Success Stories

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Success Stories
From Clients

On this page you’ll see a handful of success stories I’ve received over the years from clients I’ve worked with to help grow their business.

They’re in no particular order.

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Jeremy Reeves Skyrocketed My Email Campaign By A Whopping 270%

“I started working with Jeremy about 3 years ago and have gone back to him ANY time I need anything done to increase my profits.

Just a few of the projects we’ve done together include re-writing a salesletter of mine, creating a 55-email marketing campaign, ongoing split-testing, and creating an automated webinar for my franchise business.

Jeremy Reeves email marketing service has been a real difference maker for us. Our revenue from our follow up sequences has improved over 270% since we hired Jeremy to map out and create a more effective set of emails for two of our businesses.

If you’re looking for writing that produces results, look no further than Jeremy!”

Pat Rigsby
Co-Owner of Fitness Consulting Group IYCA

“The Only Copywriter I’ve Ever Developed A Long-Term Relationship With…”

“I’ve been trying to find the right copywriter for business for the past 2 years. I’ve worked with at least a 1/2 dozen of them… many of them being copywriters who charge $15,000 + royalties for a single job.

… and not 1 of them has given me the results Jeremy Reeves has.

So far since hiring him he’s already given me a 40% boost on 1 salesletter he re-wrote and a 60% increase on another.

We recently did a very soft launch with a new product and Jeremy somehow managed to get a 5.92% conversion on a $77 product! In fact, I recouped my investment with Jeremy within the SAME day… and within a week already had made a 600% ROI on the money I invested to hire Jeremy… with a SMALL promotion which went out to a TINY FRACTION of my list!

I’ve since stopped my look for copywriters, because Jeremy is easy to work with… produces fantastic results… and even sets up multiple split-tests and creates the in-page design for maximum results.

What else can you ask for in a copywriter?

Jesse Cannone


“39% Increase In Conversions!”

We thought we had the best copy until we met Jeremy. Jeremy did an outstanding job, which had an immediate impact on our campaigns. We saw an instant 39% increase in conversions after he worked his magic on our landing page. This will add tens of thousands of dollars to our bottom line this year”.

– Ramel Levin
Panaya Inc.



“Jeremy Reeves Took My Family Business From A Measly $500 Per Month… To $15,000 Per Month!”

Better Than “Big Name” Copywriters?

“Jeremy, even the “big name” copywriters who command over $10,000 per project can’t do what you’ve done in a few days during our rushed job – and I’ve worked with some of the best!

And that viral marketing strategy you gave me during our conversation LITERALLY made my jaw drop – brilliant!”

K Smith

“You Are A Machine!”


YOU ARE A MACHINE!!! Great stuff man, I’m definitely hiring you again!

Brian Cannone

“The Moment The Campaign Went Live – Our Sales Shot Up….”

“Jeremy Reeves wrote a highly effective 8 day email campaign that resulted in higher sales for our company. I’m not exactly sure how much… but the moment the campaign went live – our sales shot up.

He’s trustworthy and hard working.  I am truly glad that I decided to do business with him.”

Steve Davis

“55% Conversion Rate In Under 3 Hours…”

“55% conversion rate on a last-minute landing page you wrote for us in under 3 hours…need I say more?

You RULE!”

Leo DeLeon


“Produced Cold Traffic Straight To A Salesletter That Is Converting At 4%…”

“Jeremy has produced cold traffic (targeted) straight to a salesletter that is converting at 4%. I have never seen that before. Hire Jeremy if you can, it will be the best investment you will make.”

Manny Singh
Seattle, WA
Hotel investor/owner

“Trust him with filling the seats of every seminar I produce…”

“Since meeting Jeremy a few years ago and seeing his copy work in action… I’ve literally stopped my search for great copywriters – because I found the best for my money!

I now trust him with filling the seats of every seminar I produce… which is saying a lot about his skills!”

John Halpin


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