SFM Ep 31: Achieving The Same Goal With Less Effort

In this episode, I talk about how taking a fresh perspective on your business can dramatically increase your overall results. More importantly I talk about how
your business should be structured in a way that enhances and improves your journey to hit your goals.

In this episode we’ll discuss…

  • Why you’re “3 feet from gold” and don’t even realize it yet…
  • Why your goals should always come first, THEN your strategy…
  • How to setup services that are 5x your existing prices, and have customers/clients LOVE YOU for offering it…

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Hey, this is Jeremy Reeves and welcome back to another episode of the Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast.

I’m actually in my car right now so I apologize for the audio but I just want to tell you a quick little story about something that happened last night. So if you know, you probably do, if you’re on my list and have been around me for a while, my buddies and I do a guys; night every week so last night we had guys’ night at my house because I bought a projector screen basically like a home theater set-up type of thing and I’m actually installing it in my garage so I can work out there and watch movies and things like that.

So last night, my buddies come over we are setting it up and we start getting it set up and we went to mount the projector to one of the two by fours in the garage and realized that the company that sent the stuff you mount it with didn’t send screws which is awesome, of course. So we realized that I didn’t have the screw that we need in my garage because I don’t wood screws and things like that, so we realized that we weren’t going to be able to get it done last night so I wanted to see how it looked like so instead of just getting mad and everything, what we did was we actually took it and put it on the side of my house and actually played video games with that shooting on the side of my house.

So this is big giant like 30-foot screen that we were playing on the side of my house. So I realize that has no relevance to your business, right? But it actually reminded me of something and the thing is a lot of people, it’s all about mindset. Like, last night we could have gave up we could’ve got mad and kind of just scrap the whole thing, but we didn’t.

We made do with what we had and we made an adjustment to be able to do what we wanted to do which was kind of tested out for the night and, really, when it comes to business a lot of people, they don’t make those adjustments, they just gave up too early and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve given up or I’ve been wanting to give up on something and I just tried one more thing, I tried 1 new sales letter, I tried one new angle, I tried one new offer and that was the one that broke through for me.

So if you are currently struggling with your sales funnel right now and you don’t have money to hire someone else to do it or you’re just getting frustrated with the results that you’re getting, what I want you to do is just take one more stab at it. Look look at it from a fresh angle. Maybe take a week off, go on vacation or just don’t think about the sales funnel for a couple of days.

And then what I want you to do is come back with a fresh set of eyes and look at it and say ‘okay, what we’re doing now is not working’ and there’s obviously a reason for that. If you can figure out the reason, then that’s great. You know, figure it out, do a survey — figure out the reason why people aren’t buying. But if you can’t find a reason, if you’ve tried doing a survey and you’ve tested the results from the survey to see if that helps, and nothing’s working, then what you have to do is just completely change your entire frame of the sales funnel.

So for example, let’s just say you’re selling something low-priced and you have a typical kind of dumb funnel, in my opinion, where you’re selling something low-priced and then maybe you go for an upsell and it’s a little bit higher or you take the opposite route where may be your first product is 97 and your second product is a 47, that’s an actually more traditional upsell, whatever the case is, I you to look at from a fresh perspective.

Instead of doing that typical funnel, I want you to write down what your goals are. So you’re building a funnel because you have certain goals. Maybe it’s to make $100000 net in a year or maybe it’s to make 500 or a million dollars a year or maybe just to get a million dollars gross for your business or whatever that is.

And then you have your time frame that you want to do it in. So you want to do that in the next 6 or 12 months or whatever that is. And then you also have your time involvement in it. So we’re looking in terms of time freedom and things like that.

Let’s just say you want to make $250,000 a year and you want to work 30 hours or less per week, so you already have your funnel and you’re hoping that that’s going to get you there and obviously something is not working. What I want you to do is look at that, write down your goals, and write down ‘I want to make $250,000 a year working 30 or less hours per week and I would do that in the next 12 months’. That’s the end goal. There’s not only one path to achieving that end goal. That’s where a lot of people kind of get caught up.

For example, if you’re charging let’s just say $5000 for a project, maybe you’re a service provider, let’s say you’re charging let’s just say $5000 per project, well, if you want to make $250,000, we’re just going to pretend for easy math, especially because I’m driving right now, that you were making a hundred percent profit, okay? So you’re charging $5,000 for your service, and you want to make $250,000 in a year, what you can do is take on 50 client projects for $5000 and that would be $250,000 a year. But that’s basically once a week.

Well, what if you can do something in your business where you quadrupled your price and then a one client per month? So instead of having to get one client every single week at 5 grand and it’s taking up a lot of your time and you kind of have to go through a client onboarding process, there’s a lot of time involvement, all that stuff that has to go into it, well, what if you can just figure out something where you charge 20 grand and you made one sale per month, that’s 200 for a grand but that’s close enough or do 25 grand and do it whatever that would be 12 times. So 25 grand, you know, 12 times once a month and that gives you the same $250,000 except you’re taking on 10 clients per year instead of 50.

Don’t you think that would completely change the way that you do business? Don’t you think it will completely change your time freedom and basically everything else that you do in your life and push you to expand your mind set and expand the value that you’re giving to your clients? Don’t you think that would happen if you just made that switch? So that’s what I want you to think about is if you’re struggling with your business and to grow it, I want you to look at it not in looking at small improvements but how can you completely change everything? How can you get better results for your clients and and charge more money for getting better results?

That’s kind of the process that I’m in right now is taking in way less clients but doing much much much bigger projects with each person. And that’s kind of one of the reasons why I’m saying this because I’m kind of going through this stage in my life right now. So anyway, that’s kind of what I want you to think about it and just look at your business from a fresh prospective don’t look at it in terms of ‘oh you know let’s change of button color here, let’s try a 30-day guarantee instead of a 14’. I want you to look at these changes that don’t even make any changes unless you feel that it can at least increase your results by at least say, 50%.

And instead of doing all of these split tests and all that, that’s all great but is there any other kind of hidden opportunities that you’re not seeing right now that you can implement and add an extra whatever is a lot for you, an extra 20, 30, 50, 100% to your business by just doing things a certain way — structuring your offer a different way, torturing your value proposition so that you can show your getting more value to the person, changing your guarantee so that you’re offering a guarantee that’s absolutely irresistible for people to pass up and then charge you more money for it because people will pay for a better guarantee.

So anyway, I want you to think about that. If you have any ideas to feel free to shoot then my way. Even if you just want to say ‘thanks for helping me out here, it’s what I came up with’ for whatever. Otherwise, if you want to get in touch to do some work together you can go to www.JeremyReeves.com and just use the Contact Me form there.

You can just email me at [email protected] and let me know what kind of project to have and I’ll let you know if I’m interested in it. I know right now I’m extremely booked up but you know always looking for people to kind of chat with and work with in the future so anyway that’s it for today. I hope this message kind of sinks in a little bit today and I want you to think about it and go forward with it and be bold in your business. Alright! I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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