The 3 Keys To Making Your Marketing Funnel Work

My buddies and I started poker nights recently and had a game this week. Always a good time to sit back and relax with a few drinks, some cigars and lots of laughs.

I’m not a gambling kind of guy, but poker has always been one of my favorite ways to let off some steam with “the boys”.

Anyway, during the game one of my buddies brought up that he listened to an episode of my podcast, Sales Funnel Mastery.

I asked him what he thought and he responded…

“Dude, I gotta be honest, it was REALLY boring. The quality was good and it sounded like you’re really good at what you do, but I just don’t care about marketing”.

After a good laugh, it got me thinking about the one SIMPLE concept most business owners miss.

It’s this.

When you are marketing, you need to focus on…

1) The traffic
2) The offer
3) The copy

Due to the way I used to marketing (and people finding old articles, etc.) a lot of people think I’m simply a copywriter.

Therefore they get in touch with me and want me to “write copy”.

Want to know a little secret?

Your copy is the LEAST valuable of those 3.

Consider my friend, who hates my podcast.

I could be giving million dollar ideas in my podcast (*cough* I do *cough*)… yet those ideas are worth nothing to him.


Because he’s not my target audience.

He’s a computer geek with a job that has absolutely nothing to do with marketing.

I could write THE best copy ever scribbled on a piece of paper… with THE best offer… but he still won’t buy.

So instead of focusing on changing your copy, focus on changing and testing all THREE.

Here are a few action steps.

1) Split up your traffic sources and determine conversion rates based on your various traffic sources (I’ve found differences as much as 10x).

2) Review your current offers. Survey your audience and find out not only why they aren’t buying (i.e. exit surveys) but also survey your buyers and find out why they DID buy.

(I need to do more of this myself, to be honest)

3) Then, hire a copywriter to rewrite your copy to reflect the above two changes.

This all wraps into creating your funnel.

And it’s all explained in more detail in The Funnel Formula.

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