When It Makes Sense To Refresh Your Sales Funnels

I just booked another Funnel Day, and it got me thinking…

I’m still getting extremely qualified leads, sales, and clients, from a sales funnel I started building about 4 years ago!

That’s what I love about them.

Do them once, then they just need updating.

I’m in the process now of revamping my entire site, and all of my hundreds of email campaigns.

(Hint: Go back to my homepage then browse around - you’ll be able to see my latest “thinking” on how a website should get people into a funnel… )

Anyway, I sometimes get the question…

How often do you need to update your sales funnels?

There really is no concrete answer for this.

Some businesses that change extremely quickly might want to do it once a year.

Others can go a few years before needing a change.

It also depends on how often you’re split-testing each step of your funnel, which obviously I recommend you do.

Here are a few examples though, assuming you’re doing zero split-testing, which should help.

1) When You Change The Focus Of Your Business

For example, I was just a “copywriter” up until about a year ago. Then I realized I needed to tell the world that I specialized in sales funnels. My marketing still doesn’t quite reflect that throughout my entire funnel. So, I’m in the process of making that happen.

2) If You Change Price Points

For example let’s say you used to be a mid-tier service and now you’re increasing your prices. You should be updating your sales funnel so it reflects that change. In this instance you’ll need to better qualify people, come up with better positioning, and add more proof throughout your entire funnel.

3) If You Come Out With New Products/Services

Over the past few years I’ve come out with new products and services that aren’t quite integrated into my funnel like they should be.

For example, I…

Updated my main client-getting salesletter to integrate a new focus on the entire funnel, not just individual pieces of copy…

I’ve already updated all the “pages” for those products/services. The problem is, in my email campaigns I’m still using outdated information. Not good!

4) When You Get New Case Studies/Proof

Anytime you get new forms of proof you can use to prove to people that what you’re doing is going to help them, make sure you update it wherever you can.

5) Sporadically – For No Reason

If none of those happen in any given year or 2-year period, I would at least give your sales funnel a thorough check every year or two.

To be completely transparent, I’ve simply been slacking on mine because I’ve been growing like crazy without needing to change it. I tend to focus too much on client projects and less on my own stuff 😉

Hope this helps you. It’s a common question, especially among clients of mine who want to know how much “upkeep” a sales funnel is.

(The answer is – not much at all)

If you want to see all my new stuff I recently did, just go to my homepage and browse around the site.

Be extraordinary,

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