Profit-Boosting Website Critique

Increase Your Sales Affordably
With A Website Critique

Think you need a website critique to boost your sales?

Ask yourself these simple questions to find out…

  • Do your sales seem a bit… lackluster?
  • Have a page or sequence of pages you think could be improved?
  • Have an email campaign you think could be making you more money?

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck.

By getting a website critique – you’ll be able to skip the hefty fee’s I normally charge and be able to hire me as your “sales slave”… putting your copy/website/email campaign through my rigorous 77-point checklist.

For anybody who’s a bit budget-conscious, or simply isn’t ready to pony up a few grand to improve their marketing just yet… this is the best bang-for-your-buck out there.

But first, a little story…

Why Getting A Fresh Set Of Eyes On Your Business
Can Lead To Instant Breakthroughs

Something “weird” happens when you spend all day… everyday… in your business.

You become BLIND.

Not physically blind, of course. But blind to the hidden errors… profit centers… and GOLDMINES sitting right under your nose that you can’t see because you’re too close to your own business.

Let me give you an example of how I did this with a client and doubled his business.

This client and I were on the phone doing a live critique, going through his Adwords account. I’m not an Adwords expert but wanted to see how congruent his ads and keywords were with the landing page we were sending people to.

While I was in there, I noticed he was hitting his daily budget. Yet, he was profitable.

Now think about that for just a second.

He was hitting his daily budget… yet those ads were profitable for him.

See the dilemma?

He didn’t. Because he was too close to the business and had too many other fires to put out.

So, I simply told him…

“Hey, Jon, why don’t you just double your daily budget?”


Doing so allowed him to get double the traffic at the same cost, same ROI and same profitability.

(Obviously this does not happen with each person and is not what some might consider “typical”. For a full disclosure, go here.)

THAT is why critiques are so powerful. It has nothing to do with your knowledge… skill set or expertise.

It has everything to do with you being too damn busy to take an objective look at every single area of your business.

And that’s why…

You Won’t “Just” Get Your Copy Critiqued…

If you look around, a lot of people offer critiques.

Typically, they only do one type of critique, such as a copywriting critique.

With mine, you’ll get whatever is going to benefit you most.

  • Some people have long-form salesletters they need critiqued…
  • Others want 10-15 new split-testing ideas…
  • Others want to see how to improve a sales funnel…
  • Still others want direct mail critiqued…
  • And so on and so forth

The fact is this.

By heart, I’m a marketing strategist who writes copy.

NOT the other way around.

My clients love me because I see the “whole picture”. Instead of only focusing on copy, I can advise them on the marketing strategy which drives the copy.

This leads to better results… faster… with more reliability.

Here’s How The Website Critique Works

Step #1: Payment – Click on the Add To Cart button below. The cost is $495 (and comes with free bonuses). That’s worm food compared to the value and increased sales you’ll get after you implement my suggestions. If you think the critique is worthless, just let me know and I’ll send you that $495 straight back to you for a full refund (it’s never happened).

Step #2: Preparation – You’ll get an email from me, asking you to fill out a very short questionnaire. This will take you about 5-10 minutes to complete. This will also ask you exactly what I’m critiquing, and what format you would like it in.

Step #3: Profit – I’ll dig deep, burrowing into the depths of my mind and pulling out some wickedly sick marketing and copywriting strategies you can use to improve your conversions, profits and crush your competitors. I’ll then send you back SPECIFIC suggestions on how to improve your marketing/copy. No fluff. You’ll get real, actionable steps you can take to boost your profits.

A very simple process.

Critiques are typically done within 14 days of receiving payments.


Choose From Video Or Text
(Whatever Floats Your Boat!)

Everybody has different preferences.

Some critiques are better shown on video so I can visually show you exactly what I’m talking about.

Others are best left for a Word Document, such as salesletters which I can actually work on and re-type as I’m critiquing.

This decision is completely up to you.

If you choose text, I’ll send you back the critique via Word Document.

If you choose video, I’ll create a screen recording and send you a link to the video critique, along with any notes I took while recording.

Plus… Free Bonuses!

I want to make sure you come out of this “happy as a clam”.

That’s why, when you invest in a website critique, I’ll include several free bonuses as my “thank you”.

They include…

Bonus #1:
The Conversion Cheat Sheet

($67 Value)

101bundle This course sells everyday for $67.

It’s a quick-reading Ebook that gives you 101 different split-tests you can test in your business to increase conversions and boost profits.

These split-tests are based on my $10 million+ research I have under my belt.

I regularly add millions of dollars per year to my clients revenues and am constantly split-testing new ideas and concepts.

I also work with some of the most highly sought after conversion experts in the world (many of which hire me to do the work for them).

In other words, you’re getting millions upon millions of dollars worth of conversion increasing research… for free.

Bonus #2:
30 Days Email Coaching
($250 value)

Sometimes you have questions. Or you want to test my ideas and see what the results are, and then get back to me to see “what’s next”.

Instead of charging $250 per hour like I normally do for consulting, you’ll get access to me for 30 days to ask any questions you’d like.

We need to keep this reasonable, so there is a 5 question limit. This can be 5 separate questions you have that I can help with (and potentially multiple emails per question, if necessary).

This is a very… very real $250 value as I’ll spend at least 1 hour of my time thinking about the answers and sending you back a detailed answer to your question.

Get All This For Just $495!

Yes, I realize I should be charging much more than $495 for all of this.

After all the bonuses alone are worth a very real $317.

The reason this is so cheap is simple.

I know that a certain percentage of people who get these critiques will end up hiring me for higher end coaching and copywriting packages.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe it’s not. It doesn’t matter.

Either way I’m happy to help because I know that, on average, it’s worth it for me to give this critique at such an affordable price.

If You Don’t LOVE It…
You Don’t Pay!

I like to put guarantees on everything I do.


Because I’ve worked with over 100 clients and I know that my work performs incredibly well.

I have literally DOZENS of testimonials from both clients and customers, all talking about the differences my products and services have made in their business. They see real, true increases in their bottom-line profits.

And so will you.

That’s why I’m fully guaranteeing that you will love the critique.

If you don’t, just let me know within 30 days and I’m more than happy to refund your money.

Get Your Critique Today – Just $495!

How Many Would You Like?

What Can This Website Critique Be Used For?

Nope, it’s not just for salesletters, though that’s what people typically get them for. You can also get a critique on your…

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Product launch sequence
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Radio/TV ad
  • Phone sales script
  • Overall marketing funnel
  • … and pretty much anything else you need help with!

Remember, your website critique is guaranteed and is only $500, low enough for any SERIOUS business owner to afford without breaking the bank!


How Many Would You Like?