The Difference Between Winners And Losers

Ever wonder why some people seem to blissfully glide through life as if nothing could touch them… while others aspire to Goliath-sized hopes and dreams and never accomplish the first step?

The reason for it is actually quite simple.

It all comes down to mindset.

For example…

Let’s say two different people are currently making $70,000 per year right now. Not all that bad for an average American citizen, but in reality it’s not very much money at all.

So on December 31st they each set a goal to hit $200,000 the next year.

Now, in the mind of EACH person, that little negativity devil will absolutely come out to play. He’ll start playing mind-tricks on you, convincing you that it’s impossible to do.

The difference lies in what happens after that little devil pops up.

In the mind of the winner, you’ll mentally brush him as like a speck of dirty. He’ll say “damn that’s hard… let me figure out a plan to get it done”.

In the mind of the loser, they’ll become best friends with that sneaky little devil. They say things like “man little devil, you’re right!  I can’t quadruple my income. That’s impossible!”

It All Comes Down To Mindset

In my mind, EVERYTHING in your life comes down to your mindset.

That’s why it’s so important.

Scenario 1: You have a client or customer who berates you and tells you that you run the worst business ever created.

How do you react?

You can…

A) Accept the criticism and see if he’s got any validity to the point (after all, nobody is perfect) and move on without it letting affecting your mood the rest of the day.

B) Stoop down to the same negativity level he’s on, give into the fears and lack of self-esteem driving him to be such an idiot, and blame HIS reaction on your “bad day”.

See the difference?

Scenario 2: You’re having a business slump. You have bills piling up. Your spouse is yelling at you to make more money. You start contemplating going back to a job just to become more financially stable.

Do you…

A) Give up, crushing your dreams and taking the easy road, silently saying to yourself “those hucksters who make it in this business must be the lucky ones!”

B) Take a 30 minute break and sit alone, in complete silence, contemplating what got you in this situation in the first place… and then start brainstorming ways to not only get out of the financial mess, but to prosper?

Do you see the difference in the approaches you can take?

With EVERY single thing that happens to you, there IS a silver lining. Looking back on my own life, there’s not a single event that happened to me which I couldn’t learn some type of lesson from that’ll help me in the future.

Whether it’s going through tough financial times, saying the wrong thing to my wife at the wrong time, or whatever the case may be… it doesn’t matter.

All that matters, is how you handle it.

So how you doing on that?

Is there an event that recently happened in your life that you could have handled better?

Listen, nobody’s perfect. I screw things up EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. But if you’re not learning and growing from your mistakes, you’re going nowhere.

Leave a comment below and let me know a mistake you’ve made recently that you learned from and how you overcame it. And no, you don’t have to go into full detail!


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