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There's a good chance you've already heard of me. You probably already know about the results I've achieved ($50MM+) and that we specialize in building automated webinars selling high ticket products and services.

In fact...

Does This Sound Like You?

You're likely here for one of two reasons...

  1. You don't have a webinar in place yet to sell your high ticket product or service ($500+), and aren't getting the results you'd hoped for...
  2. You already have a webinar, but the damn thing just isn't converting like you want it to...

If so, I can help.

Here's What We'll Work On Together
To Get You The Best Results Possible...

If you become a coaching client of mine, we'll work together to build a fully automated, highly converting webinar that brings in the highest ROI possible. Plus it simultaneously makes you stand out from your competitors, establish more authority in your marketplace, and build a longer-lasting relationship with your prospects.

More specifically...

  • You'll get access to my entire High Ticket Freedom Formula course (sells for $997) so you can understand the foundational principles that allow us to get the best results possible...
  • I will personally critique your entire webinar funnel before you go live so you can feel more confident that it was done properly...
  • I'll be available via email to answer any and all questions you have so you don't get stuck...
  • We'll also do a one-hour "kickoff" call to strategize your entire funnel so you know you're strategy is on point... (plus optional phone calls throughout, if you get stuck)

Bottom Line: You'll end up with a highly converting, fully automated webinar that takes cold prospects and turns them into either new buyers (products) or new leads (services) so you can enjoy higher, more stable revenue. Plus you'll be able to take what you've learned and use it for the rest of your life!

If You Meet The Following Criteria...
I'd Love To Have A Friendly Chat
To See If We're A Mutual Fit

As you might imagine, I invest a large chunk of time and effort into each client to get them the results we’ve achieved. We need to be hyper selective about which clients we decide to take on board, because not only is my time and reputation on the line, I also want to like you ;)

So here's a super quick list of criteria you should fit before applying...

Criteria #1:
You're Not A Price Shopper

If your main criteria for hiring a coach is price, just remember, "you get what you pay for". 

Price is a consideration, but should NOT be your biggest factor for hiring a copywriter. If you’re business is barely scraping by, we simply wouldn’t be a good fit.

Criteria #3:
You're Selling A $500+ Product Or Service

This one is pretty simple and self-explanatory ;) This strategy works best for selling $500+ products/services, either selling it right on the webinar, or offering a free consultation.

Criteria #2:
You Already Have Proof Of Results

The more results you've achieved for your clients/customers, the better I can help you sell your products & services to your ideal audience.

This isn't mandatory if you're launching a new product, but you should have some kind of proof to make this work.

Criteria #4:
You Have SOME Type Of Traction

You don't have to have a 100k email list, but you should at least have SOME type of traction we can work from. A good client list, some connections in the industry, etc.

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  • If I think you're a fit, I'll email you with a link to schedule a meeting...
  • If I don't think you're a fit, I'll point you in the right direction so you know what your next steps should be.

But either way, I won't leave you hanging ;)

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