The RIGHT Way To Set Goals For Yourself

Setting goals for your business is one thing I think many people have a hard time doing.

Maybe because they can’t visualize something not true yet, maybe because it’s extra work, or maybe because it’s “weird”.

Whatever… the reasoning doesn’t matter.

The point is – if you’re not setting goals for yourself… you’d better start today. They’re amazingly powerful.

Enough of that though – I’m going to assume you DO set goals for yourself. And I’m going to explain how you should set your goals depending on YOUR personality. This is something I don’t think I’ve personally ever heard anybody talk about – but it’s an amazingly effective way to figure out how you should be setting your goals.

Ok so first thing’s first.

What Type Of Personality Are You?

In terms of setting goals, I see 2 main types of personalities.

Personality #1 – Shoots For The Stars – This is the person who needs to continually improve by fighting his/her way to more demanding challenges. This is the type I am. For example if you tell me I can’t do something – you can bet your ass that I  WILL do it – come hell or high water. If they’re currently making $5k per month in their business…they would want to shoot for something like $20k per month. It might not be realistic to some people, but to them… why not?

Personality #2 – Needs To Stay Comfortable – This is the person who wants to set smaller goals. In other words, more “realistic” goals (I’ll get into the reasons why later). If they’re currently making $5k per month in their business, a goal they set might be to hit $7k per month – which would be realistic.

So the question then becomes – how do you know which one YOU are?

Here are a few ways of figuring it out.

If you’ve ever set a goal for yourself, didn’t hit it…and got depressed/angry/upset/frustrated/etc…. you’re probably personality type #1.

If the goals you’re setting for yourself are “realistic” and on the smaller side… you’re probably personality type #2.

On the other hand…

If you set goals for yourself that are HUGE. Goals that you tell others about and they make funny faces at and give sarcastic remarks… you’re personality type #1.

So which one are you?

What you need to do is figure out which one YOU are, and stick with it. There is no right or wrong here. Some people do better by constantly pushing themselves as hard as they can, because they have higher self-esteem (usually). This works for them.

For others, they’re better off setting smaller, more attainable goals. This works for them because they’re realistic, attainable with a little extra work… and that’s what motivates them to hit them.

The point is… I see a lot of people “wanting” to be the type of person who sets huge goals, even if they have the #1 personality type. What you need to understand is that when it comes to making goals, do whatever works best for you.

That’s the key.

It’s NOT showing off to your buddies, or trying to be tough, or trying to impress yourself. It’s figuring out what works best for you, and getting to work immediately by doing that.

Now… take a few minutes to decide which of those 2 personality types you are… write down your goals you want to accomplish in May… and get ‘er done!

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