The Easiest Way To Quadruple Your Business

Here’s one thing that I really don’t understand about a lot of Internet Marketers… even a lot of them who have million-dollar businesses and are typically pretty savvy people.

They simply don’t have a grasp of the enormous cascading effect certain things have on their business. For example when they start testing (IF they start testing, that is)… they think the increased conversions are the only benefit they’ll get.

But as you’ll see… it’s not even close.

Testing is THE biggest advantage you have when it comes to online marketing versus offline marketing. It’s not price… it’s not the customer… it’s not making things push-button easy.

It’s testing.

Think about it.

Let’s say you have a product  converting at exactly 2%… at a $67 price point… and you’re getting exactly 100 visitors per day.

That means you’re making 2 sales at $67 each… or exactly $134 per day ($4,020 per month)

But what if you doubled that?

Let me ask you… do you think it’s possible to add 1 single extra person per 100 visitors to raise their hand and say “yes – I want your product!”

If you think doubling conversion rates is hard – you need to read 10 books on mindset this month and get your mindset right because you’re a small thinker. I’m not trying to be mean… but when it comes to marketing and profiting you have to be honest with yourself.

Ok so now that you’ve bumped your conversion rates from 2% – 4%… you’re now making 4 sales per day at $67 for a total income of $268 per day ($8,040 per month).

But That’s Just The Beginning Of The Benefits Of Split-Testing Like A Crazed Mad-Man

A lot of people stop here and think… well that’s great – I just doubled my income!

And they too… are small thinkers 🙂

Let me explain.

When you double your conversion rates, MANY more doors and opportunities open for you. For example…

…you’ll have a much easier time finding affiliates

… you’ll be able to buy more traffic at higher prices

… you’ll be able to pay your affiliates more money

… you’ll be able to invest your extra income into more expensive products

… you’ll be able to hire someone to get more traffic for you

… you’ll be able to start testing different sources of traffic such as direct mail, radio, TV, etc. (for certain but most types of products)

… and the list goes on… and on… and on…

Here’s my point.

When You Double Your Conversions… You Can EASILY Quadruple Your Business

Need proof? Check out these numbers.

Going back to that example.. we’re now up to a 4% conversion rate at a $67 price point and 100 visitors per day.

However like you just saw, more opportunities have opened and now you’ve doubled your traffic (remember you’re now making an extra $4k per month with this example… I’d HOPE you can double your traffic! With that much extra per month you should be quadrupling your traffic).

So NOW we’re at…

4% conversion rate

$67 price point

200 visitors per day

… for a total income of $16,080 per month

And you’ve now quadrupled your business.

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