The AWAI Copywriting Course Reviewed (And A Special Surprise ONLY For You!)

Yesterday I received a special email from the wonderful people who sell the accelerated program for six figure copywriting and today – I have some incredible news for you that I’ll get to in a second.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Awai Copywriting Course but if not I’ll just say this – it’s THE BEST copywriting program out there for beginning copywriters – bar none.

In fact this course is SO well-respected in the copywriting community that many businesses out there literally will not hire you unless you’ve taken this course. And these are multi-ten million dollar businesses we’re talking about here.

If that doesn’t give it mountains of credibility, I don’t know what will.

Now, instead of typing this out I decided to make a video for you showing you why I think the awai copywriting course is the absolute best copywriting program out there today, and why it’s absolutely necessary that you pick up a copy for yourself RIGHT NOW.

And after the video – you’ll find out just why that message was so special 🙂

Ok now for the good part…

Yesterday I received an email from the people who sell this course and they gave me a special link giving you…

50% Off The Awai Copywriting Program – But Only Until June 11th 2009!

Now considering this is a $500 product – that is one heck of a savings. When I first started out copywriting I literally depleted my entire bank account just to get this Awai program and I honestly believe you should do the same.

Check it out here – (opens in a new window)

And no – it’s not ONLY for beginners.

I just gave it a second read and actually re-learned a bunch of information I missed the first time through (which is why it’s a great idea to go through books and courses more than once).

Now remember – this deal is ONLY good until June 11th.

After that, the price shoots straight back up and you probably will never see it again. This is literally the first time they’ve ever done something like this and I was lucky enough to be asked to send out their promotion for them.

And obviously since it skyrocketed my copywriting skills – I’m priviledged to help them out.

I think it comes out to about $250, but honestly, that’s a DROP IN THE BUCKET compared to how much you’ll get out of this program.

Just think about it…what if you increase your copywriting knowledge and grab just an extra 1% on just 1 job and snag another job from that same client because of it for a few thousand bucks.

Don’t you think it’s worth paying $250 to get thousands in return?

I sure as heck do!

Becoming A Master

Becoming a master copywriter is all about mastering the basics and learning a few extra “master” level techniques. The awai copywriting program shows you exactly how to do that.

What I LOVE about it is that not only do they lay out such tremendous information, but they give you exercises to complete which help sizzle that information into your brain forever. That way when you start writing your next piece, you automatically write with that technique in your mind – so you write like a master…AUTOMATICALLY.

(In fact that’s exactly why I wrote “The 30 Day Copywriting Challenge” as a workbook instead of a free report).

It’s Your Choice Now

So now you have 2 choices.

You can realize that you’re never gonna see a deal like this again on the Accelerated Program For Six Figure Copywriting – or you can shrug it off saying “eh, it’s just another course”.

If you chose the latter…I want you to look at your current success level and see if you’re happy with that.

If you are, that’s fine. But if you’re not, this copywriting course WILL make you a much better copywriter. Not only that, it’s going to show you how to snatch up clients, pull in more money from each client, and about 100 other benefits that would take me hours to list out.

So for one last time…you only have until Thursday June 11th 2009 to snatch this out of their hand at 50% off. After that, it goes back up to $500.

Click This Link! —>

P.S. If you want to learn more about this program, click here for more details on the course.

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