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Jeremy Reeves
World’s #1 most trusted sales funnel authority


What People Are Saying About Jeremy…

5.92% Conversion…
600% ROI in 7 Days!

“I’ve been trying to find the right copywriter for business for the past 2 years. I’ve worked with at least a 1/2 dozen of them… many of them being copywriters who charge $15,000 + royalties for a single job.

… and not 1 of them has given me the results Jeremy Reeves has.

So far since hiring him he’s already given me a 40% boost on 1 salesletter he re-wrote and a 60% increase on another.

We recently did a very soft launch with a new product and Jeremy somehow managed to get a 5.92% conversion on a $77 product!

In fact, I recouped my investment with Jeremy within the SAME day… and within a week already had made a 600% ROI on the money I invested to hire Jeremy… with a SMALL promotion which went out to a TINY FRACTION of my list!

I’ve since stopped my look for copywriters, because Jeremy is easy to work with… produces fantastic results… and even sets up multiple split-tests and creates the in-page design for maximum results.

What else can you ask for in a copywriter?

Jesse Cannone


“Tripled My Conversion Rate To Leads!”

Rusty-Luhring I first engaged Jeremy Reeves last fall for some copywriting services, and have been incredibly impressed with his work product and the results.

He created a landing page for our website that tripled the visitor to lead conversion rate.

Then just last week, he created a series of 4 emails and a landing page to conduct a special 4 day sale to our prospect list.

The result came out to be high margin revenue of $1.30 per prospect, or $27 per click, which is pretty incredible.

I highly recommend Jeremy!

Rusty Luhring

Luhring SurvivalWare, Inc.

Alexandria, Va.

“I Trust Jeremy So Much…
I Referred Him To My Own Sister!”

JonParks “I’ve worked with Jeremy Reeves on many different projects for several different clients.

Originally, I hired Jeremy to assist with ad copy related to my own marketing company.  Soon after, I referred him to a close friend for assistance with his business, and finally, I paid Jeremy the ultimate compliment.

I hired him to help my sister’s real estate business!

When you introduce a consultant to your own family, you really must believe in the service he provides.

And that’s how I feel about Jeremy and his work.

Quite simply, the guy is first rate. His marketing sense is of a high order, and this is coming from a person that just sold a 50 person advertising agency in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

On top of being extremely capable, Jeremy knows how to get the job done with a smile!  He’s extremely task oriented, and he’s super competitive about exceeding the goals of his client.

If you’re looking for a remote marketing partner who can help you achieve goals of better systems, better writing, more conversions, and more clients, you’re lucky to have found Jeremy Reeves.  I know I am!”

Jon Parks

CEO, Metric Advertising