good P.S., read a few great P.S.’s from your swipe file – it’s really as simple as that!

Anyway, try this method of overcoming writer’s block – I think you’ll quickly see how powerful it can really be. Sometimes it only takes just 30-60 seconds and you’re right back on track and pounding out great copy like there’s no tomorrow!

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