Sometimes…I Wish I Were A Girl

I gotta say…sometimes I wish I were a girl.

Is it just me, or are women amazing natural persuasion experts? For some reason it just comes naturally to them and sometimes they’re better persuaders than people who actually study it!


My fiancee just had her bridal shower a few days ago.

There was this specific little wallet purse or something she wanted (although with a few other things) so I made sure to get it for her to give to her for the bridal shower.

She was obviously very excited and loves the wallet, but what happened after we got home was interesting.

She was telling me how much she loved the wallet and all of a sudden said “Jer, now I have to get the matching purse to this!”

She then went on to give me the reasons why she needed the matching purse and how I should get it for her. She went on and on about how great it would look, how the one she has now doesn’t match any of the purses she has, etc.

(and no…she’s not one of those high-maintnance girls…she just has an obsession with
purses and is usually joking when she asks me to buy her things)

Now…as a person who studies persuasion I knew exactly waht she was doing – even though I don’t even think SHE realized what she was doing.

Can you figure it out?

She was upselling me!

What’s funny to me is that upselling someone is SUCH common sense that someone who doesn’t even study persuasion knows to do it…yet I would guess that 80% or more businesses in the world today don’t have an active upselling process in place.

Do you?

Show me your alive and let me hear your alive and tell me a story about either a business (or woman) that upsold you brilliantly, or one that was horrible at it!

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