How To Sell More To Prospects On The Fence

Hey guys! In today’s episode, we discuss MANY ways you can easily steal from me to convert more of your “on the fence” prospects into first time buyers and raving fans. Enjoy!

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Jeremy Reeves: Hey everybody Jeremy Reeves here with another episode of The Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast and today I want to talk about a pretty cool product, not product, but I just looked at the word product, but topic and that is called Product Splintering, right.

And I am going to kind of show you — you know some of you may be familiar with this you know, with this term, it is essentially you know, splintering up a piece of your product and giving it to somebody in a cheaper a price, okay. That is kind of the same — that is kind of like you know the (inaudible 0:45.5) of it, but I am going to kind of give you a couple different ways that you can take that concept okay and use it in your business you know.

You guys know, one of my main skills I think that I have in my life is that I am able to take ideas from you know, one industry and use it another. I got that actually from J. Abraham, he is kind of the you know, the one that really taught me of that skill and it is you know, comes in handy a lot. I cannot even begin to imagine or to describe how often I may able to use that skill to get better results in business you know. If there is one skill that you really want is to be able to do that because if you look inside your own industry, everybody is you know, it is kind of like incest you know, everybody is kind of doing the same thing, a little bit of (inaudible 1:33.4) there.

But anyway, so, the reason I thought of this right, I just took my dogs to the groomer, okay. Katie is out with the boys, Connor’s therapy and so she has the car and so I had to take the dogs to the groomer.

So on my way back, I have been wanting to try — there is a coffee place by my house and normally, I have my own coffee you know, I — like have my own kind of process, I am little bit of a geeky with the you know with coffee you know, I get the whole beans and I have a French press and like this whole big process, so I am kind of picky with it.

So I do not really like things like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks and that kind of thing just you know, I am just not a huge fan of it you know. I do not know, whatever, but I usually get that, like if I am out, you know, I normally do not get coffee all that much when I am out because I you know, again, I am kind of picky and I usually just make my own or whatever, but there is one coffee place I went in by our house and it is like, this little locally owned you know, it is not a big you know, mass kind of chain store that kind of thing. It is just that you know, there is this nice lady, I was just talking to her and you know, just a small little store you know, it is not a chain, it got all homemade stuff and that kind of thing.

So, I drive by — this place is probably maybe a quarter of a mile from my house so where we are is basically like I live in a place where were on the maid ave. going through our town, but behind my house there is woods and stuff like that and it is all very you know, kind of naturistic, but then like, literally you go down like a quarter of a mile down the road and there is a big you know, shopping center and there are all kinds of restaurants and shopping places and like all that kind of stuff. So it is an awesome place to be.

So this you know, this lady opens up her coffee store in that little you know, shopping complex and I have been wanting to try it. So, I finally did today right and I love the coffee and the first thing that came to my head was she needs — because you know, if you think about it, I mean she is — she is selling coffee right, it is nothing you know, it is nothing unique you know, everybody has coffee. There is like 84, 000 coffee stores usually either something like a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks you know, there is like 19 of them every town.

So I literally took the first step in the Coffee’s Fantastic. It is going to be my new favorite place to go.

The thought that immediately hit me was this lady needs to get her foot in the door with clients, right.

So I want you to think of — just think in your head. I am going to give you a second. Think in your head, I am going to give you a little challenge here you know. Think in the head what would you do? So you own a coffee store, there is a Dunkin Donuts, there is Starbucks, all those kinds of things nearby. What would you do to get business, to market yourself right. So I am going to give you a couple of seconds.

I am actually going to take a drink of coffee while you are thinking.


So, here is what I came up with right.

What I would do is, I would just get — I would hire you know — I would get like a shit of paper like something super cheap little postcard or business card or something like that probably just a business card you can get like freaking 10,000 of them for like $100.

So printed on a business card and just put you know, whatever like you know, we are new, I want you know, we think that we have the best coffee in the Valley, where I live is called the Valley. So we have the best coffee in the valley but I do want you like I know that it is hard to you know, you probably already had your favorite coffee store and the copy would not be this long by the way, this is just kind of off on top of my head, but you know, you probably already have your favorite coffee store and you know, the problem with doing this is that people are set in their ways. You have to break them of the habit that they are in right, to get them to come to you especially with coffee. People have their habits with coffee.

So you have to break them of that habit and what you would essentially say is, hey, all I want you to do is just come in, coffee is on me, you do not have to play a dime, it is totally free and I just want you — you know, essentially, like hey, if you love the coffee come back you know, if you do not, keep going wherever you are going you know, no hard feelings, that is you know, whatever.

And all she would have to do is get a business card, I do not know — I mean they are like you know, they are like 10 cents a piece.

So say, you went out to 10,000 people right at 10 cents a piece that is what is that, $100 right.

And say that a half of a percent switched over to you. Well half of a percent of 10,000 people is, let us see, 1% would be 100 so it is 50 people, that is 50 new customers right and the average coffee drinker probably spends I do not know probably you know, just say $30 a month right and it is probably more of that because I think mine was like $2. So you know, that is basic coffee every other day right.

So you know, say you know, $30 a month you get 50 people, that is $1500 a month for spending $100 right and you just keep doing that, you are only risking $100. You are getting $1,500 back right and that is not even including you know, they had donuts and they had you know, biscuits and they had sandwiches and like all those kind of stuff. That is $1,500 well if you did that in you know all the surrounding areas you could very easily get that up to you know $100,000 business right and that is just with that you know, then you can do a whole bunch of other stuff, but that is just with that. That is only at $30 a month which is just probably a little bit low for you know for a coffee place. I mean you know, if you are spending you know $2, $3, or $4 for a coffee I mean it is, you know, it is a very easy to spend $30 a month on coffee.

So that is kind of the way that — so basically, the whole you know, (inaudible 7:45.8) to that is, if you have something right, and essentially, like I look at it in like a 2 prong approach you know, you do your regular promotions and — by the way, you can do this even if you have a high end service and I am going to show you how to do this with the service or product and something like a joint venture, right.

So if you have a service, okay, think of what you can do to get your foot in the door, right. What is your foot in the door offer? Okay.

A lot of times with me, you know, I have people and you know, you know that our fees are typically like you know, in the high 4 figures, 5 figures you know, that kind of thing. We are not cheap right.

It is not like you are spending you know $500 or a couple $100 or something on copy like you know, our fees are you know, pretty high up there. They are not you know, not at the top of the industry, but they are you know, they are not inexpensive to someone who you know, is struggling with money, right.

So a lot of times what I do — essentially, what I do is basically say like you know, I get a lot of people and they are like, look you know, I want to do this funnel, but look, it is like $15,000 or $10,000 or $20,000 or whatever it is and you know, I am just kind of a little bit you know, little bit anxious you know, they are always — I get this a lot you know, I see other results blah, blah, blah, but you know, I kind of want to see if it works for me and that is totally acceptable. I totally get that you know what I mean that make sense.

So I get some clients that do that and what I will say is, okay, let us figure it out you know, the project is going to be whatever, $10,000 to say and how about lets us just do like one part of it for like you know, $2,000 or something like that and you look at that if you like the copy then we will keep, we will just keep going right and I have done that a lot of times so you can see like rather than them looking at as a $10,000 investment it is now $2,000 right, so it is a fifth of the price and what happens is you know, I have done that with — oh my God I do not know how many dozens of clients and I am very proud of the fact that I do that you know fairly frequently and I have never once had a single persona that started that process and did not go through with the project, okay.

So if you are selling a high ticket service do not be afraid to offer something lower to get people just to get their foot and get your foot in the door with them with the relationship, okay.

So that is how you can do with the service and same thing with you know, with the coffee shop you know, you are just taking that principle that concept and applying it to a coffee shop. So the coffee shop, the foot in the door is, “Hey, come in and try our free coffee” you know coffee for her it is super cheap I mean it is probably, I do not know 10 cents a cup, something like that.

So you know, it is almost risk-free for her you know, she is spending $100 or $200 to get in front of like 10,000 people you know what I mean.

So that is you know, a kind of another example.

So let us do this with the product.

So you have a product say, it is $200 right. So you have this and you have whatever 8 modules, what you can do with that is for people who you know, you first start off with your best foot forward right.

So you say, hey you know, the product is — there are 8 modules it is going to teach you how to do XXX and you know it is $200 okay.

So you are going to get a certain percentage of people that are going to say, “Hell yeah, I want that. It is $200, it is going to help me. I am going to buy it.”

Those are the people they are like your hyper buyers essentially because they are going to buy it you know and they will buy it, you do not have to like hassle them you know whatever. There is just going to — they love you. They love your product. They are going to buy it.

Then you are also going to have the people that are just never going to buy right and who cares about them, they do not you know, they do not matter. Do not talk to them.

On huge strategy by the way while I am here is find out who those people are and then you know in your — you know, in your ads, in your targeting, in your copy you know exactly who to push away because the farther you push those people away the inverse happens with the people that you know, if they are on the left side and your perfect clients on the right side. Well, if you push away the clients on the left side, guess what happens, the people on the right side come closer to you, you know, they resonate that much stronger. So it is one really you know, important thing to note is that you should do that and find out who is not buying and make sure you are pushing them away because it is going to attract the people that will buy right.

So anyway, going back, you can say, hey look you know, I understand $200 is expensive for you by the way if that is expensive if people are buying it you know, $200 for price. You may want to look at your copy and because it might not be demonstrating enough value right. So just quick little side note there.

But you can say, you know, maybe you follow up them like a 10-day campaign selling the $200 course, they are not buying it then maybe you wait like a week or two weeks and then you can have another campaign that number one, you can give them a free trial or some template like you know, a lower priced trial maybe $200 is like you know, they spend I do not know $10 or something and they get a trial of it or you can say, hey look, I understand that this whole you know, maybe it is too overwhelming, maybe it is you know, maybe you just do not think that you have the time, maybe it is not in his priority, maybe it is the price whatever it is. Why do not you just take one of the modules. See if you resonate with my concept, my message, my you know, my ideas and then if you love it, then you can buy the whole thing right.

So that is what you can do with you know, with products right.

And then another way to do this is — so I recently — I have been going after you know, this certain guy, I have been trying to kind of get on his radar for I do not know, it is probably been 2 to 3 years now right and I am a pretty persistent guy you know, if I want to get on somebody’s radar I eventually will it is just kind of the matter of time.

So there is this 1 guy that I have been wanting to kind of partner up with on some things. He is a very, very, very well known marketer. Probably 90 plus percent of the people listening to this podcast read his blog, right. That is where he does most of his market is through his — he is a very, very, very prolific content marketer, okay. And he has several businesses, they are you know, couple SAS companies, they are all you know, 7 or 8 figures.

So you know, there is a lot going on and I realized that if I partner up with him on some things, they could lead to a lot of different things, right.

So for the last kind of 2 years, I have been you know, just kind of staying in touch, kind of putting my name in front of him that kind of thing.

And you know, recently, I realized that he has a partner you know, in his business that is kind of like his you know, to say his wingman, right.

He is like his you know, his second in command, his right hand man you know that kind of thing.

So I realized that it is probably a lot easier building a relationship with his right hand man than it is with him you know, because he trusts you know, his — let us just call him his partner just for easy terminology.

He trusts his partner so if I you know, get in good with his partner then therefore I would kind of get into the — into his whole business and that is exactly what happened, right.

And you know recently, there is you know, we have been in touch of like 4 different ways that were partnering you know, so he is you know, he is sending me clients and we are — I am actually doing a project for him and you know, there is a life of all these different things and it is because it is the same concept and this what I mean by taking it one concept and applying it in several different ways right.

I am taking that product splintering concept or that foot in the door concept and using it in several different ways. So in this way, you know, I am using my foot in the door was with his partner, okay, because I knew that you know, the way to his — kind of like you know, when you are dating, you know, the way to the girls heart is through the parents you know what I mean, is through like you know, if you are trying to date a girl you know, talk to her mom you know, become really good like really you know, kind of cuddly whatever with you know, with her mom and then her mom is going to be like, oh you know, Crissy this guy he is so nice, I mean he is handsome and you know that kind of thing. So it is the same thing.

And yes, I mean that is pretty much it. So basically — kind of a quick recap.

If you are selling a high — if you are selling any kind of service right and you want to gain access to a huge part of your audience, a huge chunk of your audience that is on the fence right and you want to push them over the fence, do something where you can take a piece of what you normally give clients and give it to them at not reduce rate, you do not want just discount your rates because that is horrible for everybody, but you want to give it to him at a cheaper price by giving them less, but you know, take like, if there is something in your business where you can get them a really good result in a quick way, you know, just give them — like think of a quick win, it is huge when you are selling your services, okay. The same thing, it does not even matter what you are selling really.

And then products you know, think about free trials or removing a section or anything where you know if people having excuses they are close, they are right on the fence, but they need just that little extra push.

Think of how you can do that.

And then the same thing if you want to get your foot in the door with people right. For joint ventures, affiliates whatever it is, think of little ways just you know, very slowly chipping away adding value to the life it is always about adding value and that is what I was doing with his partner by the way was, I was helping him basically you know, they were coming up with a new funnel and you know, he is like, oh you know, what do you think about this and I went and I say, hey, let me just help you figure this whole thing out, right.

And then you know, when we were done, he is like, alright you know, what do you charge like you know, to actually build this all out for us and I gave him a price and you know, we are getting started this week.

So think of it that way like if you want to get on somebody’s radar, add value to them and just little by little do not go from not knowing them to just jumping in and being like, hey, you know, I am here, I am here, give me business, give me work. I want your money you know, like that is not how — you know, that is not how you build relationships you know, you first reached out to them just so they recognize you, okay. The first step is recognition right, just so they recognize your name. So comment on their blog you know, send them an email and just say, hey, your recent podcast or your blog was awesome, I really loved it you know, send them a gift.

I can tell you, you know, you guys know I am huge, I love bourbon right. I am not a huge drinker, but when I drink, I really love you know, the different types of alcohol. Like I love craft beers and really good wines and really good bourbon and you know, things like that, like I do not drink that frequently you know, like on the weekends you know, like a normal person, but when I do, I like to drink really good stuff because I love that experience. I am very kind of experiential kind of guy. Same thing with food you know, I love the experience of eating you know, as funny as that sounds you know, I love like you know, the different flavors and the combinations and like I do not know, I just love the whole thing.

So anyway, so if someone sent me you know, like if someone is trying to get on my radar, by the way, I am not saying to do this, but if someone want me to on my radar, if you sent me a bottle of bourbon, you would instantly be my best friend. Like you would, instantly, I would never forget your name right, just from that and it is like whatever like $30 or $40 for a bottle of bourbon.

And that is all it takes you know, just get your name out there and do something so they are going to just recognize you and then you start slowly adding value to their life, right.

I have a lot of copywriters who want you know, they want me to help them in their business and they will reach out to me and say, hey, I do not even want any money, let me just help you with the product. All I want is your feedback, your critique, right. I get that all the time with people. And I have helped a lot of copywriters you know. I have helped a lot of copywriters do that and because it is valuable. I did the same thing when I was just starting copywriter you know, it is a huge strategy and you know, if you are in any kind of like expertise field do that with somebody. If you want to learn really, really fast and you cannot afford to pay someone to be a mentor, just do something for them for free, right.

And of course you know, you have to have like in my case, I have to look at them to make sure their copy is good first, like it has to be kind of up to a certain level first because you know, they are going to write something for them it is going to be awful and I mean, it would take me longer to edit it than it would for me to write it myself you know what I mean. So like there has to be that foundation there first, but you know, I can tell you like I have gotten a lot of free copy because of that and you know, and it is worth for them too because I critique them on the copy and I you know, I helped them kind of through the whole process you know what I mean.

So anyway, that is it for the day you know, I hope this helps. I hope I gave you a lot of things to think about today you know, just a lot of this comes back to just being resourceful you know, a lot of entrepreneurs are like, oh I do not have this or I do not have money, I do not have time, I do not have you know, the resources.


The resources do not matter. What matters is you being resourceful. You do not need that stuff, right. You do not need money to start a business, okay. You do not need expertise to start a business, right. You can start business in any way possible. You can market your product in any way possible. If there is anybody out there right now, saying that they cannot grow because they do not have funds, that is absolute horse shit, I am sorry. It really is you know, and I do not mean to be like insensitive, but I just want you to — I want you to look at that belief that you need money to grow, okay. I want you to look at that and smash it with a hammer, right, because it is not true, okay. It is not true at all, okay. That is the biggest one, is money and that is why you know, kind of singling that one out.

You do not need money. Money is you know, a byproduct of being successful. You do not need money to become successful. It helps. If you have money, you know, you can speed up the process, you accelerate the process, but you absolutely do not need money to become successful, okay.

And if you — if that is one of your beliefs right now, it is totally cool by the way, I have a lot of bad beliefs in my past as well. Get rid of it, okay.

Re-analyze that belief. Figure out why you have that belief and then say, okay. I have zero dollars, what can I do to be successful and that is when your brain starts coming up solutions. You have to give your brain a problem solve then it is going to come up solutions, okay.

So you know, I know I kind of went on a (inaudible 23:06.4) a little bit today. I know sometimes I do that, this definitely is not the most polished podcast in the entire world. I think you guys like that because I get comments on that all the time of how it is like you know, I have never come to this with a script. Usually, I do not even have any kind of outline. I kind of just have the you know, the idea and I just start talking about it. That is exactly what I did today.

But anyway, so I hope you are enjoying the podcast guys. You know, like always, the numbers are continuing to grow. You guys are awesome. I am getting emails all the time just you guys saying how much you enjoy the podcast. That really does mean a lot to me by the way. Just reaching out and saying, hey, just wanting to let you know I loved your latest episode on you know whatever, here is how it helped me. That really like — I actually love getting those emails. They go to my support. So it is support at, but they forward me every single one of those and even if I do not reply, I promise you, I am looking at it every single one of them.

And I really like — I love to help people you know, if you guys have you know, known me for a long time, you know that I get such tremendous satisfaction just from helping people you know what I mean. It makes me feel just awesome, just to know that I am helping someone you know what I mean.

So if this is helping you, you know, make sure that you are sharing it with people. Help us continue to you know, to grow this.

I have a whole bunch of interviews coming up. We just launched — we are doing video podcasting now, we are actually, I just did my an interview yesterday were actually, I think that interview is going to go live next week or the week after, I forget. We are adding questions in there so like you know, kind of like lightning questions to get to know the you know, the guest a little bit better.

I am looking and reaching out for bigger and bigger and bigger guest you know. I have done a lot of kind of underground guest and I am going to start mixing that up with some bigger name guest you know, that you guys I think will enjoy.

So yeah, there is a lot of cool stuff coming up with the podcast. It is only going to get better as you help continue to grow because the more the podcast grows, the more time I can allocate to it, right. It really just as simple as that. It is just simple business decision.

So you guys are the guys and girls by the way that help this grow. So make sure that you are telling people about it. Make sure that you are you know, you leave a review and remember, when you leave a review, we are giving you free stuff you know, we are giving you my 101 Conversion Tips you know, PDF.

So make sure you are doing that because you know, reviews help us grow so much, so they are so important.

So if you like this, that would be the single biggest thing that you can do to help us out is to leave a review and just tell people about it you know.

If it comes up in conversations or you know, put it on your blog or whatever you know, tell your mom about it, I do not know. Anybody who is a business owner.

So anyway, that is it for the day. As always, you know, share this you know, tell people about it. Give us a review on iTunes and then also, if you are interested in working with us, then reach out to [email protected] and let me know a little bit about you, about your business and I will let you know if I can help you know. If you have ever talk to me you know that I am very, very candid. If I cannot help you or if I do not think I am the best person to help you, I would just flat out tell you that, right, and I get a lot of people that you know, I tell that to them. I probably tell more people that I cannot help them than I can — than I tell that I can help them, if that make sense you know, and it is because I only want, when I take on a new client, I want to know with 100% you know, certainty that I am going to be able to help them you know what I mean.

So anyway, that is it. I will stop my ramble here and I look forward to seeing you next time.

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