Install My $150MM+ Worth Of Experience Into YOUR Business To Maximize Net Visitor Value, Profit, And Scalability

Feeling the crunch of rising media costs eating away at your margins?

Know your funnel has weak points but don’t know exactly what they are?

Want a new, fresh set of eyes to uncover the blindspots you can’t see because you’re in it everyday?

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck.

With a funnel critique you can skip the hefty fees I normally charge for “done for you” work and skyrocket how much profit you’re generating through your funnel.

I’ll explain how it all works in just a second…

But first let me just briefly explain…

Why Getting A Fresh Set Of Eyes On Your Business

Creates Massive Breakthroughs

Something weird happens when you spend all day, everyday, in your business.

You become BLIND.

Blind to the hidden errors… profit centers… and GOLDMINES sitting right under your nose that you can’t see because you’re too close to your own business.

And don’t worry, this isn’t just you…

I have blind spots in my own businesses ALL the time… and I literally teach this stuff!

As you might know, I run my own multi-7 figure business alongside my marketing agency.

I’ve also been doing this for 15 years and have built so many funnels in my career, I’ve FORGOTTEN more tips and tactics than I remember!

Anyway, I was recently doing a critique for someone and was giving them a little-known way to boost their upsell #1 by about 20%.

After I sent the critique to them…

I realized I’d forgotten to add it to my last 3 funnels I created!

THAT is why critiques are so powerful.

It’s also why I pay someone $5k/mo in my own business.

To watch my blind spots.

It usually has nothing to do with your knowledge, skill or expertise.

It has everything to do with you being too damn busy to take an objective look at every single area of your business.

And that’s why…

You Won't "Just" Get Your Copy Critiqued...

You’ll get your ENTIRE funnel critiqued…

I’ll look at it all.

The ads… affiliate swipes… presells… landing page… checkout… upsell flow… and thank you page.


Most people only critique sales letters.

I think that’s dumb 🙃

Because as you know, it’s getting harder and harder to market online…

Competition is skyrocketing…

People are becoming more skeptical…

Pretty much everything that used to work either DOESN’T work anymore… or is a far cry from what it used to be.

That’s why your ENTIRE funnel has to be maximized… start to finish.

If that makes sense…

Here's How Your Funnel Critique Works...

Step #1: 


You'll see a giant "Add To Cart" button below. That will take you to the order form where you can choose how many you want.

The first critique is $2,500. Critiques 2 & 3 are discounted, so if you have several funnels I recommend you do them all at once. If you need more than that, contact me and I'll send you a unique pay link.

Step #2: 


You’ll get an email from me, asking you to fill out a very short questionnaire. This will take you about 5-10 minutes to complete. This will also ask you exactly what I’m critiquing, and what format you would like it in.

Once I get this back from you, the critique will be done within 14 days.

Step #3: 


I’ll dig deep, burrowing into the depths of my mind and pulling out some wickedly sick marketing and copywriting strategies you can use to improve your conversions, profits and crush your competitors.

I’ll then send you back SPECIFIC suggestions on how to improve your marketing/copy. No fluff.

And I’ll do this in both video AND text format, so you can see what I’m saying, but also have a specific “implementable list” for ease.

Pretty simple right?

If that sounds cool to you, just go ahead and let me know how many funnel critiques you need (if you need more, contact me for a custom quote).