The Single Marketing Shift That Changes Everything

Happy Friday!,

Remember that horrible, horrible song?

(Oops I did it again, by Brittany Spears)

Anyway, it was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning. No idea why, considering I haven’t heard it in years.

I figured I’d torture you as well ๐Ÿ™‚

On to today’s business…

For the past two weeks, I’ve had my nose buried in projects, including…

  • An ongoing retainer for a client (building him a $100k+ sales funnel)
  • Another basic sales funnel for a different client
  • A new sales letter for one of the most recognized experts in the fitness industry
  • My latest project (a great weekend read… and a game-changing, ballsy offer)

If you’re a podcast listener, apologies for the lapse in shows. More coming next week.

The next few weeks will be crazy too.

  • This weekend I’ll be running a 5k for my Dad, who has stage 4 cancer throughout his body…
  • Next weekend I’ll be walking a 5k for my son Connor, who has Autism…
  • One client is asking me to build another advanced sales funnel for him…
  • Another with a handful of emails…
  • Another begged me to fly out to Lake Tahoe and do a Funnel Day with him (I’ll send hiking pics when I’m home) to help map out his funnel for market domination…
  • Another wants to do a Funnel Day with me to help her plan how to re-build her brand into an authority figure…

That’s not even including the projects I’m already working on, coaching clients, testing this new sales funnel I just launched, enjoying Spring finally being here, etc. etc.

… Yikes.

So, what’s this got to do with you?

I’d hate ending this email talking about “me me me” so here’s a quick tip to think about over the weekend.

If there has been one single change in my life that has contributed more to my success than anything else… it’s this.

Become the person people think about when they want to achieve X.

It took me years to truly “get” this.


Back when I marketed myself as a “copywriter”… business was good. I was always great at getting clients, but I fought for the business.

I had to constantly prove myself, sell myself, and try to explain to people why I was the better choice.

That’s because when they wanted copy done, they had THOUSANDS of choices.

Now, I’m the sales funnel guy.

When someone wants to build a sales funnel, they don’t have that many choices. When someone says “sales funnel” they think “Jeremy Reeves”.

  • That’s why my current retainer client is paying me WELL over 6-figures this year…
  • That’s why I’m getting paid 6k to fly out to Lake Tahoe, do one Funnel Day with a client, and then take a day to hike Mount Tallac (all paid for by my client, who is PUMPED about it)…
  • That’s why I’m literally turning away business because I can’t handle the volume…

That single shift has had more of a profound impact on my business than anything I have ever done before.

Bottom Line: Figure out what your strengths are and then OWN YOUR NICHE.

Think about that over the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

And check out my latest project, while you’re at it.

Be extraordinary,

Jeremy Reeves
World’s #1 most trusted sales funnel authority

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