How To Double You Or Your Clients Sales

I’m looking at some stats right now for a client I’m working with… and I came to realizing something.

Most copywriters are morons.

Before I get into what my stats are…let me ask you something. Are you giving your clients AT LEAST 3 different headlines to test when you hand a salesletter in? If not, unfortunately you are part of that “group of morons” that I’m talking about.

But fear not – this article will whip you back into shape in no time after you see these stats.

Ok so here’s the story.

I recently wrote a salesletter for a client in a VERY competition niche. One of the most competitive and incestuous niches in the world actually.

They’re already a multi-million dollar company, but needed help with a salesletter which was converting and making them more money than most people see in 10 years… but they thought more could be pulled out of it.

So they bring me on, hoping I can improve their conversions (of course!)

Here’s what I did.

Step 1 – I looked at their current as well as their OLDER salesletter (which they had the stats for), and determined what I thought was both good and bad in both salesletters.

Step 2 – Unfortunately I couldn’t interview the creator of the product like I normally do, as he’s basically a celebrity in the niche and wants to be “hands-free” as much as possible…but I do as much research I can on both the creator of the product as well as the market overall.

Step 3 – I begin to start formulating my headline, theme, bullet points, and all that jazz. Up to this point I’ve spent roughly 7-10 days (I can’t remember exactly).

Step 4 – I start writing the ad on a Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon, the rough draft is completed. Time to start polishing that piece of black coal up!

Step 5 – The editing begins. A grueling process involving having friends, people in the market, other copywriters and even my wife read the salesletter (well, she read parts of it at least – I don’t know how she puts up with me).

Step 6 – I hand it into the client…and a few days later it’s “ready to go”. She has a few concerns with the headline, but I say “ok, I hear you…but let’s test it first”. She agrees.

Step 7 – We let it rip, and a few weeks later we determine that I achieved a roughly 35% increase of their sales. Woohoo! Not horrible for not testing at all yet…

Step 8 – But wait! We didn’t even test anything yet? Shame on me for not doing it straight away, now I have to wait even longer! I swear I’ll never make this mistake again 🙂

Step 9 – We’re now in the middle of a new test with 3 other headlines…and so far the headline is pulling 63.5% better than my original headline (the 2nd best is about 45% better), and seems to be rising. As of right now (note: the results aren’t conclusive yet…but getting there) I’ve achieved a 117% increased in sales for this client – because I tested.

Step 10 – Finish up this blog post, go work on my new project (which I’m keeping a secret until it’s finished – but you’re going to love it), and kick myself in the ass for not testing sooner!

The lesson here is this.

If you aren’t testing your own products, and aren’t working out deals with your clients to either give them multiple headlines to test right off the bat or even getting a percentage of the increase in profits (I’m doing that with this client – how much extra money do you think I’ll make after giving them a 100%+ increase in profits?)… you’d better smarten up and start doing it immediately!

I have my ENTIRE day today solely dedicated to one thing – creating a new website as a side-project that’s going to be AWESOME if you’re a copywriter or marketer. I’ve gotten some feedback from a few readers of the blog as well as other marketers…and every single person thinks it’s a ridiculously cool idea. I’m “planning” on launching it Monday – but it’ll most likely be later next week (you know how these things go)

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