The 10-Step Personal Coach Email Campaign Template

In this episode, I had a beer and was feeling generous so I decided to walk you through one 10-step template we use for client work, called the “personal coach campaign”.

This is a campaign designed to create loyal, raving customers and help them get better results from whatever it is you sell, plus upsell them to your other products and services. It’s something that 98%+ of businesses are missing but 100% of you need!

Once again get your pen and paper handy. It’s a doozy!


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Hey everyone, this is Jeremy Reeves here with another episode of the Sales Funnel Mastery. I am here in Pennsylvania, I am always in Pennsylvania. I am here in Philadelphia, there we go. My brain is partially functioning today. I am here in Philadelphia. I am here down here for strategic coach who come down once a quarter.

So I just got a good work at him. I now have a nice strong beer in front of me, it is a Stegmaier Octoberfest which if you are in — if you ever get to see it, if you are in it, it is kind of a local beer from — it is actually brewed about 10 minutes from my house, but if you ever get up into the northeast Pennsylvania area you should definitely try it. It is a really good Octoberfest if you are into you know, craft beer and things like that.

So what I want to talk about today, I am actually if you guys do not know yet, I am in the middle of writing a book, right. So that is kind of awesome. I am really excited about it. We are actually — we are about, we are roughly halfway done. I just started in the end of December. So it is now the very beginning of February, but halfway done and I am expecting to finish it within the next 2 weeks or so.

So if anybody is out there and has been writing a book for like years, I think you are absolutely insane. It really does not take as long as you think it does. So what I am doing is actually, I am taking, not all the chapters can land themselves well to this, but I am taking out some of the chapters and I am actually recording it you know, as a podcast and you know, things like that, okay. So only really a couple of — I like that but it is kind of a cool way of you know, 2 birds in 1 stone.

So what we are going to talk about today is your buyer’s campaign, it is a personal coaching campaign is what I called them, right.

Personal coaching campaigns are essentially you know, I have built, oh my God, I do not even know how many funnels, dozens and dozens and dozens, I do not know, hundreds, I don’t even know, but you know, we have gotten you know, whatever, around $50m in results for our clients and all these good things, right.

One of the things that I have noticed and this does not go just you know, so you do not feel guilty, this is not just for people with businesses just starting out. I have seen 7-figure businesses really lack on this and what they are lacking in is taking care of their buyers, right.

I mean, I cannot even remember the last time that I took on a project for a 7-figure client and they actually had a very specific buyer sequence in place. That is how bad this is, right. It is the absolutely ludicrous because they are the people that are paying you money. Everybody focuses — I talked about this all the time — everybody focuses on the people who have not given the money yet which is just freaking nuts. I just do not understand that. I mean, it is kind of like you know, you have, you know it is kind of like being out in the bar and you are trying to pick up a girl and there are 5 girls sitting you know, like in the, whatever, in a row or whatever and obviously if you are girl same thing for guys.

So there are 5 girls sitting in the bar and you are going up, you are trying to talk to them. Well, 4 of them are like get away from me, you know, you are fat you are ugly, you know, I do not want to talk to you, you know, you are bothering me, right. And then the 5th one is like, Oh, yeah, hey, you know, she is just as pretty and gorgeous as all the other ones and she is like, Oh, yeah, hey, you know, come sit with us, you know, sit next to me, let’s talk.

It is basically the equivalent of you going back to the 4 girls and trying to talk to them even though you have number 5 talking to you already and interested in you, okay. That is how insane this is. So hopefully, that kind of makes it clear.

So what you do — I am going to actually take you through. We have a little bit of a templated system for writing buyer’s emails for our clients and I call it the Personal Coach Campaign because what you are doing when you make this sequence is you just sold them something to get them some type of result. They want to get that result. So this campaign is dedicated to helping them get that result. That is really a simple as it is, okay.

And then there is other things in there that we will talk about, but essentially, you are just trying to help them get that result that they want because most people, when they buy your product or your service are not going to actually use your product or your service, okay.

So this campaign is to try to spur them in the action to try to get them the results of that they are looking for, okay.

So basically, it goes like this.

The first email, it is just kind of like a thanks, you know. Typical thanks email. There are a lot of different ways you can write it. I like to add a lot of personality into it, but these are fairly you know, they are pretty easy to write. It is kind of like thanks, you know, your order will be shipped out, here is your credit card, you know, your credit card will be shown as this and all the typical stuff. So that is kind of the immediate email, okay.

And then emails number 2 and 3. This is only in roughly 10-day period. So emails 1, 2 and 3 are within the first roughly 10 days or so, okay.

Email number 2 is essentially what to expect, okay. So it is kind of a prepped and this is, this is kind of you know, one thing to keep in mind is do not take this with a grain of salt because everything is different, alright.

How am I going to say this is kind of like if you are sending physical products, but if you have SaaS business it is going to be basically your client on boarding sequence. It is going to be getting them to actually use the product because in SaaS there is a million study showing that people who do not — you know, the faster people use your software, the longer your attention is going to be, okay.

So you have to have these systems in place that on board the client gets them to use whatever it is that you are selling, whatever software as fast as possible, but it is the same thing if you are selling a physical product. It is the same thing if you are selling an information product. It is the same thing if you are selling a service.

I have something like this that I do with my clients it is not like a 10 step sequence because I am talking to them one on one, but we just put in a new client on boarding system that essentially, instead of — it is basically the same thing of what to expect, you know, you are prepping them for to get the results to do the business with you, okay.

So in email #2, it is basically what to expect prepping them for what is to come and reminding them of something that can give them better results.

So whatever your next upsell is you are reminding say, Hey, by the way, you know, if you have not seen it yet go check out this if you are looking for — if you are, you know, if you are go getter, if you are a high achiever then go and get, go take a look at this, it is going to help you get better results easier. It is guaranteed, you know. All the various kind of copy tricks that you would normally put in email. That is email #2.

And obviously, there is you know, we can go through template and template and template of each of these. This is just kind of a basic summary of each email.

Number 3 and again, this is would be send on roughly the 10th day. Again, that is going to change depending your business, okay. Is what to do now that you have it. So you know, again, they might have it instantly so maybe you want to put this one second and just skip that second email, okay.

Again, you have to be able to take this template and customize this to your business and that is why people do things like funnel days. That is why people hire us because we can do that for them.

So anyway, so email number 3 is what to do now that you have it for better results. So it is kind of like we usually do 3 tips, you know, that is kind of our sometimes there is more, sometimes less, but for example, we just did one for a supplement, right and it was like for any kind of supplement, you want them to basically get in better overall health.

So you put tips in there like, Hey, you know, as you are starting this also make sure that you are, you know, number 1 sleeping more, drinking more, eating better, exercising, you know whatever the case maybe, make sure that — we always do something with habits because if it is something that you are prospect or client has to use, you need to get them in the habit of using it and that is really, really, really important and I cannot overstate it what I just said. So go back and you know, hit the little arrow that goes back 30 seconds to listen that again.

You have to get your clients and customers into a habit of using your product or your service okay.

Number 4, 5, 7, and 9 you know, and again, roughly okay. Kind of these middle emails. A lot of these are basically just using proof in different ways to then tell a story or transition into overcoming some type of objection to get them to the next step, okay.

So maybe you want to use — so number 4 maybe use a case study. So you tell a story about a guy you know, you can say, Hey, you know, Mark was one of our clients and you know, 6 months ago he was you know, hundred pounds overweight and you know, his doctor told him that his liver was failing and yada, yada, yada, yada he was going to die and then you know, he came to us and he said, ‘hey what can you do to help me?’ and we told him about this thing and how it, you know, how it changes your whatever, it changes your metabolism, it does this and this and this. Whatever the case maybe.

So you tell a story that is wrapped in a case study. So it is a case study/story, okay. So you don’t — it is not a testimonial. I want to make that clear. It is not a testimonial. It is a longer case study. Maybe think about it like 1 to 2 pages.

So you are essentially just telling story about someone else in their position that got over you know, that got the result, got a better result by taking the next step which is whatever your next upsell is, okay. I hope it make sense.

Email number 5 is roughly the same thing okay, by the way, emails number 4, 5, and 6, okay. So emails number 1, 2, and 3 are roughly in the first Sundays. Emails number 4, 5, and 6 are like number is going to go out on day 30, okay. So the first 6 emails are in the, you know, 30 days. This is a 60-day campaign just so you know. So we are at number 5 here, again, some type of proof which transitions to overcome an objection to the next step, okay. And again, it could be a case study. I mean, there is a lot of different you know, there is a lot of different forms of proof, okay. Pick one of them find something to back it up and then talk about it, you know. And that is again, if you need somebody to do it that is why you hire you know, somebody like us because we can do that easily.

Email number 6 so that is 4 and 5 are basically using proof to overcome the objection which you know, to transition, to get them to take action to the next step, okay.

Email number 6, again, roughly is 30 days and essentially this is the check in, you know. Hey, how you doing, you know you have it for 30 days, do you have any questions, is there any way we can help you, you know, did you get any results yet. If you have, then shoot them over to us. We would love to help you and get even better results and then by the way, when you reply then you say, hey, if you want to get better results we have this other thing for you.

It is not to do it in like a weird way, it’s to do it if it is going to help them, okay.

I have to reiterate that because a lot of people are going to do this just to sell something and that is so — it is just such a wrong mindset. So you are only going to offer them something if it is going to truly help them, okay. Do not offer it to them if it is not — if you do not believe in your heart that it is really not going to help them because it is unethical and it is just you know, morally wrong. So don’t do it.

Number 6 again is 30-day check in.

Number 7 again same thing as 4 and 5 just proof which transitions to overcome an objection to the next step.

Number 8 is a referral request. So, Hey, you know, if you have enjoyed everything you have seen so far, if you have gotten results, if you have used our software and you love it you know, why don’t you share it with a friend and then you go into the benefits of why they should share it with their friends okay.

Referrals have to be written in a kind of certain way to really be effective. You cannot just say — most people when they are writing referrals, they kind of just say, Hey, you know, why don’t you refer us to your friends because we want more business and you know, it is like the worst pitch in the world.

Essentially, what you have to say is, Hey, you know, we can create a win-win-win here. If you talk to us about your friends, number 1 you win because if you have ever told a friend about a restaurant or movie or a new kind of widget and they tried it and they loved it you know how happy that made you feel to help your friend to solve a problem or have fun or whatever the — you know, be happy, right.

So it makes you feel great to help your friend. It also helps your friend because they get helped to you know, solve the same solution that you did and you guys could even collaborate on it, you can talk about it together, so to try to form like a little tiny community there, get them talking about you, okay.

And then the third win is that we win because we are able to serve one of our favorite customers and you know, we like to attract customers like our customers, you know. We like to attract — we like to go out and find our best customers and then find people like them because we know that if you are doing everything that we are telling you, if you actually getting results that means that you are somebody that we truly respect and we know that you are probably hanging around with other people that are similar to you, okay.

So in that type of language, right and that is your referral request and that is somewhere in the range of day like 45 or so.

Number 9 is the same thing as emails 4, 5, and 7 and that is basically proof which transitions to overcome an objection to the next step, okay.

So another case study is good here. I like to kind of do the first one of these as a case study. The middle two or some type of — some type of like media proof like a scientific study or maybe somebody in the media talk about you or your method of doing things or whatever it is. Some type of proof outside of the company, okay that adds authority to you.

And then email number 10 is a testimonial request. So you kind of set it up as, ‘hey’ — and you can actually have — in my, I own Kinowear, the website that shows guys how to dress better, right. So one of the things that we do — we have not automated this yet, I really should. Kinowear is kind of my redheaded step child, it is you know, so again I always talk about why you should do all these things. Do not feel bad if you do not do all these things because I — you know, I do funnels for a living on a daily basis. Every single day I wake up and do funnels.

And I have my own side business and we are still working on the funnels. So you know, just because that side business is you know, a tiny fraction of you know, the revenue that my consulting business brings in. So we do not put that much attention on it, you know. The case is or the fact is, you should have some type of testimonial request and so we do it roughly once a quarter. It is not automated in that business basically because I am lazy. There is really no other you know, there is no other excuse. I am just being lazy but you can easily automate this and what we do is instead of just saying, Hey, why don’t you send us a testimonial because I mean nobody response to that, you say, you give them something right. So you can give them some type of upgrade, you can give them a free bonus, you can give them a gift certificate off of an another purchase, you know.

One of the clients we are working with now is doing an Amazon gift card give away, you know, so when they, you know, actually that is set up in a different way but what you can do with that idea is send them to a giveaway and do maybe a month later or a quarterly giveaway were everybody who sends in their testimonials over that quarter can then join the giveaway and then they have a chance to win whatever it is right.

And I am actually doing testimonial for somebody tonight actually, probably or tomorrow morning for strategic coach that is actually, exactly what they are doing is you make a video testimonial, you send it in and then they are choosing — I think it is, I do not know, 3 or 5 people to have a consultation with Dan Sullivan personally, you know, which is the founder of strategic coach.

So that is another way that you can do it you know, but again, it is — you do not position this as Hey, help us. You always have to and this comes back to just copy you know, copy strategy is you cannot write it in a way that is hey, do this because it is going to help us. You have to write it in a way that is saying, ‘here is what’s in it for you’.

So in the terms of a testimonial you know, they are kind of annoying. You have to go out of your way to do this especially video testimonials. So you say, ‘hey not only are we going to give you X, you know, also you are going to help people, you know, I am sure you care about other people that have been and you know’, you throw all the guilt trippin’ here. You can say I am sure that you, you know, do you remember what it was like you know, before you came to us and we helped you, you know.

And then you could say something like, you know, there are you know, thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of other people that are in the situation that you used to be in and this is your chance to actually help them.

The reason that you are going to help them is because if you send in a testimonial, it is going to give them the confidence to move forward. It is going to give them the confidence to do business with us which is going to help them get the result they need and you can feel, you can feel you know, proud of the fact that you were able to help you know, you were able to help influence the you know, their decision of thousands of people over the next couple of years and change their life indirectly, you know, something like that, I mean I am just saying this on top off top of my head obviously if we wrote it, it would be a lot more concise and you know, written better but that is essentially the message that you are trying to get across.

So that is it, if you are going to — basically, if you have if you are selling anything, you should have a buyer’s sequence in place, right.

And so one of the things that I am doing for one client now is we are doing a 2-phase funnel. So we just wrapped up phase 1 and he does not have his backend yet. We actually did a funnel day to help him, to figure out ideas for his backend because he is doing really, really well on the front end, okay and then — but he does not have backend and you know, and he said, okay, you know, let us get it on the funnel day to figure out how to make more money. So the first thing I said, was okay, you need a backend. So we spend I think it was about 2 hours of the funnel day figuring out exactly what he was going to sell you know.

So yeah, anyway, so that is it. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you will share it with your friends because it is going to make you feel good remember. I hope you share it with your friends. I hope you leave us a review and if you have any questions, comments, [email protected] if you want to work with us, if you want to — if you have any questions about any of our products or you know, anything like that, if you need help in anyway just shoot us an email, [email protected] if it is relevant, if my staff cannot answer it they will forward it to me or if you want to talk about you know, doing a project together then obviously they will forward it to me and yeah. I hope this helped you and I will talk to you soon.

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