When To Turn DOWN New Business

Last week, someone got in touch with me to see if I could do some work for him.

We chatted. The guy was a cool dude, with a lot of passion and a great product.

I ended up sending him a proposal with various options, and he chose the one that was $5k.

I sent him the invoice…

… and then after a few back and forth conversations… I declined the job.

Even though he was fully willing to send me a nice check.


There are several reasons, but the bottom line is this.

My Time Would Be Better Spent Somewhere Else

The fact I came to realize is pretty simple. I would have a better chance of creating success for both myself and other clients with different projects.

The reason is simply because there were too many “unknowns” within the project… as well as needing to wait longer to get the second part of the project fee.

For me, it’s simply not worth it since I have piles of other people who would gladly work with me… without any of those terms.

(Like my new client Jay who just booked a $10k project)

Anyway, I have zero hard feelings towards the guy I turned away.

He wanted the project done in a certain way. It didn’t make business sense for me to conform to what he needed. In a way he was making a smart business decision as he needed somebody as passionate about his project as he was. I simply wasn’t that guy.

This is a lesson I’ve had to teach myself over… and over… and over… and over again.

There Is Only One YOU

If you want to be successful and hit all your income goals, you MUST guard your time like it’s a mountain of gold.

For the first few years of my business when I floundered, it was simply because I lost focus on what brought money into the business. I’d get wrapped up in the shiny silver objects and new projects that were exciting… but didn’t fit my existing business.

And it’s the same with where you spend your time each and every day you walk into your office.

Are you spending it on meaningless activities that don’t add money to the bottom-line? Like Facebook… checking email… dealing with “fires” in the business… etc?

If so, make the change today.

As a business owner, THE most important thing you can spend your time on is creating better marketing for your business.

That’s why I created The Funnel Formula.

Most people spend too much time on activities that create little or no added value to their business. The Funnel Formula forces you to spend your time doing the work that makes a difference in your bottom-line.

Talk soon,

Jeremy Reeves
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