Coaching Application

Let’s See If This Is A Good Fit…

Dear Business Owner,

Thank you for reading my quick report about how the coaching program works. By now I’m sure you realize the value of it. All that’s left is for you to fill out this application.

Here’s a quick recap of what the coaching program entails.

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  • Phone Calls – You’ll get one 60 minute call per month. During this call we’ll build your action plan for the month, discuss any challenges you’re hitting, and talk about new growth opportunities. This also includes video, if necessary.
  • Email – You’ll get unlimited personal email with me. This is typically used to have me check out what you’ve been doing, ask questions, get clarification, or basically anything else you need to kick ass.
  • Critiques – As we work together I’m going to want to see your progress and critique everything you do so you’re doing the correct things… correctly. This alone is worth WELL more the price of the coaching program.
  • Resources – You’ll get access to any and all resources I think would benefit you and your business. Information… people… vendors… introductions to form strategic alliances… whatever.
  • Signing Bonus – When you first sign up you’ll get a $500 credit towards any of my current products I have for sale.
  • First Call Cash Windfall – During the first call we’ll discuss a unique strategy where we’ll create a cash windfall together. I’ll help you structure the entire thing and tell you exactly what to do. You can use this cash windfall to pay for (at minimum) the first 6 months of the program.

For a full description of the coaching program, click here.

Sounds good?

Here’s what will happen next.

1) I’ll read your application and spend some time looking at your business, thinking of ways in which I can help you.

2) If I think you qualify, I’ll get in touch to hop on the phone for a 30 minute chat to discuss what I have in mind for you to grow your revenues by a minimum of 30% in the next 6-12 months.

3) If everything sounds good to you, I’ll show you how to get started!

Please fill out the quick form below and I’ll get in touch soon.