The Scariest Moment Of My Life

Awhile back I was making lunch in the kitchen while listening to some marketing material.

I heard my wife call me and something in her voice seemed “off”.

Now before I go on, there are two things about my wife you should know…

  1. She’s had Epilepsy since she was 10 years old. She typically has Grand Mal seizures, where she loses consciousness, every few months.
  2. She was 8 months pregnant.

Knowing both of those facts…  I instantly dropped my lunch and sprinted out the kitchen and through the dining room.

As I rounded the corner and looked up the steps, I saw her at the top of the steps, dazed and confused like she’d just been in a car accident. This happens sometimes just before a seizure, since her brain activity skyrockets and it leaves her unable to think clearly.

Less than a second later…

… she fell.

Luckily one of my favorite workouts is running bleachers, so I was just barely able to get to her, and…

I literally caught her as she fell through the air from our top step.

It was the scariest moment of my life.

It hit me so hard that after the event happened and everything calmed down, I literally sat in my chair shaking with fear from what could have happened.

If I wasn’t there at that exact moment… if I hesitated AT ALL in the kitchen… or if anything else happened besides what did, I would have surely lost our first son Connor before he was even born… and possibly my wife as well.

And that day taught me a very important lesson in my life.

If there’s something you want, you can’t hesitate.

You can’t say “I’ll just do it tomorrow”.

You have to realize that if you hesitate today, you might miss something that will make tomorrow never come. In life or in business.

These days, I don’t take things for granted. If I realize my business needs help in a certain area, I immediately go looking for help in that area. Because these days life happens way too fast and if you hesitate for just a second, your competitors are going to eat you alive.

This is actually a GOOD thing, because if you stay at the top of your game, YOU have the advantage over your competitors who hesitate.

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Talk soon,

Jeremy Reeves

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