The Best Way To Learn And Understand Marketing?

Over the past 2 weeks or so I’ve been in the process of buying new furniture, TV’s, moving, and dealing with various businesses for deliveries and getting systems (cable, phone, Internet) hooked up.

And one thing I noticed is…

I’m learning a hell of a lot about the right and wrong ways to run a business – just by studying the techniques these businesses are using!

Now most of the things I’ve seen, I already knew. And most I’ve personally used either in my own business or with clients, but I’ve noticed that by simply studying the techniques of other businesses – these various things they’ve done have helped it become kind of “grounded” in my brain.

And although I don’t have any to share with you today (I made a few videos that I’ll be putting on the blog over the next few weeks after I “officially” move in on Tuesday) – the lesson for today is this:

Starting right now…I want you to start studying other businesses and seeing what you can take from those businesses to use in your own business.

For example, did they do something that got you ticked-off? Make sure you NEVER do that in your business.

Or maybe they did something that you absolutely loved? If so, see how you can do the ‘ole switcheroo and make it work for your own business.

Instead of reading books, read businesses. Study them, model off what they’re doing – and you’ll get a much better sense of what a successful business should look like.

And before I end this I just want to give you a little update.

I’ve been making a whole boatload of videos lately – I just need to figure out how to get them from my Flip camera to the Internet (compatibility issues). So once I figure it out, be prepared for a few hours worth of videos, blog posts and podcasts to be coming your way!

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