SFM Ep20: How To Get 20% More People To Your Money Pages

In episode #20 I discuss a cool little tactic I just tested out at Kinowear.com which helped me boost the number of people going to my money page by 20%.

It took me just a few minutes to setup and is applicable to 100% of people reading this, so take a few minutes to listen.

Enjoy 🙂

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OptinMonster (best exit popup tool I know)


Hey, everybody. Jeremy Reeves here and I want to welcome you back to yet another episode of the Sales Funnel Mastery podcast. I’ve been getting a lot of people who have been harassing me a little bit lately about doing more episodes and I apologize for that. I think I actually have a good excuse, though. Most of you probably know that my dad has stage 4 Cancer.

Well, unfortunately, it’s taking a big turn for the worst. He actually had to get off of Chemo now because his basically can’t take the Chemo anymore. It just beat the crap out of his bone marrow to the point where if he takes any more, he might end up in the hospital and die from it. So they had to stop his treatment. So now, we’re basically at the point where it’s kind of the end. It’s a waiting game. They’re estimating a couple of weeks, something like that.

So I’ve been having a little bit of a rough time lately. I figured out just the other day, I fell into a little bit of depression for a couple of days which was a first for me. It was a pretty humbling experience to go through. I realized the other day while I was talking to my wife that I was going through it. So I kind of came up with a game plan and knocked myself out of it. I’m lucky I have a lot of control over my mental capabilities or capacity, I don’t know what you call that.

I was able to get out of it. I know a lot of people aren’t really that lucky to be able to do that. It really sucked pretty bad. So I’ve been very, very unproductive for the last week or two with work and just focusing on the clients that I have and not really doing too much else besides putting all my attention on my clients that I’m currently working with.

So that’s the reason you haven’t heard from me much lately. That’s basically going to go on for probably another month, month and a half, something like that. Just kind of in a holding pattern, if you will. Kind of just spending a lot of time with my dad since it’s the end. And going up to see him a lot and spending time with him, taking my wife and kids to go see him and stuff like that. Forgive me for being a little bit lax on the podcast.

I will ramp up once everything is over and done with and I’m back to my normal schedule. But anyway, to get on to less saddening news and more good news, I have something for you today that I think is really cool.

So as you know I have Kinowear.com and that’s my side business. So I just spend a lot of time yesterday, analyzing the business, I was looking at the metrics that I’ve done so far. I’m going to do a comprehensive, kind of overview of this. I said I want to test myself for three months and see what I can do. Basically, what I’ve done so far was roughly increased my opt-ins by 3.5x, increased my front end sales by about double. I don’t know the exact metrics at the top of my head.

And I did that in the first three months. It really was just a matter of doing a couple of things. I think I’m going to come out with a paid webinar showing how I did everything because I think it’s going to be a really cool exercise to do. I think it’s going to be extremely eye-opening for a lot of people to see exactly what my mind says, how I go in, what I look for, and what happens.

So one of the things that I did, I just did a test on it, and what happened was I was trying to get – if you heard me talking about it a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that (don’t mind that noise) I had a lot of people going to the blog pages on the site. So right now, I’m getting roughly 55,000 visitors a month. So it’s a little bit under 2,000 a day that I’m getting to overall to the whole site and that’s uniques.

And a lot of those people aren’t going to the products page. They’re just coming and looking at a few articles but they’re not going to the products page to buy the product. And as you can imagine, there’s 2,000 people coming a day, but only a couple percent of them are going to the sales page. So I sat back and I said, “Okay, I have all these visitors, how do I get them to the product page?” and obviously, retargeting is on my list. I’m actually in the process of getting that all set up now.

I have seven different designers sending me banners and I have the targeting pixels set up but just waiting on to get all these banners. I’m going to probably have around fifteen or so, different banners a test. So that’s going to be one way. I have a huge audience to choose from for that Facebook and all that kind of good stuff.

But while they were on the site, I was trying to think of a way to get to the sales page. So I did the most simple thing ever. But I’ve never heard anybody talk about it before. I’m sure other people have done it, but as far as I know, I’ve never heard anybody talk about it.

So here’s what he did, when they come to the page, they get a pop-up, “Get on the free… I’d like a crash course” kind of thing while I’m testing the opt-ins because it’s generic. That’s what came with the website. I haven’t enough time build a new one yet. So what I’m doing is when I leave, this is after they’ve come, maybe read two articles, I set up an exit pop-up and I have that exit pop-up asking them if they want to check out the product.

and it’s like “Hey, did you like this article? You’ll love the Kinowear Bible. Do you want to go check it out? Yes or No?” so they click ‘Yes’ and they go to the sales page. So that’s it. That was the big secret.

So that alone, that was Test no. 1. I set it up in like three minutes. I really put almost no thought into it. I just got the idea, I did it right then, it took a couple minutes to set up, I tested it, I looked, and I ended up getting just under 20% more people to go to the actual product page.

And again, that’s a big thing because I need to get more people to the product page because that’s how I make money. So that was a big increase. 20% increase just from doing something set up, like three minutes to set up. So that’s kind of the big takeaway.

Now, another thing to remember is I put almost no effort in what I did. It was like the most pathetic, fast thing ever. I did it while I was in a rush doing something else and between all this stuff, this just like a week or two ago that I set it up.

There’s all kinds of different ways that I can test. I actually set up another test today that should do better than the first one because the first one, it was just “Do you want to check out our product?”, if you think about it, it’s not really the best, it’s not really the most enticing offer ever. You know, Hey, do you want to look at this and give us more money.”

And I’m not saying it was the best idea ever in the world. What I’m saying is the concept is a really cool one because a lot of you are probably getting a lot of visitors to your overall pages but not the pages that you want them to go to. Either they don’t see it or they get distracted, whatever.

So what I’m doing now, I’m setting up the second test that I’m doing here and I have no idea if this is going to work or not, I just implemented it three hours ago. What I’m doing this time is I have the same exit pop-up. I’m going to test them against each other and this one, instead of just saying, “Hey, do you want to check out out product? Yes or No?” and they click ‘Yes’ and they go there, what this one is I give away a free sample of the product.

So it’s like “Hey, we have our course. Do you want a free sample of it? Yes or No?” do they click that. And they actually give me their opt-in instead of just going to the sales page.

Two reasons I think is going to vastly outperform the first one.

The first reason is that number one, getting their opt-in and my conversion rate from opt-ins to sales is really high. My auto-responder does really, really well. So I figured out that the best way to grow this business after looking at my stats, I just figured out so far the (10:00) development that I had the business for three months of the three-month lifetime value. And it’s good. It’s high enough to start testing paid traffic and that’s because of the auto-responder sequence.

The reason I’m getting them on the opt-in is because I know once they are on the email list, it’s going to convert really well.

The second reason is I looked into my Analytics and I found out that in the auto-responder sequence, one of the emails (which I’m going to change this to make it more of the emails) offers a free sample of the book. It’s like a free 25-pages or something. The conversion rates of the people who see the sample is almost 4x higher than people who don’t.

Essentially, the product is speaking for itself so they get a taste and they want to finish it. That’s how I got to the decision. I looked and I said “Wow, my overall auto-responsder’s working really, really well.”

And then I looked and I saw the other stat that said the people who saw the free sample were converting 4x higher than the people who didn’t, and I thought “Wow, maybe I should that more often.” It’s not rocket science. But it shows the importance of digging or this data, your Analytics, whatever you’re using.

So that’s pretty much it. The major concept is to use something. Whatever the cases. You can put links inside your articles, you can use an exit pop-up, you can start with retargeting, anything to focus on getting people to where you’re going to get the money.

In my case, that website is very, very blog-driven. Right now, it’s 100% SEO. I’m just starting to test paid traffic with it probably next week, I have to set up the funnel quick for it. So you want to get more people to the product page. Again, overall concept, use some type of method to get them to the product page.

The secondary concept is look in your Analytics. Look in your data and figure out what’s making people buy more? Look at your auto-responder, see how they’re converting for you. If you’re converting really well, then your number one strategy should just be getting people on the opt-in list and then let your sales funnel do its own work. Let it do what it’s supposed to do and just take care of people and take them down the funnel.

Even my auto-responser, it was set up really, really quickly. I didn’t even put all the effort into it that really should because when I got this business, I kind of just whipped everything together because I’m so busy with client work. So I didn’t do a proper funnel, it’s just a really, really, really, really quickly done funnel but it’s still converting really well.

And then the second art of it was look through your stats to see what’s causing people to covert more. So in my case, when people see that sample, when they get that “I’m probably going to sneak peek.”, when they see the sneak peek of the Kinowear Bible, the product, then they’re converting in almost 4x higher than if they don’t see it.

So I’m doing everything that I can now, now, I found this out in the last week or two so I’m going to be doing a lot more stuff. This is just going to be stage 1. I’m going to be doing a lot of different things to get them to see that free sample.

That’s it for today. I have to cut it short because I have a client meeting soon and I got to hop right off and my wife and I are going out and coming home and then going to the Finger Lakes tomorrow.

We’re going for a wine trip which we’ve been trying to do for the last three years, well not three years straight, but this is our third attempt, because the last two times in a row, we were supposed to go and my wife got pregnant right before we went both times. So I’m hoping she doesn’t get pregnant before tomorrow. Although, we wouldn’t obviously know, anyway.

It should be fun. Something that I need really badly. This is Friday that this is going out so I hope you have an amazing weekend. If there’s any way I can help you, I’m focusing really hard on Funnel Days. So if you’re interested in a Funnel Day, just let me know. Shoot me an email. Just go to JeremyReeves.com and you could see all the different services I have (14:57).

But there are a bunch of ways to get in touch with me. Funnel Days are doing absolutely amazing. I just did with two guys from Australia two days ago which was really cool because it’s pretty amazing to me that I can sit on Skype video with two guys that are 10,000 miles away from me and go on video with them for over four hours.

So it’s an amazing time to be alive to have that kind of technology to connect with people around the world. Anyway, those are doing awesome. If you want to take your business and just leap it forward, kind of like what I’m doing with Kinowear, that kind of stuff. If you would like to do that for your business, just get in touch. Again, just go to JeremyReeves.com and find out of ythe various ways to get in touch with me and we can figure out if we should do a Funnel Day or not.

And besides that, I hope you share this with your friends. I’m getting a lot of amazing feedback from people saying how awesome this podcast is and I’m glad that I can help you. I love hearing those comments. I know this isn’t the most polished podcast in the world ever, but I’m hoping the content overcomes that. I actually don’t do any edits on this podcast so that’s why.

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing weekend. I hope you can keep growing your business and if you want to look forward to growing it a lot faster through 2015, then feel free to get in touch and we’ll figure something out. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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