The Myth Of Video Salesletters

Video salesletters are something of a hot topic today… as I’m sure you’re aware.

And honestly – they should be. I’ve seen them dramatically boost conversions in some of my clients salesletters, as well as other friends who’ve tested them as well. They keep people on the page longer, skyrocket conversions, etc. etc.

However there are 2 huge myths about video salesletters that I need to clear up, because their are a lot of marketers out there hyping them up to be some kind of God-send… which they’re NOT.

So let’s get to it.

Video Salesletter Myth #1 – They Always Increase Conversions

Nothing… ever… in the world… has ever increased conversions for every single market and every single product within that market. If someone tells you different, run as fast as you can to get away from them because God knows what else they’re lying about.

I have one client who used a video salesletters and it literally doubled his conversions overnight.

I have another who’s website optimizer I just looked at 10 minutes ago… and on a page where he tested a video… his conversions went down 17.5%.

So again… video salesletters (and all other videos for that matter, no matter what it’s for)… are absolutely worth testing. Do they usually increase conversions? Sure they do – probably because our culture and many cultures around the world are starting to embrace a more digital lifestyle – with video being the forefront of almost everything.

However, nothing in marketing is ever a certainty so don’t fall for the hype and lies that video salesletters absolutely WILL increase you conversions.

Video Salesletter Myth #2 – They Take Less Time To Create

I hear A LOT of people talking about how fast and easy it is to create video salesletters instead of text based salesletters.

(Note: In 100% of the cases I’ve heard this – that same person was selling a course on how to create video salesletters)

I’m here to tell you – they’re not that much easier to do than regular salesletters.

Just to prove it to you, take a look below. These 2 things make up the basis for EVERY piece of marketing you and I will ever create.

Research – All great copywriters do gobs and gobs of research before even thinking about writing a single word. I don’t care if you’re writing a salesletter, creating a video salesletter, or carving your marketing message in the moon’s crust. In every single case… research is an absolute must for any type of marketing.

Write – This is the part they say is easier. They say “well since you don’t have to actually write out the salesletter, it’s easier!” Hmmm… you sure about that buddy-boy? Last time I heard, video scripts were needed to create video salesletters. In fact, they’re usually needed just to know how to even create the powerpoint (or in-person) video itself.

Again I want to reiterate… video salesletters are absolutely worth testing.

I’m getting into a new niche market in the next week or 2… and once I test the major parts of the salesletter (mainly the headline, lead and offer)… I’ll be converting the best performing letter into a video salesletter and testing that against the text version.

I’ll also be testing a hybrid approach as well.

And I advise you to do the same, in that exact order.

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