The Best Copywriting Decision I Ever Made…

If you don’t feel like reading today, I also made a video about this same subject.

If you’re like me, you’re probably subscribed to at least 5-10 different newsletters.

Your email box gets filled everyday with copywriting and business tips, but there’s just not enough time to sort through them all.

Did you ever notice that for the most part, you end up never reading the blog posts of most of those newsletters?

I know I don’t!

Usually I’m too busy working on other projects to take a look at new blog posts from authors.

I X it out saying to myself “I’ll come back later”.

Ha, yea right!

But there’s one blog that I ALWAYS read, no matter what I’m doing.

If I’m in the middle of a project, I read it.

If I just woke up, I read it. (In fact I just did that now)

And today I want to give you my little secret weapon to better copywriting.

If you’re not following Clayton Makepeace and what he’s doing, you’re absolutely insane.


  • While most people get excited about making their product 1 million dollars, Clayton makes his clients over $100,000,000 per year.
  • While most copywriters are happy getting 1-2% response rates, Clayton doesn’t stop until he’s over 5%, sometimes even into the double-digits depending on the promotion.
  • While you may be happy increasing a promotion 20% with certain tweaks, Clayton increases even his controls up to 200%, 300%, sometimes even 400%!

Clayton is actually the person who taught me how to write emotional copy.

Because as you may know, people don’t make buying decisions for rational reasons.

Think about it.

Does anybody NEED a 5+ bedroom house (besides huge families of course)?

Does anybody NEED a 400hp car?

Does anybody NEED $70 jeans or a $50 shirt?

Does anybody NEED the newest marketing product that’s going to “teach you how to become a millionaire”?


These products are sold by a dream. They’re sold because they get your emotions rattling and get you all Googley-eyed.

And to me, that’s Claytons specialty. He’s an absolute wizard at finding those deep down, hidden emotions and making them bubble up to the surface of the prospect.

And you can learn exactly how he does it by going to, looking to the upper right hand side of the page, and entering your email address and first name.

Not only will you get 4 incredible books he’s giving you for free, you’ll also be updated whenever there’s a new post on his blog.

So head on over there today, and watch your copywriting and business skills shoot through the roof instantly.

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