SFM: Ep10 – Using “Ninja” Retargeting Strategies To Multiply Back-End Sales Effortlessly

In part 2 of this 5-part series, I’ll show you how to use reactivation campaigns to increase your back-end sales without your customers even realizing you’re selling them. If you’re worried about selling too aggressively, this is the PERFECT way to increase sales without pissing off your customers.

Retargeting is one of the most under-appreciated ways to grow your business.

It allows you to follow specific segments of your audience and show them perfectly customized offers… based on content you KNOW they’re interested in!

Tune in and see why it’s not only easy to setup but how you can turn prospects into buyers, and buyers into repeat and higher-end buyers… all in a very subtle and non-aggressive way.

Resources Mentioned

Perfect Audience
Google Adwords

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Hey, this is Jeremy Reeves here again with another episode of the Sales Funnel Mastery podcast. I want to welcome you back. We are on part number two of a five-part series, called “How to add upsells without pissing off your customers.”

Last time, we talked about using surveys and buyers auto responder sequences to be able to add an upsell sequence and get a higher lifetime customer value, higher average order size and all your key metrics, without pissing off your customers. If you haven’t listened to that, go back and listen to the previous podcast. You should use it in whatever you’re using to listen to this.

In today’s podcast, what we’re going to talk about is also using reactivation campaigns to mimic the power of a one-click upsell sequence, an upsell sequence that you have directly after somebody buys; but to do it in a way where you’re targeting people, only your buyers. You’re targeting them in a completely different channel. They don’t really get that sense that you’re out there to bother and pester them.

What it does is gets them to go to your other offers. You can also use this to cross-sell all your different products at any point somebody becomes a buyer. It does that without being in their face about it, without being aggressive. If you’re a little bit timid about having a one-click upsell or if you’re in a market where you’ve tested it and it just doesn’t work, this might be another avenue for you to try.

What you’re going to do is, they’re going to buy that first product, the main product, whatever it is that you’re selling. Instead of having an immediate, one-click upsell; where on the page after that it says, “Hey, thanks for you order. By the way, buy this other product.” What you do is place a little targeting pixel on that “thank you” page, depending on what resource you use to do your targeting. It’s going to be slightly different in the way that you have to set it up. I’ll go over some resources later for you.

What you’re going to do, in a general sense, is put a tracking link on your “thank you” page. That’s going to tell people that, this person just bought and you can follow up with them in a couple different places. You can use Facebook or you can use places like AdRoll or Retargeting or Perfect Audience, Google, places like that, to get in front of them with text links or banners.

That way, every time that someone goes to a website, not every single time, but a lot of times, people are going to see your ad. They might see you. They just bought something from you. You didn’t sell them right away and now they’re still going to get that offer. They’re still going to get a chance to get that same offer, except you’re not being as aggressive about it because they are clicking on the ad.

If you listened to part number one in this series, I talked about the power of getting people to come to you first. It’s the difference between you calling somebody to make a pitch or them calling you to get pitched. There’s a very, very big difference in the conversion rates and total effectiveness of marketing campaigns, in those two scenarios. Reactivation campaigns, essentially, let you get people to come back to you. You can say, I have a free gift for buyers of whatever product they just bought, whatever service they just lucked into.

You can have banners and Facebook ads and things like that, that really call out those people and say, “Hey, did you just buy this?” Obviously, they did. You can say, “I have a free gift for you as a special surprise thank you,” or something like that. Give them a free gift and give them a pitch at the end. You can do an educational video, showing them how to.

One thing you can do is, let’s just say somebody just bought software, an information product; what you can do is say something like, “Did you just buy X?” whatever your product or service name is. What you do is you send them to a page and have a video or, depending on what you’re selling, it could be text based. You say, “I have a lot of people that have a little bit of a hard time getting started or want to get started fast or want to get better results right out of the gate. If that’s you, watch this video, I’ll show you the ins and outs of using what you just bought.”

What you do is have your educational video and then at the end of it, you say, “By the way, in case you’re interested, if you want to get even faster, better results, then you can upgrade to the latest version;” or you could buy this other product or buy a new supplement or whatever is going to resonate with your audience; whatever it is that you have for your upsells. Have that at the end of that free video.

Again, the point of it, mentally, should not be to make a sell. The point of it should be to help your customer that you just bought. Then you get to a happy benefit of it is that you get to add value to what they just purchased, so you’re making them a happier customer. You’re getting them more engaged in the product which will help reduce refunds, increase overall retention, engagement, and help referrals. At the end, you have a soft little pitch to upgrade to the latest version.

A couple of places that you can do this with, I already mentioned them, but just in case you didn’t have a pen and paper or something. I’ll also have them in the show notes for you. A couple place you could start with this is, number one, AdRoll, just do a search for them. Facebook has their own retargeting campaign now. Retargeter is another one that you can use. Perfect Audience, you could also do this through. You can set a remarketing campaign in Google analytics. And then use Google AdWords to run that campaign.

I used to do that when I was still on Google. Unfortunately, I got kicked off at the end of 2013 for showing results, God forbid. When I was on them, I used to run retargeting campaigns with them and it’s really easy to set up. It might take you two or three hours. That’s a really good way to add—the more offers that you give people, the more money you’re going to make in your business. Period. End of story. You’re going to.

However, there’s also that line between the number of offers and the amount of value you give people. This is a really good way to add value, add good value while you’re making more offers.

I hope that helps. Stay tuned to part number three. I will talk to you soon.

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