With Over $50,000,000 In Results...
We've Discovered How To
Take Our Clients To The Next Level 

Right now there’s a hidden pocket of revenue hiding inside your business and you don’t even realize it’s there.

I know that because since 2008 I’ve helped entrepreneurs just like you bank over $50,000,000+ in revenue.

Want to know the secret for such dramatic growth?

World-class direct response sales copy, strategically placed inside automated marketing funnels.

I’m about to share with you the marketing fuel needed to leapfrog your business to the next level...

But before I get into all of that, here’s the #1 reason we continue to stack on one reliable, consistent result after another…

We Specialize In Taking Entrepreneurs
To The "Next Level" Of Business Growth
(And have $50,000,000+ in results to prove it!)

If you’re here, it’s very likely because you’re business has plateaued, or simply because you love the thrill of growth.

  • Maybe you find yourself unclear, confused or overwhelmed, not sure of what to do next...
  • Or maybe what used to work last year no longer attracts the same amount of fresh, new customers...
  • Or maybe you already DO know how to create a splash in your market but you just don’t have the time (or you hate writing sales copy)...

Either way, I know the “cure” for your stagnation and (soon to be) future growth.

It’s actually very straight-forward...

    Here's Why You're Not Growing
    As Fast As You'd Like...

    Whether you realize it or not, you aren’t clearly articulating the specific, unique, incredible value you bring to your clients or customers.

    Because after all, you probably offer a GREAT solution to your clients/customers......yet you’re struggling to PROVE to them how valuable it really is.

    This a VERY common problem with most entrepreneurs looking to grow, and it’s downright frustrating!

    You KNOW deep down you can help them, but for some reason your competitors keep walking away with YOUR business.

    This happens simply because potential clients aren’t clearly seeing the value of what you provide, because…

    Your sales copy doesn’t resonate with your potential buyers 
    on an emotional level while communicating why YOU are the #1 option they have for the service/product you offer, and...

    They aren’t being led through an automated marketing funnel which takes them from casual prospect, to 1st-time customer, to a repeat “superfan" while solving their biggest problems...

    That's it!

    Fix those two problems and you'll discover what it feels like to achieve...

    "Effortless" Revenue Growth

    This is what most entrepreneurs DREAM about...

    ... the ability to continue growing without resistance, without stress and with predictability.

    The good news is...

    If you want to leapfrog to the next level, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in.

    I’ve produced breakthroughs with clients in over 40+ different industries, including...

    1. Service providers such as coaches and consultants…
    2. Information marketers selling info products and coaching programs…
    3. SaaS companies increasing conversions rates and decreasing churn…
    4. Entrepreneurs selling physical products such as supplements...
    5. Ecommerce stores with hundreds/thousands of SKU’s...
    6. Brick & mortar businesses such as dry cleaners, chiropractors and more...

    But here’s the honest truth…

    Just because I’ve worked in all those industries does NOT mean you and I will be a fit.

    You see, every business I’ve come across needs their marketing funnel tweaked in a slightly differently way. But the base foundation remains the same.

    Our primary focus and #1 priority is to understand your market, discovering what makes them “tick”, and then assemble your offer in a completely irresistible fashion so they can’t help but buy.

    The problem is...

      Most Sales Copy And Marketing Funnels
      Are Done COMPLETELY Wrong!

      Look, most sales and full marketing funnels floating around the internet are slapped together...

      They’re selling the wrong products or services, at the wrong prices, to the wrong people, and without clearly articulate the value they're offering to the people they're selling to.

      No wonder it's such a struggle for most people trying to run a business online!

      So what's our big secret?...

      ... what's the “magic sauce” that’s generated well over $50,000,000+ in revenue for our clients?

      Most copywriters and marketing funnel “experts” buy a course and “POOF” they’re an expert.

      The sad part is they usually charge a premium price yet they don't think about or even understand marketing strategy.

      They simply copy and paste a bunch of fancy sounding words, from a template (that they probably bought from me) into a word doc and call it a day. They don’t understand that in order to grow a business they have to slip into the minds of your prospects and tease their subconscious minds with value until they have no choice but to buy.

      That's why most B-level copywriters are hit and miss when it comes to consistent results.

      I’ve Generated $50 Million For My Clients
      Figuring Out What Works And What Doesn’t…
      And I’ve Created
      78 Different Processes
      To Get You
      Consistent, Reliable Results...

      Since 2008 I've been tweaking and refining our level of raw technical ability until it was honed to a razors edge. I’ve had the privilege of being able to test and tweak HUNDREDS of different approaches to discover what works and what doesn’t…

      … and I’ve created our own internal systems, processes and documents that we use with every single project which allows us to churn out world-class level copy that gets results.But don’t take my word for it…

      Here’s why one our my clients worked with me for 3 years STRAIGHT...

      Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

      "Worth 10x What He Charges..."

      "I've hired A LOT of copywriters over the years and never has anybody given me such consistent, BIG wins. Jeremy's worked with us for about 3 years, rewriting (and beating) nearly ever letter we have. If you're even "kind of" hesitating... don't. Just get in touch with him before he raises his fees!

      Jesse Cannone 
      The Healthy Back Institute

        Our foundation starts with intense research. We want to climb in bed with your prospect and figure out what keeps them up at night. We want to know them better than they know and understand themselves.

        We then take that research and tap into their subconscious emotions, allowing them to trust your message and soak it up like a sponge.

        Finally we use well over 50 proven psychological persuasion triggers to show them why YOU are the only logical choice for them.

        By the time they’re done reading the copy, they’ll feel like you read their mind.

        This method of communication is where your biggest, untapped revenue center is hiding in your business. Once identified we then construct automated funnels (or, redo your existing ones) to extract the most cash from those revenue streams.

        Ready To Get More Info
        Or Chat?

        Fill out the form you see and either get more information about me, or request a meeting with me personally. I’ll review the information you’ve provided to evaluate if I think we might be talk on the phone.

        Either way you'll receive...

        • A 13 page report filled with past successes, the types of projects I've taken on, who I’ve helped best and why, and what it’s like to work with me...
        • Samples of my work so you can see WHY our copy gets such incredible results...
        • A FREE PDF titled “The High Cost Of Cheap Copywriters” that will show you exactly how to hire a copywriter and prevent you from making a bad hiring decision...

        To receive everything listed above and have us evaluate your project, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.

        Otherwise... take a second to keep reading!​

        A Few Of The Amazing
        Entrepreneurs I've Worked With...

        I've worked with clients ranging from health and supplement companies... to brick & mortar business owners... to information products... to coaches & consultants... to SAAS companies.

        This also includes startups and major publicly traded companies doing $300+ Million in annual revenue.

        (Our typical client is between $500k - $10MM)

        Below is a small sample of the clients who trust me to grow their revenue...

        • Robert G. Allen
        • Mark Victor Hansen
        • Brad Fallon
        • The Natural Health Sherpa
        • Loral Langamaier
        • Tim Sales (AND his wife...)
        • Than Merrill
        • Dr. Al Sears
        • Chad Tackett & Kim Lyons
        • Tom Venuto
        • David Lindahl
        • Biscayne Labs
        • Jesse Cannone
        • Mike Lovitch
        • NuWave Ovens
        • Michael Cage
        • Several Inc. 500 companies
        • Mike Litman
        • Rocket Languages
        • CrazyEgg
        • Clicktale
        • Rich Dad Advisor: Garrett Sutton
        • JT Foxx
        • Primal Health

        And What They Say About Me...

        Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

        "Jeremy Skyrocketed My Email Campaign!"

        "I started working with Jeremy about 3 years ago and have gone back to him ANY time I need to increase my revenue.

        In just one example, we worked on redoing my main autoresponder campaign I was sending paid traffic to.
        After working with him, we tested his suggestion (segmenting my audience) and it SKYROCKETED the results I was getting!"

        Pat Rigsby
        Fit Business Insider
        Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

        "Pulled In So Much Business... I Couldn't Handle Anymore!"

        "I hired Jeremy to help me acquire more leads through my main traffic method - direct mail. After strategizing with him, we sent out the first piece (of 3). A few days after we sent out the first piece, I realized I had to pull the plug on the rest of the campaign.

        Not because it wasn't working, but because it worked so good I couldn't take any more business! The best part is, I can now reuse that campaign any time I need more clients."

        Nav Thakur
        Financial Advisor
        Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

        "Jeremy Built Me A Scalable Business In 2 Weeks!"

        “Jeremy help build a sales funnel in my latest business from the ground up, in a niche either of us had ever been in before. He and his team did everything, from the copy, to the strategy, design and everything else.

        We went live, and within 2 weeks we were already hugely profitable to PAID traffic. One of the best business decisions I've ever made."

        Aaron Samsonoff
        Serial Entrepreneur
        Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

        "I Trust Jeremy So Much... I Referred Him To My Own Sister!"

        "I've worked with Jeremy on several different projects, with several different clients. First, for one of my own projects. After I saw his work (and incredible ethics), I referred him to a close friend. After that, I referred him to my own sister!

        If you're looking for a complete sales funnel badass, one of the best copywriters you'll ever find, AND is a downright first rate guy in general, I highly recommend him."

        Jon Parks
        Serial Entrepreneur
        Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

        "One Of The Highest ROI's I've Ever Seen..."

        "With Jeremy's help, we built a sales funnel that's bringing in one of the highest ROI's I've ever seen. He's a MASTER of sales funnels and copy and worth every second of your attention."

        Dustin Briley

        We'll Help You With Everything From
        Strategy... To Copy... To Entire Funnels...

        It’s actually a simple process.

        You either...

        1. Find what's already working, and maximize your conversion rates at each stage of your funnel...
        2. Discover what's not working, figure out why, and fix it, or move onto something that does work…
        3. Dig up untapped revenue opportunities, and create campaigns to exploit them...

        When I take on a new client, I ask them which of those 3 areas we should focus on first. Then we get to work. Because of that straight forward approach, we've worked on all sorts of projects.

        Here are the types of projects myself and my team have developed for our clients...

        Craft new sales copy
        such as sales pages, VSL's, emails, upsells, etc. which generate a higher ROI with the same marketing spend...

        Create automated webinars
        to sell high-end products or services to maximize your ROI and automate your selling process...

        Create new marketing funnels
        (from A-Z) to be used with existing or paid traffic to bring in more consistent, more reliable revenue...

        Fill in the holes in your funnel 
        that are leaking revenue from your business on a daily basis, preventing you from growing quickly enough...

        Optimize your existing funnel
        with A/B split-testing to take your funnel and results to the next level so you can scale faster and easier...

        Maximize lifetime customer value
        with buyer maximization campaigns so you can outspend your competitors when acquiring new customers...

        The point is, we don't use a "one-size fits all" approach. Everything we do for you is 100% custom-fit to your business and your business only.

        To do that, we have to have a quick 30 minute phone conversation to find out what the best approach would be for YOU to take.

        That's why...

        If You Meet The Following Criteria...
        I'd Love To Have A Friendly Chat
        To See If We're A Mutual Fit

        As you might imagine, we invest a large chunk of time and effort into each client to get them the results we’ve achieved. We need to be hyper selective about which clients we decide to take on board, because our reputation is on the line.

        That’s why we’ve put together a short list of criteria to see if we might be a good fit...

        Criteria #1: You're Not A Price Shopper

        If your main criteria for hiring a copywriter is price, you NEED to optin below and read my free report “The High Cost Of Cheap Copywriters”.

        Price is a consideration, but should NOT be your biggest factor for hiring a copywriter. If you’re business is barely scraping by, we simply wouldn’t be a good fit.

        Criteria #3: You're Somewhat Marketing Savvy

        You don't have to be a world-class marketing expert, however you should have a good/basic understanding of the time-proven marketing principles we use.

        Criteria #2: You Already Have Proof Of Results

        The more results you've achieved for your clients/customers, the better I can help you sell your products & services to your ideal audience.

        This isn't mandatory (for example if you're launching a new product), however, it's extremely important and will help produce better results.

        Criteria #4: You Have Cash For Paid Traffic

        I don't want you "going broke" hiring me. The goal is to revamp what you're currently doing, then eventually get it to get your marketing converting at high ROI to paid traffic.

        Get Your FREE 30 Minute
        Profit-Finding Strategy Session...

        If you’re looking to improve RESULTS and you’ve run into a road block, we should chat.

        To get started, fill out the form below and I’ll review the information you’ve provided to evaluate if I think we might be talk on the phone.

        If I do, I’ll email you with a link to schedule a meeting. If I don’t, I’m more than happy to refer you to someone who might be a better fit. I’ll leave that up to you.PLUS when you do fit I’ll send you…

        • A 13 page report filled with past successes, the types of projects I've taken on, who I’ve helped best and why, and what it’s like to work with me...
        • Samples of my work so you can see WHY our copy gets such incredible results...
        • A FREE PDF titled “The High Cost Of Cheap Copywriters” that will show you exactly how to hire a copywriter and prevent you from making a bad hiring decision...

        To receive everything listed above and have us evaluate your project, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.