The Much Needed Break…

Today is my first day back to work after my wedding and honeymoon, and I have to say – I feel unbelievably refreshed.

Sure the wedding was a ton of work and in some cases pretty stressful (thank God my wife Katie is amazing at keeping track of about 2 dozen things at the same time)…but looking back at the past 3 weeks or so I have to say that it feels amazing to have had a little time off.

Unlike most people, I didn’t work up until the day of my wedding or really even the week between my wedding and honeymoon. I did a tiny bit – but mostly I just made sure everything was organized, cleaned out my computer, organized everything in my computer and my office – and wrapped up a few jobs.

And this is one mistake I see TONS of people making.

They think it’s OK to work 12-16 hours a day – 6, 7 days per week.

They say…well I’m being productive and getting more work done.

Well guess what – no they’re not!

If you’re a copywriter and want to see your productivity increase, you need to start working LESS….not more. Being a copywriter is a mentally draining job and just like any other muscle in your body, you need to let it relax and unwind.

I like to do it with fishing with my best friend (or Katie), having a cigar and a beer outside, playing Playstation 3 (yes…I’m just a big kid), reading novels, and basically anything else that helps me get away from marketing, copywriting and all that stuff.

And you should do the same.

You’ll work less but each of those hours put together will give you a higher output of work than if you worked more hours with no mental breaks.

Then once in awhile – give yourself a nice big break and your mind will LOVE you for it.

So…what are YOU doing to help relax your mind, bring out your creativity and create more big ideas that are helping you bring in bigger bucks from your clients?

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