SFM: Ep28: Personalizing Your Sales Funnel

A lot of people are still creating static, outdated sales funnels that are not following the actual behaviors that users take and giving them personalized content based on those behaviors.

The glory days of whipping up any ‘ole sales funnel and hoping it works are over.

Now you have to get more strategic.

That’s exactly what we discuss in this new episode – how to build personalized sales funnels that deliver content to your prospects based on the actual behaviors they’re taking on your website.

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Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of the The Sales Funnel Mastery, this is your host, Jeremy Reeves and I know I’ve been gone awhile, I’ve been crazy, crazy, crazy busy basically this entire year which is why I’ve been so on and off with a podcast this year so I apologize for that, but I’m back and I have a couple of planned that I want to talk about in the month of May.

So hopefully, we can get some good stuff recorded and I think this first one’s really going to help you, actually. I want to apologize for my voice if I sound a little and nasal and congested, it’s because I am. Me and my wife just spent the weekend, we went quading for the entire weekend and slept over and housed out in the woods and all that kind of stuff.

I’m in full force allergy mode right now so I apologize if it’s a little bit difficult to hear me and if I have a coughing fit, that’s why. But in today’s episode, I want to talk about there’s a whole big thing, everybody’s launching and talking about all these “smart funnels”. I just want to talk about that. It’s something that I’ve been doing for years with my clients. It’s kind of becoming a big buzzword now.

The whole kind of concept of personalizing the sales funnel based on actions they take. I’ve been calling them behavioral emails for years now. The same thing, like, if they’re an email, if they’re on the page, all that kind of stuff, you can personalize the messages and all the follow-ups and all the pages that they see based on who they are.

So I want to give you a couple really quick, easy examples that you can implement pretty quickly. It’s not really too much based on page like customizing the actual page, it’s more on what emails they get. So that’s what I’m going to focus on in this podcast but you can also do it with pages with all kinds of different things.

So let me tell you about two different people that I’m working with now. I’m not gonna give out any details or anything like that, but the one guy we talk to and help figure out for him that basically he’s doing the typical give them a report, get them on your email list, sell the product. So pretty simple.

But what we’re doing for him, instead of just getting them on the report and send them emails, the first thing that we’re doing is it get into the report, we split them up, so there’s this sequence on a couple emails, trying to get their gender because it’s in the health, you know, weight loss kind of thing. So we’re trying to get their gender because it’s very important in selling weight loss products is figuring out if you’re talking to a guy or a girl because you talk to them very, very differently based on their gender.

First thing is we split them up based on gender, once we get their gender, we split them up whether or not they read the PDF. Essentially, if they clicked the link to the PDF to download it, we’re assuming that they downloaded and read it. As far as I know, there’s not a way to track if they actually read it – maybe in the future. But at least we can figure out if they opened theirs or not.

So we’re trying to get them to open the PDF because a lot of people don’t understand that if somebody is in your funnel, there’s typically a specific set of actions that they have to take for them to be able and want to do business with you. So from this example, if somebody comes in and opts in, let’s just say it’s a free report, it could be a webinar, it could be a video, whatever it is. In general, they’re not gonna do business with you if they’ve never taken action on that first thing that they came into your funnel for.

The same thing with buyers. a lot of people are like “I don’t know why I’m not reselling my existing buyers”, and it’s like, “well, it’s because they have been consumed your first product yet.”

If you sell them a product or service and they’re not using it, they’re probably not going to come back second time because they never used the first thing. It’s really important getting them to actually take action on the things they said they’re going to. So there’s a separate sequence, a sub funnel, if you will, getting them to actually read the PDF.

And then they have their main prospect emails and it goes typically, it goes like either man or woman and we have I I figure there’s 20 emails based on if they’re a man or woman. So we try to get them to, of course, buy the product and then when they buy the product, we also have a shopping cart sequence so if they go to the order form page and if it runs it, I think it’s like 2 hours later that we’ll probably set up for, that’s typically around, kind of depends, but that’s typically the time frame.

Then we start sending them emails based on whether or not they actually bought so if they didn’t buy, then they go into shopping cart sequence. Now, in the future, you can also do this based on pages. I have things even on my website if you go on there, if you’re on my list, you’ll see that if you go on one of the services page, you’ll start getting emails about that specific service.

I’ve had people say it’s kind of like freaky, they’re on a page, then all of a sudden, they check their email, and they getting emails about that specific service and nothing else and that’s how I set up, that’s doing a “smart funnel”. So there’s a lot of different ways to do that so that’s one thing.

Another guy that I’m going to be working with soon, we do something a little bit different with him. And I’m actually doing this for myself as well in a webinar that I’m currently promoting on Facebook. I’ll get to that in a sec but we have them go to the opt-in page and then we split them up again based on who they are, because in this client’s, it’s not male or female but it’s… trying not to go into it too much, for confidentiality, we might give it away who it is.

But basically there’s two different groups. It it could either be one person that’s actually buying the service for himself or it could be the HR department that’s buying the service for the other person. Then they only get the thank you page, they got the welcome email, and then same thing we try – they would put them in a separate follow up sequence in a separate funnel to try to get them to consume the lead magnet that we have up front.

So yes or no they either open it and read it or they don’t and then we try to get them into a webinar. Once they go into a webinar, we actually end up tracking them based on exactly how much of the webinar that they watched. If they go in and they register for the webinar and they don’t watch the webinar, whatsoever, they go into 1 sequence. If they go in and they only watch, let’s say we do it in 15-minute increments, let’s just say they watch somewhere between 0-15 minutes, they go into a sequence.

If they watch between 15 and 30 minutes, the go into a sequence based on that. If they watch between 30-45 sequence, 45 to an hour sequence, so on, so forth. So what you’re doing is basically sending them personal messages based on exactly what behavior they took on your website.

Whether it’s in the webinar they were doing now, whether it’s on your website which I’m also doing is myself, with my clients. Whether or not they actually viewed or looked at whatever it is they opted in for on your website, free report or video, you can use things like Wistia to figure out.

The same with videos so if you have a video opt-in, you can see how far is a specific person was and kind of follow up on them based on that, you can get them to go back and watch the video, you can use tools that actually go back and essentially let’s just say they watched 17 minutes of your video, when they go back to that page, they can resume where they left off.

There’s different things that you can do throughout your marketing and basically what you have to do, and this is what I tell all my clients, you have to basically find all the various different touch points throughout your entire marketing funnel.

From the moment that they first hear about you, let’s just say it’s like a Facebook ad, every single tiny little touchpoint makes an impact on that person. So the positioning that you give in your Facebook ad directly affects the conversion rate on the opt-in page and then becoming a customary client. Because you’re putting them in a certain state of mind and depending on what they see first, they’re going to be much more likely or less likely to buy from you.

So all this really comes down to looking at each individual step in breaking up your sales funnel into piece by piece by little tiny piece and optimizing each of those steps. It’s not just landing page, emails, upsell, buy. There are all kinds of little mini sub actions that they have to take. So for example, again it’s not just landing page and email, it’s landing page and did they read what you are giving them or watch or whatever it is. So that’s like a little sub funnel.

And there’s all of those all throughout each of the various main stages of your sales funnel. So if you want to do a little exercise just kind of break down your funnel and say “Okay, here’s the first step, here’s the last step. What happens in each tiny little step in between and what can I do when my marketing to make sure that the most amount of people take action on each of those tiny little steps?”

Alright, so that’s pretty much it today. Nice, quick, short lesson but it gives you a lot to think about when you break it down like that. It also helps you like if you’re buying paid traffic, for my webinar for example, we’re looking at the CTR on the Facebook ads. So that’s one metric to look at. And then we’re looking at the conversion rate on the registration page, that’s the second one. Then we’re looking at the show up rate, then we’re looking at how long people stay, so increasing those numbers.

And then we’re looking at how many people apply, and then we’re looking at how many people who applied become a coaching client so there’s when you break down it’s actually pretty simple to see where your problems are in your marketing funnel you get a thing you have a whatever one percent click through rate on the Facebook ad, you have 10% opt in rate on the registration page, but yet the people who are going there are 70% are watching the webinar which is awesome, 15% are applying which is good and when you look at that you say “well, why are only 10% opting in?”

So then you have to go back and you have to tweak the landing page and you have to be willing to do this. It’s so funny, it’s kind of sad that there so many people, who, they’ll try paid marketing Facebook ads Adele try one or two different things and all of a sudden it’s a failure. It’s not a failure. And people who think that are just never gonna get ahead because they’re not willing to test and tweak.

When you’re doing paid traffic, especially, it takes a while for you to really nail down exactly the offer, the look and feel, the layout, the everything. You have to have a little patience. It really helps when you break down your funnel and you look at each individual step and then you add these personalized little sub funnels within all of your other funnels.

So that’s pretty much it for today. I do you want to say hey, if your getting a lot of value from movies and you want to work together, you want to talk about me building out these funnels for you in your business, you don’t have to figure out all the details and all that kind of stuff, just shoot me an email – [email protected] or you can just go to http://www.blog.jeremyreeves.com/, look at the website and get in touch with me there’s all kinds of contact forms and application forms all over the website.

If you want to do something like a coaching, have a coaching program that’s based on its helping service based businesses, so if you’re a service based business how do you want me to coach you through all this and kind of look over your shoulder essentially as you build these out, it’s less expensive than me doing it for you obviously because I’m not spending all the time riding all the copy and all that kind of stuff but that’s an awesome option.

And otherwise if you want to just have me do it for you like a lot of clients do then just shoot me an email or go on the website http://www.blog.jeremyreeves.com/ and get in touch and I’d be happy to talk to you about putting these systems in place for your business.

So you can increase each individual step of your funnel and increase your overall revenue and especially if you’re in the service business, you have people coming to you pre qualified, pre motivated to do business with you rather than trying to fight you and what you’re doing and your prices and all that kind of stuff, you kind of get people that show up and they say “Hey, how do I work with you?”

And that’s it. That’s the conversation. Then you can just talk to them in a friendly manner there’s no salesman pitchy stuff involved and it’s a very cool situation because everybody wins. Anyway, if you’re interested in working together in some capacity, then just shoot me an email. I hop you enjoyed this and I will talk to you soon.

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