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In this episode, we introduce “the random rant” where I choose 5 topics, usually related to marketing, sometimes not, that I’m thinking about most and rant about them! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Jeremy Reeves: Hey guys and girls what is going on. Jeremy here with another episode of the Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast, and happy freaking Monday.

I am really, really pump this week to get stuff done. I just realized that you are probably not going to be listening to this on Monday. So happy roughly Wednesday or Thursday.

Hopefully your week is going as good as mine, it is by the middle of the week.

So today, I want to try something new, okay.

You know, a lot of times we do this and as you know, you know, there are like the interview shows or I interview somebody and then there are the kind of me shows where I talked about something cool and tell you how to do something, right.

But there are also a lot of topics that like, that I want to cover right, but do not — I do not really want to do a whole episode on them. So I am going to call it the random rant you know podcast or show or whatever you want to call it, right.

So I am going to do every couple of weeks basically what I am feeling, what I am feeling a little bit you know, frisky, when I am feeling a little bit energetic about certain things.

A lot of them are going to be mindset things you know, that type of thing or just stupid shit that people are doing that they should not be.

I am going to talk you know, about those things okay.

So I am going to do 5 of them and yeah today is going to be the first one.

So let me know how you like this you know, if it kind of pumps you up, if it gets you inspired, they are going to be more of like inspirational rather than how to. And let me know, just shoot me an email [email protected] if you like it or if you hate it, it is totally fine if you hate it. I want to hear that too. I do not really care if you do not like it. I am not one of those people that only wants to hear good feedback. I also want to hear the bad because that is the only way to get better in life is to hear the good and the bad.

So let me know if you like or hate this or don’t really care at all. That is also a fine thought.

Alright, so the first one is about hustling, okay.

I cannot tell you, you know, you guys know that I am all about freedom right. I am all about building your business so that it supports your lifestyle okay, rather than building your business and your business is like the only thing in your life that you love and you are passion about because I think that is really, really shallow life to live, right.

Now a lot of people might hear that and think that I do not work hard, right. They might hear that and think that I am you know, I am kind of you know, promoting like a lazy lifestyle and that is not it.

So I want to kind of clarify what I, you know, what my thoughts are about hustling in life and in business, right.

So the way that you know, my philosophy on working hard, hustling that kind of thing is that you should — number 1 your business should not — you should not only have 1 passion in your life, in my opinion. I mean, I just feel like you know, these people that are — all they do is work and that is their passion.

I just feel like it is such a horrible way to live because how like shallow of a life is that if you only love 1 thing you know what I mean and I always say like, you know, I have my business.

I am actually going on vacation from the October 3rd to 9th. I will be back for 10th and I am actually doing like a staycation, right. We are not actually going anywhere. If anybody has young kids, you know how much our pain in the ass it is to go on vacation with. It is really more stressful than actually staying and working. So I am actually doing a staycation.

So I am going to do a whole bunch of stuff. I am going to go hiking a couple of times. I am going to go fishing. I am going to work on building something I do not even know what yet you know, I am going to get back into — I used to be really into you know, waxing cars you know, keep like detailing cars..

So I am going to get back into that, I just bought a whole big kit and a whole bunch of stuff, right. So I am going to get back into that you know, just kind of like take a bunch of me time you know, meditate a lot you know, that kind of thing and just be totally unplugged for about a week, right.

So anyway, you know, when I am talking about hustle, right, you know, I feel like people would need to build the business that supports their lifestyle and that allows you the freedom to do other things that you want.

Now, that does not mean that you only work a couple of hours a day and then you know, and you barely work, right.

What I mean by this is that you work your freaking tail off and then you know, for shorter period of time, right, very, very, very focused work. Very hard — think about like sprint or marathon you know, most people that work long hours are not focused. They are not productive right.

Let me put it this way, right. When I am in a really focus — now you know, of course, not every day is like this. Nobody is perfect every single day, but you know, say 3 to 4 out of 5 days a week, by the time I get to lunch, right now, I am up I wake up at 5:45 okay, I am at my desk by about 6, I just wake up and I have a little like green strength that I make and tee right.

I used to do coffee like 2 cups of coffee a day but I have had a heartburn really bad since I am like 16 years old and it is just — the coffee just does not blend well with that, so I only have 1 cup a day now and I replaced that with tea and my heartburn has you know, dramatically gone down.

I am actually in the process of — I have taken Prilosec literally every single day since the 16 years old. So whatever that is like 15 or 14 years because I am 30 now.

So I am trying you know, not do that because it is really not good. So I am weaning myself off over the next year or so. So I am just chopping off — I have a really sharp knife at my desk like you know, just — like a switchblade, it is actually that was it, it is Kershaw SpeedSafe called. A really good knife and I actually like cut the Prilosec right.

So anyway, so I am going off on the rant, but — so I wake up and you know, I am at my desk by 6 and I work really, really focus, really, really intensely until about 11 o’clock, right, so 5 hours, buy the time 11 o’clock comes around, I am fried like my brain is — I want to take a nap because that is how hard I am working alright.

I believe that you should work shorter hours but really, really, really intense hours right.

That is when I do most of my writing. Now I do a lot of writing because I am you know, writer and between copy like my client work and like you know, now we are coming out with this webinar course or high-ticket course I should say. It is not just about webinars.

High-ticket course you know, hopefully, next month, I will update you on that. I am probably going to start do a waiting list soon. I will keep you posted on that.

You know, my days are split between copy work and working on that and then I am going to have to put together a webinar to sell you know, the product and that kind of thing.

So you know, 11 o’clock comes around. I worked out, then I eat. So by the time all that is done, it is roughly you know, 12:30 or so.

I usually make a good lunch. I love to cook and I cook myself a lunch and dinner every single day.

So you know, and then the afternoons, I do — if I am in a rush, I will kind of force myself to write more copy, but in most days it is more of stuff like you know, keeping clients posted and like doing stuff like this podcast. Now I am doing this in the morning just because I am really excited, but doing stuff where it is like a little bit less brain activity, right.

It is a little bit less, I do not have to be quite as focused you know what I mean. If I am you know, going through like making tweaks to something like a copy edits are a little bit easier than you know, writing the copy in the first place that kind of thing.

So the afternoon is kind of dedicated to less brain intense activities right, and I work until 2:30 or 3:00 o’clock everyday and that is it, right.

Typically, I do not work nights and if I do work nights, it is more of like planning the next that kind of thing. So I go through a planning routine and I do that either at the end of the day or at night, but that is not long, it is like 10 minutes to plan the next day, that kind of thing, right.

So as you could see like it is not that — I think it is like 9 hours a day or whatever. If you include the workout at lunch, it is only like 7 or like it is about 7-1/2, right.

And you know, but people are, people are afraid to do that you know, people, oh my God, I work you know 60 hours a week, 70 hours a week, 80 hours a week and it is like, alright, that is great, but how many of those hours you actually productive. How many of those hours are you actually moving towards the goal like you are actually making progress on something and I guarantee you if you are working more than 7 or 8 hours a day, I guarantee you at least 50% of those hours are extremely unproductive, right.

Either in the fact that you are doing the wrong activities, right. You are doing the wrong things to move you towards the goal or you are just not productive. You are on Facebook you know, as you are writing something, you are getting distracted. You have your employees you know, interrupting you that kind of thing, right.

So I just want you to think about that and think of how you know, where can change, right.

And you know, it is like — people are just afraid to put into work you know.

There is also a thing like I am at the place where I have already put in the work. I have already put in the hours, the nights, the weekends you know, I was working when I was 13 years old literally shoveling horse shit, literally. I am not even — that is not even an exaggeration. That was actually my job.

At 13 years old, we are shoveling horse shit, right, into bags and then I would carry those bags into the woods. Now I remember, we lived in like you know, rural Pennsylvania, so this is like normal up here. There was a big farm. So you know, carry it and throw the bag in like a giant (inaudible 10:14.2) in the middle of the forest. I am not even 100% sure if it is legal now that I think about it, but that what she did you know.

And you know, and I would do that and then it was a farm so like I would cut the grass. I would you know, take care of everything and she told me that I was the fastest worker she has ever had in her life because she paid me, I go up and she would say, okay, you have to do ABC, I am going to give you $20 and you know, just tell me when you are done and I was like, alright, well, she is giving me $20 regardless if it would takes a half hour or 3 hours, so I might as well just do it fast and I would literally sprint. Again, I am not exaggerating.

I would literally sprint from each you know, activity like, when I had the you know, the horse shit in the wheelbarrow, right, carrying it to the woods, I would actually run with this wheelbarrow, with like 150 pounds in it.

Now when I was 13, I was a scrawny little kid, right. So super, super heavy for me.

And I would actually run through the woods with it. And yeah, so that is what I mean hustle you know. When — do not think in terms of you know, if you are one of these people that is like, oh my God, I work so much. I work so much. I work so much. That might be you know, some kind of conditioning that you think it is a good thing to work a lot, right.

Whereas, there are tons and tons of studies now. I think it is Switzerland, maybe. They just move to like a 30/hour work week like it is proven that working more than, I think it is like 6 hours a day is no more productive than working less than 6 hours a day you know what I mean.

So really like look at — if you are one of these people and listen, it is totally fine. I used to be — I used to kind of you know, get off on that too, oh my God, I work so much and now it is like (inaudible 12:02.2) I think it is an awesome thing when you can say, hey, I got all these done and it is only 11 o’clock, right.

So just you know, kind of challenge the notion that working you know, working big quantity of hours is a good thing and you know, kind of reverse that and say, alright, how can I do the exact same amount of work in less time, right, and that is kind of your homework for the day.

Okay, so that is hustle.

And that is kind of like my thoughts on what I think about you know, freedom and working and that kind of thing, right.

Number 2, guessing why things are not working, alright.

So I am working with the client right now.

And I am actually — so we are basically going out. We are doing a joint venture funnel which is a different one, right.

So he is a painter, right. Really, really, really high-end painter. He is like 4 times the price of like a normal painter.

And what we are doing for his marketing is he gets most of his job by referral, right. Like he is not going to go out and advertise because the client tell that he is doing this in million dollar you know, 10 million dollar or 100 million dollar homes, right.

He has projects that are in the several hundred thousand dollar range for a home just painting it, right.

So he goes really by referral. So I said, alright. Let us put together a you know, funnel that focuses on getting more you know, joint ventures that can refer clients to you.

So what I am doing is actually calling his existing joint venture relationship and saying, hey, you know, why do you — why do you refer him? What is unique about him? What are your clients love about him? What are they not like about him? You know, people that say no, why they are saying no?

So I am asking him all these questions and that is what you know, I like to do in marketing too. Like when things are not going how you want them to go, do not just say, oh well, I think it is this. Oh, I think it is this. Ask them. Survey them. And more importantly, call them on the phone, right. Nobody does this.

I guarantee you, if you spend 1 hour calling you know, say 4 people on the phone because it should not take more than 15 minutes. If you spend 1 hour calling 4 people on the phone and asking them why they bought from you. What was so special about your offer that made them buy. You know, what kind of transformation they were looking for. And then you — you know, maybe do 2 on 2. Like 2 why they bought and then 2 people that did not buy and say, hey, you know, I just noticed you did not buy. I do not want to sell you anything. I am just kind of getting some feedback here. Why did not you buy, you know, was it too expensive, okay. Well, explain why you thought it was too expensive because you know, (inaudible 14:38.1) make more money or whatever it is.

So have them explain why they did not buy you know, and actually call them, right. Do not guess why things are not working for you in your business.

Figure it out in a more you know, systematic formulaic way, right, by actually speaking to human beings (God forbid).

It is the same thing you know, a lot of times, I recommend putting live chat on the sales letter, right. And if people are exiting, you say, hey you know, just tell us why did not you buy today, like what was the issue?

And you can gain so much valuable insight from that right.

So you know, do that. Try it out.

Next one is who you are surrounded by, right.

Number 3 is the people that you are surrounding yourself with and we have all heard this you know. You are the average of the 5 closest people to you or whatever, right.

So I like to look you know, like if you look you know, I have talked about how I do guys night every week, right. Every week, we do a guys night, right, where it is me and usually between 3 to 6 of my buddies and like whoever can go out that week or whatever and we get together and will go and will you know, will go you know, smoke a cigar in my garage and have a couple of beers or will go out to a restaurant or will go you know, to a party somewhere or like whatever it is, right or we go bowling or you know, whatever — we played paintball the one time you know, wherever we go. We will pick a place and we will go there.

And I was just thinking about the people that I actually hang out with. And so the one is, he is a pharmacist in the area right. So he is making I do not know, probably over $100,000 a year you know.

Another one is, he is another business owner and he owns one of the most successful tutoring companies in our area right.

Another one is another business owner, he owns an electrician company, right.

Another one is a — he used to be a celebrity private pilot and like he would actually fly around people like Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt and like you know, all the like A list celebrities. He would actually — he used to live on Los Angeles and he just recently moved to our area like, I do not know a year and a half ago or so.

So now he is kind of doing the same thing. He has gotten a name so he is doing it out of you know, out of New Jersey and out of New York and out of certain places in Pennsylvania and that kind of thing, right.

And then I have another friend who is, you know, not “like oh my God, wow that is impressive,” but he is just an awesome dude you know what I mean. And he is really, really, really, really, really talented at fixing things you know what I mean.

So you know, it is kind of a cool you know, combination of people.

And the point I want to make here is that you have to look at your life and figure out who is toxic.

There are several relationships in my life where the person just did not — they did not fit anymore. They did not serve you know, me growing as a person you know. There is a lot of stuff that I learned from my friends and from my family that I hang out with, you know what I mean.

You know, of course like business people like when I go away you know on trips.

You have to get rid of toxic people. I mean that is just it. You have to just suck it up and get rid and just end the relationships you know.

There are several times I have done that and to people who just — they just — I mean they could not help me grow as a person you know, as a father, as a husband, as a business owner. They could not help me grow and they are weighing me down, right.

And you have to let it go you know, it sucks, but you do you know. Think — I am sure you have people in your life right now, most people do that are just weighing them down you know, and it is just —

Listen, you just got to sever the relationship and move on you know and it sucks doing it you know. It is not fun telling somebody that you know, I mean you are basically telling them that they suck you know what I mean. Let us just you know, get right down to it.

You know they are just — and it does not you know, I am kind of joking there.

It does not necessarily mean that they suck. It just means that they are not you know, where you are headed in your vision of your future is not where they are headed, like they are veering off to the left over here and it might be something totally you know, cool. It might be something like you know, but if they are not in line with where you are going, if they cannot help you get there, right, if they are not supporting you to get there, they do not belong in your life, right.

And so either you know, sometimes with family member is a little bit harder because you still, I mean, you kind of have to see them at you know, it is not like oh, I am not going to talk to you at you know, at Christmas or whatever.

So that is a little bit harder, but you cannot you know, hang out with them as much like you know, kind of just see them for the holidays and you know, that is it and then kind of go about your ways you know, and do not make a big deal of it, but also do not let their attitudes persuade you in any way.

So you know, just look, look at who is in your life. Look at you know, make a list of the people that you really love and the people that you just do not you know. Who is weighing you down in your life and get rid of them.

Next thing is wanting incident results, alright.

There are so many people, I cannot even begin to describe how pervasive this problem is.

People just want instant results. I mean, if they like — they want a sales letter and they wanted to be you know, a 10, 20 times ROI the second that it launches and it just does not happen. I mean, sometimes it happens, but it just does not you know, it takes longer you know, you have to — when you launch things, you are going to be at the worst possible place that is ever going to be because you are, you know, you have done what — hopefully, you have done all of your work for figuring out the objections, figuring it out what the unique selling preposition is, figuring out what the value of your preposition is, figuring it out like all that stuff and — but in the end of the day, you are kind of guessing, right.

You have all the information. You can do surveys. You can talk to people blah, blah, blah, but until you actually put it in the market place you have not gotten an actual vote for your ideas, alright.

And you know, when you first launch something, so like, you know, — alright, my high-ticket product coming out hopefully next month, right.

When I launch that right. I am going to do it and I am going to sell it via webinar okay, because that is mostly (inaudible 21:06.4) so I am basically going to create a webinar selling you know, how to create webinars.

And by the way, just in case you are wondering, I am actually not going to use the formula that I am going to teach. I am going to use something fairly similar, but it is going to be enough that you cannot just like rip it off and be like, oh I am just going to look at everything you know, because I know a lot of people are going to try and do that.

And so I am kind of you know, doing a little I do not know what you would call that, a little I do not know, invisible shift. I do not know.

If you think of a good term, you can tell me.

But when I launch that, right. Right out of the gate, now I get really good results with my list. I am sure you know, I will make a lot of money and that will be awesome, but you know, when I do that with cold traffic, it is, well like, when I first launch it that first week of looking at results, that is going to be the worst results that it will ever get right.

And what I am going to do is basically look at it, right. You let the results come in. You say, okay, here is where we are doing good. Here is where we are doing bad. Let’s you know, do more of the things that are working and do less of the things that are not.

And then you know, every week, every month, you know, you get better. You get better. You get better. You test you know, different ads. You test different headlines. You test different big ideas. You test different you know, whole webinars, right. You test different price points. You test different guarantees. You test different you know, the structure of the content. All that kind of stuff, right.

And over time, you continually you know, pump up the results.

So the point here is, if you want instant results, basically shift your mindset, right. It is like losing weight right. So I have been — I have always been up and down with my weight. I kind of got some bad conditioning for my mom in that area and so I am getting rid of that. Now, I am breaking that cycle because I finally became aware of the fact that that is where it stemmed from right.

And by the way, I love my mom. She is — it is just, with that particular thing she is kind of has some bad conditioning herself and then kind of past it onto me.

So I used to be in awesome — I was on awesome shape in high school, right. I used to do like hands and push ups and all kinds of crazy stuff. I still can do them, but my wrist is little bit jacked up so I do not really do them anymore, but you know, then kind of fluctuate a little bit and then I got really good shape. I was then shaped up until my wife had Connor which is 5 years ago. Then I got back in good shape. I gained a little bit and then I was — I got in really good shape like 2 years ago and then my dad past away. And I went off to wagon for like 6 months. I gained like 25 pounds.

So basically, in March of this year — I kept all that weight by the way. So in like March of this year, I was like, you know what, I am breaking the cycle. This is freaking ridiculous. I am breaking this and I am getting back down to really good shape and I am going to stay there, right.

So it is now September, it is September 19. So it has been whatever like 6 months and I am down like 20 plus pounds. I put on a whole bunch of strength and muscle and all that and way better shape, cardiovascular wise. I was doing sprints today like uphill sprints the other day and you know, I noticed (inaudible 24:18.4) how much better. I mean my running time even though I do not really run that much, but my running times are all like the lowest they have ever been you know, that kind of thing. I do that more just to like test it.

And you know, that came over 6 months you know what I mean. Like you can expect to lose that much of weight in like a month or 2 months. I mean, it is just not, unless you are like 150 pounds overweight, then you can lose 20 pounds in like 2 months, but still, you know, you cannot like anything that you want in your life, right. The longer it takes to get you there the better results you are going to get, right.

Even people that it is like you know, you hear a lot of people and really with webinars, it is the biggest thing selling high-ticket, that is why I am such a big fan of this. People that have huge breakthroughs, right, it is not like they went from knowing nothing to all of the sudden you know, running a 7-figure business, right.

They tried a thousand things you know. They failed at a thousand things first and then they hit a big with something, right.

There are no overnight successes. It is not — it just does not happen. It is the result of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, thousands of failures along in your life that finally something clicks, right.

You never, ever, ever, ever hear. There has never been a freaking entrepreneur in the history of the world that went from absolutely nothing, knowing nothing about business and just saying, hey, I want to be an entrepreneur and building like a 7-figure business or 8-figure business or 9-figure business, but just does not happen, right.

It is the result of repeated failure, repeated getting back up, right. After you are getting knocked down on your ass. Getting back up trying it again, failing. Trying it again, failing. Trying it again and then finally something hits.

That is what happens, right. That is life. Whether it is losing weight. Whether it is the relationship with your wife. Whether it is business. Whatever it is, whether it is spirituality, meditating you know, whatever it is. It is the result of repeated failures and getting back up and doing it again and doing it again and doing it again.

So if there is anything in your life business wife, health wise, relationship wise, whatever it is right, maybe you know, you and your wife have been a little bit rocky relationship or you and your husband, you and your spouse I will say, you know, things are not going to change overnight you know.

I have heard of couples where one of them cheats on the other one you know, and they decide, they make the decision like, hey, you know, we are not going to get divorce, we are going to try to make this work. That is not going to change overnight. That is going to probably be like a several year long process before that trust is build back up, right.

You cannot expect instant results. It does not matter what you do you know. It is just not going to work. And the same thing you know, health. You are not going to get a 6 pack in 2 months you know what I mean unless you are like almost at the 6 pack.

You are not going to get really, really strong or really, really big or really, really flexible or really, really healthier, whatever it is fast. It is going to take time and you should — what you have to do is just enjoy the process you know.

In my quest, my own personal quest for health and for wealth and you know, all those kinds of things, relationship wise, we are already there, so that is not really journey anymore because we are already there, just continuing it.

You know, you have to fall in love with the journey and not the destination, right. Do not fall in love with the fact that you want to be a millionaire or you want to have 6 pack or whatever it is, whatever your goals are. Do not fall in love with that. Fall in love with the journey to get there, right, because it has been, I mean repeated over and over and over and think back to your own life when you had a huge goal, what happened when you got there, you probably got depressed, right. You probably celebrated for like a day or two and then it was like alright, now what. Now I feel empty. Now I feel there is void in my life. What will I do now, right.

So you know, getting to the peak of the mountain is not like when you actually step foot on the top, that is not what you should be striving for. What you should be striving for is the journey to get there, right. So just think about that and see how it applies in your own life.

And finally, number 5 is why I love my wife so much. Speaking of relationships.

So today is our anniversary. Today, is our 7-year marriage anniversary and then we are also together for 6 years before that, right.

So we were actually high school sweethearts. We have been together since we are 18 years old you know, we are both 30 now. So (inaudible 28:51.9) 12 years, although — it is kind of one of those things like she is going to be 31 in 2 months. So it is like, whatever, like 12 years and like 10 months or whatever that is you know. So we have been together long time. We both knew I think fairly and I think we are little bit — it is kind of a little bit lucky and a little bit — I do not know preordained, I do not know.

We just always kind of knew that we were just right for each other you know what I mean. It was one of those things — I think I got lucky in that aspect, but right, we have worked hard to keep that, right, because there are so many things that her and I have gone through. I mean, we went through so much more stuff than most people go through in a life’s time. By the time we were like 26, 27.

We went through, I mean, our son, she has epilepsy, right. So there are — she is — you know, and all the time we have been together, she has not been able to drive longer than she has been able to drive.

So think about like think about your life and think about you know, think about your wife or your husband and think about them not being able to drive, right, and just play that out in your mind for a second and imagine how hard that is. I will give you a hint, it sucks, right. It is very, very, very hard. It is very, very, very stressful, right.

So there is that, right. We went through this was, I think 4 years ago, 2011, 5 years ago. We went through a flood. Our house got flooded, right. We had to move — that is actually why we are in this house now. We are like way up. If our house gets flooded now, like our entire town is going to get like be underwater. We are way up high now.

So we went through that. So that was awesome. We went through you know, we have had kids together. We have been totally, totally, totally broke to the point where I literally did not know how I was going to pay the bills, right.

So we have gone through that together. We have gone through a lot of deaths in the family you know. We have gone through our son, Connor, has autism. So we have gone through that, right. And he is doing awesome now by the way. I know a lot of people asked me about him. He is doing absolutely phenomenally well. A lot is because of my wife, because she is a freaking angel and she is literally the best mom like ever in the history of the universe and just I mean literally puts every ounce of her soul into helping him succeed and I mean, God, like he is you know, we were scared like you know, it was going to be like really bad for him and God, with everything she does for him. I mean he is going to you know, when he gets older, I mean, he is going to do awesome you know what I mean.

He is going to live a totally, totally, totally normal functional life, like all that kind of stuff. He will be able to have friends. He will be able to have a job. He will be able to have a career, all that kind of stuff and I attribute most of that to her you know, she is so amazing with him.

So anyway, so you know, today is our relationship and so I just kind of want to you know, say a little appreciation for her.

Let me put it in this way. This is the type of woman she is.

So today is our anniversary. We are actually going to go out to eat tomorrow because the place that we are going to go to is not open on Monday, so we are actually going to kind of celebrate tomorrow, but we were talking yesterday. I was on the lock — we are on the lock with the kids. Connor just learned to ride his bike. So he has been wanting to ride his bike everywhere, so were on the lock. We are talking about you know, where to go, where to celebrate.

And I jokingly brought up Wendy’s right, kind of half jokingly.

So our thing with Wendy’s is we rarely go out for fast food and there is a place like — there is a — like shopping center that is like a half mile from our house and there are several fast food places in there and we have been on our house for almost — for like 4-1/2 years now and we literally never gone to any of them once. We are just not like it is just gross in fast food. It is disgusting. It is horrible for your body.

So we rarely go out like we probably go out for fast food maybe twice a year and when we do it is typically, Wendy’s and we have not gotten to Wendy’s in probably about a year.

So I jokingly said, we should go to Wendy’s for our anniversary and she actually wanted to. That is the type of woman she is that you know — you know, most girls are like, oh, I want jewelry. I want flowers. I want this. I want that. I want to go to the fancy place you know, blah, blah blah.

She actually was legitimately okay with going to Wendy’s for our wedding anniversary you know.

And I was just thinking about that and that is actually why I put it on the list because I was thinking about that this morning. I am like, my God, that is so awesome you know, like I am so lucky to have her in my life you know.

I know that is not like really a rant like the other ones. It is more of just you know showing appreciation and it is really more of you know, if you think about it you know, the relationship that you are in has so much of an impact on your business and on your life and on your happiness you know and on everything, that it really like you need — a lot of people do not put enough time in their relationships. I mean, her and I sit down and we are so open with each other. I think that is one of the biggest pillars of success in relationship is being open with each other.

The second that we feel neglected by the other person or misunderstood or whatever distant or whatever like kind of a negative thing comes up, we instantly talked about it and get it you know, get it out of the system before it becomes a problem you know, and I think that it is one of the biggest keys in keeping a successful relationship, is being able to have those discussions that sometimes they sucked you know what I mean, sometimes they are hard you know.

There are times when you know, you kind of become distant and you know, we have had like conversation like, hey, you know, I am feeling a little bit kind of not fully with you right now you know, and then you just you know, you do something — a lot of times what we do is we will go out, like a lot of times that happens because we have not been close, right.

So if work has been crazy or if it has been really stressful a lot of times with her those kind of things happened like after she has a seizure because she will kind of get in a funk because she cannot drive and you know, that kind of thing and it creates a lot of stress and if Connor, if things are going out with Connor, because sometimes he will have kind of a flare ups with his autism and it is really stressful for us watching him go through that, that kind of thing.

So you know, sometimes things get tense like they do in any relationship, but the big key here is that you talk about it, right. You do not just sweep it on the rug because that then boils up later you know, 6 months, a year, a couple of years later and it is a thousand times worse instead of 1 tiny little bubble at the bottom of the pan, now it is this big thing you know, big giant 2-inch bubble popping at the surface and everybody explodes, right, and you do not want that.

So the point here is you know, take a minute, if you are married, if you are in relationship, realize how important they are to your business, right, because you know, think of how you work when you are in a fight with somebody, whatever they are, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife whatever it is. Think about how that affects you mentally and how that translates in your work right.

It is kind of the same thing as sleep you know, if you are not getting sleep that directly kind of transports into how you work right and it is the same thing with the relationship. It is, I mean you are with them, you know, just as much as you with your business you know, or the 2nd amount at least.

So you know, they are pillar for your business by far. So take a minute and you know, number 1, if you are having problems you know, in your relationship, you know my advice for that would be, number 1, be honest with yourself. Is it the right (inaudible 36:48.0) relationship, right. Is it the right (inaudible 36:51.6) relationship? Are they the right person for you? And you have to be honest.

Again, it is one of those things you know, I have seen so many people stick in relationships because that is where the momentum is, is staying. It is easier to stay in the relationship than break it off, right.

And of course, it is a lot easier doing this when you are like boyfriend or girlfriend versus wife or husband, right, but I mean you have to look at it and say, is this relationships serving me, you know. Is this relationship you know, still beneficial for both of us, you know. Are we on the right path, right. So that is the first thing.

Number 2 is if you still love that person and you want to stay with them, but things are little bit rocky right now.

What can you do to fix it? Do not worry about them. What can you do to help fix that relationship and go back to wanting instant results. Do not expect things change instantly, right.

But what can you do right, because most of the time, I hate to tell you, if you are having relationship issues, it is not because of the person, it is because of you right, most of the time and that goes for both people in the relationship if you can kind of understand that is you know, how you treat the other person has you know, like a constant looping cycle right.

If you are treating them like shit, well guess what? They are going to resent you. And if they are treating you like shit, you are going to resent them. So it is just constant you know, either positive or negative feedback loop, right.

So if you change yourself and how you respond and treat them, they are going to in turn feel that and you know, reciprocate and then that is how you change you know, kind of the like, if you are in kind of like downward spire right now, if things are little bit rocky, try that you know.

Have a discussion about it and say look, things have sucked. Let us just be honest with each other you know, our relationship sucked lately. What do we have to do to you know, to get it back, to get the spark back, to get the you know.

My wife and I are still you know, I mean, honestly, we are way more in love now than we were when we you know, you know you first start relationship, there is like a whole infatuation stage. We are way, way, way more in love now than we were back then you know, and we have been married for 7 years and so it is because of this.

It is because of communications, because of honesty, it is because of you know, working at a relationship you know, surprising her with various things and not presents, right, but going out and doing her favor right. Not jewelry, but going out and getting her flowers for no reason, right. Going out — she is pregnant now. So you know, she is pregnant with number 3 and in fact, we are actually going to find out boy or girl next week. So I will definitely update you in the next podcast. So that will be exciting.

Anyway, so this is starting to get long. I just want you to think about that. I know you know, that does not really have anything to do with business, but it also has everything to do with business.

So just take it and you know, do with it what you will and let me know if you like this episode where I just kind of talked about stuff that you know, it is not “business tactic” but it still has a direct relationship on your business.

So let me know if you like this episode. If you hated it, whatever. If I went too long. If I ranted too much. If I did it enough, you know, maybe you want it longer, I do not know. Let me know, you know.

You guys are the market. You tell me what you like. So tell me what you like and you will get more of it. It is really simple as that you know.

So anyway, I hope you are having a good week. I hope you, you know, finish out your week strong. Go back to you know, hustling and think about how you can change your daily habits, your daily productivity habits and see how you can work you know, I always say, how do I work the same or less hours but get more (inaudible 40:36.9) you know.

One really quick trick with that is before I go. Work until noon everyday and then you are done for a week. Try that. See if you can get the exact same amount of work done before noon and than you would have normally if you work until whatever 3 or 4 or 5 and I guarantee you can do it because I have done it and I actually like working until 3, but yeah, that is kind of 1 trick that I have done you know, because you automatically figure out how to remove the stuff that you should not be doing and get faster and better at the things that you should be doing, right.

So anyway, that is it for today. I hope you have an amazing week and I will talk to you soon.

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