The Power Of Serving Your Clients

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Something happened to me recently that made me realize why many times I can get client LEADS to trust me like they’ve known me for years…within just a few minutes, hours or sometimes days.

I’ll get to the story in a second…first, take a second to let this next sentence sink in.

When it comes to making money as a copywriter or business owner…NOTHING is going to improve your overall results like taking an immense interest in your client and doing everything possible to serve them and make it a better experience when doing business with you.

Let’s Talk About Bob

I recently had a person come to me looking to get a salesletter written. He was successful offline and had already written his own salesletter for a product, but realized that it wasn’t very good.

After all…it’s pretty hard writing a good salesletter if you’re not trained to do it!

He was also looking to see how else he could improve the marketing funnel and overall profits for this specific product, yet he was making sure he would receive a good ROI (understandable)…so he asked if I could help.

So, instead of “pitching” him and telling him why I was the best copywriter and marketing who ever lived…I took a second to think about what he was going through.




What I ended up doing was spending about an hour or so (probably more) and made him a complete mind-map, showing what I thought was the best solution for him for that particular product and business. I also included how much the price would be to complete it all, as well as assured him that it was the MAX I could do and I realized it was quite expensive.

Then…I listed a few things we could take off to make it more affordable for him and to make sure he received a good ROI right off the bat.

Now let me ask you something…

Do you get my point yet?

Instead of trying to suck every possible penny out of him, I thought of HIM first instead of myself. Sure, I might be leaving a few bucks on the table if he ends up going with a smaller package…but what about the fact that he now realizes I’m the kind of person who thinks of the client first instead of myself?

Don’t you think that would make him more likely to not only come back to me for future services…but also tell more of his friends about me?

I think so!

If You’re Not Doing This For Your Clients…Sayonara Baby

Listen, it’s as simple as this.

The economy sucks, and people are much more safe with their money. They’re going to shop around more and pick the best fit for their wallets and their hearts. So if you’re not doing things like this for clients…you WILL eventually be outpaced by someone who will.

I’ve developed a reputation for being a person who thinks about the client first, and myself second. And you know what? I did it by DESIGN. I do this because I see the times we’re in, and simply because it makes me feel better as a person to help other people out first and care about myself second.

And as I said earlier…if you’re not doing this yet…say goodbye to a prosperous career because it’s only a matter of time before someone else swoops in and steals your clients.

Before I end this post…I just want to share another similar post about this from my buddy Ryan Healy. You can check out his blog post titled “The Bridge-Building Business” by clicking the link.

So…what have YOU done to forget about yourself and focus on your clients lately? And if you’re a business owner…what have you done lately to forget about yourself and focus on improve the experience for your customers lately?

Leave me a message below and let me know!

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